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Azure Wind Island - Lost Ark Guide

Some islands in Lost Ark are bigger than the others, and Lost Ark Azure Wind Island is one of the largest islands you’ll ever encounter. You’ll spend quite some time here completing all the quests, collecting rewards, and simply exploring. 

However, the aforementioned rewards are worth the hassle as it’s one of the most generous islands in the game. It’s accessible at all times from an item level 840. There are many hidden quests here, but they bring you many Tier 2 upgrade materials. Even if you’re here for Azure Wind Island Token only, you still have to complete all quests on the island. This guide will help you do that.

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Azure Wind Island Requirements and Rewards

There are many quests on Azure Wind Island, and you must do all of them if you want to get the Island Token. And we advise spending some time on the island completing them all since the list of rewards looks very intimidating. But first, you must complete some prerequisite quests to unlock the hidden quests:

    • Item Level 840.

    • Dying Horse quest.

    • The Mane of the Azure Wind quest.

    • Once Filled with Flowers quest.

    • The Meadow Fairy quest.

Once you finish the quest chain in that order, you’ll unlock some additional ones.

Island Rewards  

  • Azure Wind Island Token

  • 11th Giant's Heart

  • Stat Increase Potion

  • Emote: Whistle

  • Courage Potion

  • Charisma Potion

  • Wisdom Potion

  • Kindness Potion

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest – x98

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest – x138

  • Lavish Life Leapstone Chest – x8

  • Splendid Life Shard Chest (M) – x25

  • Life Shard Pouch (M) – x3

  • Uncommon Battle Engraving Recipe Pouch – x3

  • Azure Wind Crystal

  • Mount: Wind Mane Mustang

  • Mount: Cloud Steed

Azure Wind Island Location

Location map of the Azure Island

The Azure Wind Island isn’t difficult to find, but it’s located in the middle of the Tempest Sea, which is known for rough waters that causes damage to your ship. It’s best to hold off until you get good protection against this type of environment. The best starting point is the port of the continent of Yorn. From there, sail northeast with your ship. There are only two islands in the area, so you’re not going to miss the right one. If you’re having any trouble, you can always look at the map above.  

Azure Wind Island Main Quests

You must complete the following quests to unlock hidden tasks that will reward you with the Island Token.

Quest Giver

Quest Name



“Dying Horse”

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest – x2

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest – x3

  • Silver – x960

High Priest Steppekeper

“The Mane of the Azure Wind”

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest – x2

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest – x3

  • Mount: Cloud Steed

  • Silver: x960


“Once Filled with Flowers”

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest – x2

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest – x3

  • Silver – x960


“The Meadow Fairy”

  • Splendid Destruction Stone Chest – x2

  • Splendid Guardian Stone Chest – x3

  • Silver – x960

Dying Horse

Talk to Senar and help him with his problem

Talk to Sanar to start the first quest. He will tell you about her poisoned horse and how he’s worried about his fate. He will task you with collecting materials, talking to NPCs, and checking different places. The quest itself is really straightforward; simply go to the location marked on your map several times, and that’s it. Once you reach the Meadowkeeper’s Altar, the quest will end, rewarding you with five chests and plenty of silver.

The Mane of the Azure Wind

Meadowkeeper Archon wants you to gather other Meadowkeepers

The next quest will start right where you ended the previous one. This one is also pretty straightforward – you have to call different Meadowkeepers until Meadowkeeper Archon arrives and starts praying. Once he’s done, you have to talk to two NPCs to finish the quest. Apart from five chests, you’ll get a Cloud Steed Mount to help you travel through the island faster.

Once Filled with Flowers

Talk to the merchant Manarim and do what he asks you to

This quest will start after talking to Manarim, located in the far south of the island. Finding him is probably the hardest part of the quest since all you have to do is talk to two NPCs, and the quest will conclude.

The Meadow Fairy

The last main quest given by Arone is the longest one but its pretty straightforward

The last quest given by Arone requires you to travel to different locations on the map and collect flowers. After collecting all of them, talk to the Meadowkeeper to finish the quest and receive your rewards. 

Additional Quests

Location map of all additional quests

These quests will unlock after finishing those described above. They require you to wander around the entire island in search of toy horses and interact with them for even more quests. There are 35 tasks to complete, and all of them are hidden. Here are all the tasks you have to complete:

    • 15 timed sprint quests.

    • 7 puzzle quests.

    • 6 riddle tasks.

    • 7 Music/Emote Serenade.

On the map above, you can see all marked locations for each quest category in its respective color. If you're still having trouble finding the horses, turn up the volume and listen carefully. The horses make a bell sound that gets louder the closer you get to them.

The following songs and emotes are necessary to complete the quests:

  • Song: Heart’s Melody

  • Song: Song of Valor

  • Song: Heavenly Harmony

  • Song: Serenade of Love

  • Emote: Laugh + Giigle

  • Emote: Sway

  • Emote: Greet

Mokoko Seed Locations

There are a total of five Mokoko Seeds to find on Azure Wind Island. Here you’ll find their exact locations.

The first Mokoko Seed is located in the south, at the bottom of the map. You’ll find it growing next to some rocks.

First Mokoko Seed location

The second Mokoko Seed isn’t far from where you found the first one. Head upwards until you come across a stable with a lot of horses. It’s almost in the middle of the island.

Second Mokoko Seed location

Head to the southwest corner of the map until you come across some ruins. Go inside and stick to the right wall until you see the 3rd Mokoko Seed.

Third Mokoko Seed location

The 4th Mokoko Seed is located in the pond area in the upper section of the island. Go to the middle of it, and you’ll eventually find it.

Fourth Mokoko Seed location

The last Mokoko Seed is located on the far-left side of the map, near the edge of the island. You must enter the ruins and eventually find the place shown in the image below.

Fifth Mokoko Seed location 

Summary & Last Quest

Once you’ve done everything, Arone will task you with one more quest called “Returning the Flowers.” She only wants to say thanks for what you've done for the island and will give you two crates with Leapstones, 2400 silver, another horse mount, and Azure Wind Island Token.

That’s all that Azure Wind Island has to offer, and once you complete everything, you’ll end up a wealthy player. We hope this guide was helpful, and we encourage you to check other Lost Ark guides on MMOPIXEL!

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