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Elden Ring Strength Build Guide - How to Build a Colossal Knight (Level 50 Guide)

This is the Colossal Knight in Elden Ring

The bigger weapon you have, the more you deal damage to enemies. That is simply not the case with Elden Ring, but we can make it work with our Colossal Knight Build. This is a Strength Build that is an enhanced version of Barbarian Build and works great for level 50 players

As the Colossal Knight build works around a single weapon, it needs to be bigger and heavier. We might even say, find the biggest weapon you can in Elden Ring for this build at Level 50.

Further, enhancing the weapon with some buffs and you can put enemies to sleep instantly. There have even been places where you deal around 1k damage to bosses, killing them in 4 to 5 hits. 

Don’t worry about finding weapons or specific buffs for this build becuase we got you covered. In this article, we are going to discuss the Colossal Knight build that comes from the Barbarian Strength Build. 

How to Build an Elden Ring Colossal Knight

To build a Colossal Knight you need a heavy weapon, armor to defend yourself against enemy attacks, some buffs to enhance your build, and a specific attribute spread. Being a Strength Build your focus will be on Strength the most, but other attributes are also essential.

Colossal Knight Ash of War

Ash of War (War Cry): This Ash of War converts your regular heavy attack to a charges attack. One of the building blocks of Colossal Build, becuase you are going to charge into enemies with poise and do devastating damage with a heavy attack.

Colossal Knight Weapon

This is the in game Greatsword for Colossal Knight Build in Elden Ring

You want a weapon that can be used with Ash of War while being the biggest one out there;

Heavy Greatsword: It is one of the Colossal Swords you can find that can be used with Ash of War. Being a heavy weapon, the strength requirement is around 31 and dexterity is 12. 

But the best thing about this weapon is its Attribute scaling. It comes with B scaling on Strenth, meaning when you pump this attribute, the weapon damage increases too. You need to two-hand wield the weapon in order to use it at level 50.

When you buff your character with War Cry, you become resistant to stutter from arrows or enemy attacks. When the charge attack starts to hit the enemy they stutter, unable to attack you, while getting destroyed by your attacks.

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Colossal Knight Talisman

Talismans are used to enhance the character, attack, or add something extra to the build. For the Elden Ring Colossal Knight Build, you will need;

Green Turtle Talisman: It Raises the recovery speed of your stamina.

Axe Talisman: It increases the damage of charge attacks after a full charge to around 10 percent.

Roar Medallion: This Talisman increases the damage of breath attacks and roar attacks. 

The Axe Talisman is a must to have for this build your charge attacks need to be as powerful as they can be, killing enemies in a single blow or putting them on the ground. While you are going to use the Roar for multiple enemies and Roar Medallion comes in handy at that time.

It is a stamina-hungry build, so you will need that Green Turtle Talisman as well to recover stamina as quickly as you can. Or you can also go for the Viridian Amber Madallion to increase the maximum stamina

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Lighting Lancer

This is the in game Elden Ring Colossal Knight Stats and Attributes

Being a Strength hungry build, you will need most of your points in Strength. The signature takes a lot of Stamina, so pumping the Endurance is also essential. Alongside this, you are always near to enemies, and having more health will come in handy with Vigor.

Besides them, it doesn’t matter which side you put the points on. In our view, you can increase the Dexterity to a certain level as it can still come in handy. No need for FP or other attributes because you are not going to use magic in this build.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Colossal Knight Final Verdict

Colossal Knight is all about the strike you have with your weapon. Converting that regular heavy attack to charge attack works only on one weapon on hand. So, we need that weapon to be the biggest and heaviest we can find. 

Besides this, it doesn’t work on the Zwiheinder or regular swords, rather something more strong and requires exceptional points on the Strength side. For that reason, a beginner can’t use this Elden Ring Colossal Knight build, rather someone with Level 50.

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