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6 Tips Reduce Lag in COD Mobile on Android / iOS

Lagging is the worst thing in gameplay, especially when we are playing an important match like an international tournament. If you are facing a COD Mobile lagging issue on your Phone, then you may not be able to enjoy the game fully. Well, the performance depends on your processor, but there are some internal settings which you can do to reduce the Lagging. In this article, I will be telling you 6 Tips to Reduce Lag in Cod Mobile for your Android or iOS device.

Minimum Requirements of COD Mobile:

These are the minimum requirements of COD Mobile that are tested by me on different Android devices with different Processors:


  1. 4 GB RAM.

  2. Snapdragon 665 or above / Helio G70 or above (2.0 GHz).

  3. 2.4 GB (Make sure that your Phone has at least 10 GB free storage because the Cod Mobile In-game data will install after opening it, which takes storage).


  1. iPhone 6 for 30 FPS and iPhone 7 or above for 60 FPS.

  2. 2.8 GB (Make sure that your Phone has at least 10 GB free storage because the Cod Mobile In-game data will install after opening, which takes storage).

If your device has low specs, then COD Mobile will Lag on your phone, because this is a Graphic Intensive game that requires the best hardware. However, you can reduce the lag in COD Mobile.

5 Ways to Reduce Lag in COD Mobile:

1. Use Low Graphics Setting in COD Mobile:

Lowering the Graphics in COD Mobile reduces the graphics quality, lower resolution textures, and basic shadows. But, it increases the Over Game Performance by reducing the Lag. It also fixes Overheating issues and improves battery life.

To Set the Graphic Settings to Low in COD Mobile, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Lobby screen of your COD Mobile.

  2. Tap the Settings Icon.

  3. Select “AUDIO AND GRAPHICS” from the left sidebar.

  4. You’ll see two options:
    1. Graphic Quality: Set to Low.
    2. Frame Rate: Set to Maximum, which your phone offers.

Using a High Frame Rate will also reduce the Lag feelings. Let’s compare 30 FPS vs 60 FPS: 30 FPS renders 30 frames per second. While 60 FPS renders 60 frames per second. So, if you compare both gameplays with applying the slow motion effect, you’ll see that 60 FPS is smoother than 30 FPS. This is because 60 FPS is rendering 60 Frames in each second, that’s why you’ll feel it smooth.

If you use high graphics, the game puts an additional load on your GPU to render the textures, maps, people, cars, etc. This additional load on the GPU can cause Lagging issues on your COD Mobile. In premium smartphones, the company uses an efficient GPU and CPU which are capable of handling high graphics in gaming without causing lagging issues.

2. Remove All Background Apps before Playing:

Background apps take RAM to keep your progress safe. As you know, COD Mobile is a graphics-intensive game, so it needs free RAM to give you better performance. 

According to my experience, I notice a lag in COD mobile when the Background apps are running. When I knock out these background apps, I notice that the Lag is reduced.

Along with that, it’s better to clear all the notifications on your phone to ensure smooth gameplay. 

3. Disable Power Saving (Android) or Low Power Mode (iOS):

Power-saving modes reduce power consumption, which extends battery life. It reduces your CPU Frequency and GPU Clock, which are important for the best gameplay. If it’s reduced, then you will feel lag or slow performance in COD Mobile.

To turn off Power Saving mode in Android:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Select Battery.

  3. Toggle Off “Power Saving Mode”.

To turn off Power Saving mode in iOS:

  1. Open Settings.

  2. Select Battery.

  3. Toggle Off “Low Power Mode”.

Once the Power Saving or Low Power mode is turned off, you will feel an improved performance and reduced lag in COD Mobile. However, your battery drains slightly faster without power-saving mode.

4. Make Storage Clear:

As you know, the Call of Duty Mobile data saves on your phone storage. If the storage is reaching full, then the data retrieval becomes slow which causes lagging issues.

It’s better to keep at least 5 to 10 GB free after the full game installation on your phone for better data retrieval and reduced lag performance in COD mobile.

I notice that the COD Mobile lags when my phone storage is running out, especially when multiple enemies come across you.

5. Play COD Mobile over 30% Battery Charged:

As the phone’s battery becomes low, the performance decreases. Some phones limit the CPU and GPU Performance when the battery is low to avoid overheating and improve battery life.

I notice on my phone that when the charging becomes lower than 10%, the COD Mobile starts lagging.

I am recommending you play COD mobile when your phone is charged over 30% because you’ll get good performance with the reduced lags.

6. Don’t Play COD Mobile in Warm Room:

When you play a game in a Warm Room or Under direct sunlight, your phone will overheat. The phone reduces CPU and GPU performance to prevent overheating. Once the performance is down, you feel a lag in COD Mobile.

It’s better to play a COD Mobile in the Cold Room, to prevent overheating. The optimal temperature of the Room is below 30 °C. Also, avoid using phones under sunlight as it can badly affect your gaming performance as well as your screen.


Q1. Does Poor Internet Connection Affect COD Mobile Performance?

A. Yes, if your internet connection is poor, the ping of your game becomes high. So, the game will reload In-game which affects your gameplay. However, the Lagging issue doesn’t come from Internet Connection.

Q2. What’s the Best Ping of COD Mobile for Best Gameplay?

A. The ping should be below 60 to get a better gaming experience in COD Mobile.

Q3. Is it necessary to close all background apps while gaming?

A. If you have a premium smartphone that has a strong processor, then it’s not necessary to close all background apps. However, it’s better to free up RAM taken by Background Apps to get great gaming performance.

Q4. What to do if COD Mobile is still lagging?

A. If your COD Mobile is still lagging, it's time to upgrade your phone to the recommended specs phone that can handle this game. If you have followed steps such as closing background apps, using Low graphics, and disabling power saving mode, still the game is lagging. It means your phone hardware is not capable of handling it.


By following these 6 Tips, you can reduce the COD Mobile Lagging issues. If you still lag, it's time to upgrade your phone to the phone that is capable of handling this game. However, at least 4 GB RAM and 2.0 GHz Processor. In terms of iPhone, the iPhone 6 is good for 30 FPS and the iPhone 7 or above is good for 60 FPS COD Mobile gaming.

You can lower the graphics settings and close background apps to reduce the COD Mobile Lag. The Poor internet connection doesn’t create any Lagging issues, but the Higher Pings you will notice them in the game.

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