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Star Citizen 

Star Citizen is a space sim video game for Microsoft Windows and Linux. It consists of two main elements: a first-person shooter element in a massively multiplayer persistent universe and customizable private servers (known as Star Citizen, player can combat, mining, exploration and trading) and a branching single-player and drop-in co-operative multiplayer campaign (known as Squadron 42:The interactive storyline centers on an elite military unit and involves the player character enlisting in the United Empire of Earth Navy, taking part in a campaign that starts with a large space battle). Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are produced by Cloud Imperium Games.

Star Citizen's space combat utilizes a Newtonian physics model to create tactical choices for the player. Players will complete objectives to gain currency (Star Citizen Credit) used to buy, repair and upgrade their ships or to purchase items used in trade. Having more Star Citizen Credits will make your game easier.

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Gaming News
Star Citizen aUEC Farming Guide

ByMia .|September 21, 2022

Star Citizen is a futuristic MMO filled with unique features and graphics. It has a vast open world that encourages you to explore it fully, the combat feels smooth, and you have the freedom to do and pursue whatever you want.

Star Citizen Trading Guide

ByMia .|September 19, 2022

As an avid Star Citizen player, it is essential to have enough money on your side to purchase various in-game items present in-game.

Star Citizen Stealth Mode Guide

ByMia .|September 16, 2022

In Star Citizen Stealth Mode, you can't lock onto a target, nor can you send out a targeting request. This means that you are undetectable on the enemy's radar. The enemy will only see the last known position of the ship that fired.

EASY Money in Star Citizen 3.17.2

ByMia .|September 13, 2022

Star Citizen, the popular multiplayer game, has recently received the much-awaiting update patch – Star Citizen Alpha 3.17.2.

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