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Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked

Every weapon in the Elden Ring has its open space in the game, whether someone likes it or not and that’s the beauty of the game. But, sometimes things are quite unbalanced and a specific weapon takes the crown, being a notch above the rest. Yes, we are talking about the Dexterity Scaling Weapons here. Don’t know which ones are the best out there? Well, here’s an amazing guide on Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked from Best. 

The main concept in Elden Ring is to make your characters based on a specific build. It could be related to Strength, Faith, Intelligence, or something unique associated with Dexterity. Yes, you might have to put points in other attributes as well, but there is one that takes the title of “Primary Attribute”.

The one thing common in all of the Builds is weaponry. Nearly all of them have massive hammers, unique spells, powerful axes, quick swords, and so on. There is no shortage of strange weapons here in the game. 

What you should be looking out for is the difference in the stat that ultimately makes one faster, higher damage, or more critical than others. Dexterity Weapons are more towards agility here, focusing on faster attacks with a combination of something else like magic, shield, or dual wield.

Katana, Daggers, Curved Swords, Claws, and other similar weapons are all in the category of Best Dex Weapons in Elden Ring. All of them have incredible damage, flexibility, agility, and fast attack speed and can be patched up with a shield or magic to complete your Melee plus Ranged build. With that being said, let’s jump straight to the topic of the Best Dexterity Weapons Elden Ring has to offer.

Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked

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Moonveil Katana

You might have already guessed at first that Moonveil Katana is going to be the Best Dex Weapon in Elden Ring without any doubt. Some might only consider it a Katana, but it is much more than that.

The primary scaling is with Dexterity and then it proceeds to scale with Intelligence. Neither isn’t required in higher amounts to work this weapon out. With this Katana, you can deal high physical, as well as magical damage, making it quite a versatile weapon in the game.

When talking about the PvP combat, there is nothing to worry about here because you can utilize the Moonveil Katana Weapon Art to take down enemies in a blink. One thing to note here is that there aren’t massive hits here, as seen in Strength Weapon.

But, you are getting consistent and quick physical damage, along with magic and all of that sprinkled with some Blood Loss. Yes, Moonveil Katana, also has a Blood Loss Effect on top that you can use to eat away chunks of enemy health.

After the release of Elden Ring 1.09, some players consider Moonveil Katana to be nerfed, but that’s not the case here. They did balance some things out, but it isn’t like they broke the Best Dex Weapon in Elden Ring.

Moonveil Katana Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

In order to get the Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring, you will have to get rid of the Magma Wyrm Boss who is found in the Gael Tunnel. You can easily enter through the Northwest Cliff of Caelid Side and get this boss to acquire the Katana.

Stats and Update

  • 73 Physical and 87 Magical Damage

  • 18 Dex, 12 Str, and 23 Int Required

  • E for Str, D for Dex, and C for Int Scaling

  • Special Skill is Transient Moonlight

  • Somber Smithing Stone for Upgrade


Looks are sometimes deceiving my friend. This same case can be seen with the Uchigatana because of how simple and early this Dexterity Weapon is. Nearly all the Samurai Builds are using it early on and they can even utilize it for the late game.

You can use the Smithing Stones simply found in the game regularly to upgrade this weapon, making it a spectacular Bleed Build. Furthermore, it has a spectacular range, poke, charge heavy attack, and a weapon art to die for.

Butter on top, you can put it up with the Ash of War to make the best out of the Uchigatana. There are various options that you can choose from, but it all depends on your own scenario or the play style.

This weapon can be found fairly early on in the game and then you can use it to pass through the Lands Between, only if the player wills. A love interest for those who have played the other Souls games for years now because of its decency, straightforward use, and coupling with the Samurai Class. 

Uchigatana Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

To get the Uchigatana you will have to pass through a fairly frustrating place known as Deathtouched Catacombs. It is located on the Stormveil Castle’s East side which is quite near to the Shortcut of Liurnia.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 115 Physical and 45 Bleed Damage

  • 15 Dex and 11 Str Required

  • D for Str and Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Unsheathe

  • Requires Smithing Stones for Upgrade

Morgott’s Cursed Sword

The previous two we mentioned here in our list of Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring were quite classic and there wasn’t anything fancy about those, especially the Uchigatana. But all of that changes with Morgott’s Cursed Sword.

This Dex Scaling Weapon is advanced and will require a higher level of Dexterity from your side, patched up with somewhat normal Strength. In order to wield it, you will also be needing Arcane.

Don’t worry, all of this makes up for the damage and the weapon skill you are getting with this Weapon. The process is fairly simple here. You need to just keep attacking the enemies and the hemorrhage will start building. Further, you can use the Cursed Blood Slice Special Skill to make it build up faster.

Yes, the only issue here with the Morgott’s Cursed Sword is that it isn’t quite as agile or fast in contrast to other Dexterity Scaling Weapons, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t other benefits here.

It has huge burst damage, which makes it suitable for other Strength Builds as well. You can deal powerful blows here, but that patched up with this considerably faster speed to other Strength Weapons just drinks the enemy's health.

Morgott’s Cursed Sword Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

The process is quite simple here. You will have to get rid of Morgott himself and then you can purchase the blade from the Shopkeeper Enia. Where to find Morgott? Well, you can get it in the area of Leyndell just inside the Royal Capital Legacy Dungeon.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 120 Physical and 60 Bleed Damage

  • 35 Dex, 14 Str, and 17 Arc Required

  • E for Str, C for Dex, and D for Arcane Scaling

  • Special Skill is Cursed Blood Slive

  • You will need Somber Smithing Stone to upgrade it

The Hand of Malenia

Katana might be a weapon class that players usually accommodate with Dexterity, but that’s not the case here. They are termed as some of the best and easy to use weapons in the entire game. 

One example of that can be the Hand of Malenia, which is a late-game Katana that you can find from an optional Legendary Boss. This weapon works entirely on the Bleed Build, so if you aim to go for this, then there is nothing better than the Hand of Malenia.

Further, if you have a Dexterity Build in the game solely based on damage, late-game, and bleed, you can go with the Hand of Malenia eyes closed. It has a spectacular requirement of 48 on Dexterity when you are looking to wield this weapon.

Don’t worry, the number of requirements here is worth every point afterward because of the high damage and bleed buildup. You can take down bosses and powerful enemies in a few seconds here with the drop.

Did we mention the Special Skill? Well, Hand of Malenia comes with a really unique OP Special Skill known as Waterfowl Dance. It is a long animation and your character just starts going onward, attacking everyone in front. If someone is a victim of that and gets hit with the complete animation, there is no coming back from that.

The Hand of Malenia Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

In order to get the Hand of Malenia, you will have to get rid of an optional boss. Yes, we are talking about none other than the famous Malenia. She is crowned as one of the hardest bosses in the game and of course, known for the looks here. 

You can find her in the Haligtree Base, but always go prepared, with a ton of defense, fire, and bleed resistance. She is one heck of a hard run if you ask us.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 117 Physical and 50 Bleed Damage

  • 48 Dex and 16 Str Required

  • E for Str, and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Waterfowl Dance

  • Somber Smithing Stone for upgrade

The Scythe

Definitely something unique in the game. The Scythe is one of the Best Dexterity Weapons Elden Ring has to offer. It has been in all the Souls games for decades, based on the Dexterity Attribute. 

It packs both exceptional physical damage and also scales amazingly with Dexterity, as every weapon should. On top of that, it also has blood loss and builds up pretty quickly. You can also put it with other types of damage if you want to, making it quite useful.

More or less, the looks and cosmetics of this Best Dex Weapon in Elden Ring are truly a plus point for most players. In the end game, you are basically looking to make your character truly inspiring and jaw-dropping.

Don’t go with the simple styling and name here because The Scythe has a strange long-range attack style that other players can’t predict accurately. Even in a PvE scenario, you can take down enemy bosses at a distance without getting hit in return.

When you use the Spinning Slash, the Scythe will become a good AOE weapon that attacks multiple enemies in your surrounding.

The Scythe Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

To get The Scythe in Elden Ring, you will have to pack your stuff and travel towards the Skeleton Catacombs. This is the deadliest area in the game because of those skeleton wheels. 

After you reach the Cliffbottom Catacombs present in the Stormveil Castle, you can find them somewhere around the region there.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 125 Physical Damage

  • 14 Dex and Str Required

  • E for Str, and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Spinning Slash

  • Smithing Stones for Upgrade

The Wakizashi

How did the Wakizashi get in the List of Best Dex Weapons in the Elden Ring? Well, some people might not know it and consider Wakizashi to be a typical dagger, but it goes insanely well with a Katana.

In the descriptions of the weapon, we can see that the Wakizashi is meant to be paired with a Katana and then you can enjoy pretty amazing moves throughout the game. 

Don’t consider Wakizashi to be any less than spectacular here in the game because being a dagger, you still have Blood Loss here and you have super fast strikes. Paired with a Katana, the moveset becomes even better because you have a Katana moveset, on top of a Dagger moveset.

A little controversial here that we agree on, but if you are looking to push your playstyle and go completely aggressive on the field, then there is nothing better than a Wakizashi paired with a Katana. Not all people will like it though!

The Wakizashi Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

In order to get the Wakizashi, you will have to travel towards the Caelid and then from there go to the Gaol Cave. Here you will find a Locked Cell with Wakizashi inside it.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 94 Physical and 38 Bleed Damage

  • 13 Dex and 9 Str Required

  • D for Str and Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Quickstep

  • Smithing Stones to Upgrade

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The Godskin Peeler

If you are an older Darksouls Gamer, then it wouldn’t be strange to consider that Twinblades are quite broken and too OP in the game. The same can’t be said for Elden Ring because “From Software” really balanced things out here, tilting more towards the Magic Builds.

This doesn’t mean that Twinblades are out of the discussion. No, they are still quite spectacular to use, if you are a DPS build based on the Dexterity Scaling for weapons. The best one is no doubt the Godskin Peeler which can be paired with an Ash of War to take down enemies in bulk.

The Ash of War Move is known as the Black Flame Tornado that sounds quite OP and it actually is. Your character will start rolling with Black Flame Elemental Damage around taking enemies in front of you within seconds.

The only issue is that you will be needing a minimum of 22 Dexterity to even equip this weapon, which is quite high considering you have a Twinblade in the game. Don’t worry, it makes up for every point here.

There is massive damage and the movement is just too fast. You can just throw off enemies from the ground and take them down within seconds. If you like rolling around and dodging without using a shield then there is nothing better than the Godskin Peeler.

The Godskin Peeler Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

In order to get the Godskin Peeler, you will have to fight a powerful Boss known as the Godskin Apostle who uses this weapon for himself. He is fast and strong, making him quite hard to defeat. 

It’s in the later part of the game, making the Godskin Peeler a Late Game Best Dexterity Weapon to equip. 

Stats and Upgrade

  • 121 Physical Damage

  • 22 Dex and 17 Str Required

  • E for Str and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Black Flame Tornado

  • Smithing Stones to Upgrade

The Parrying Dagger

How did The Parrying Dagger end up here? Well, for the most part, Parrying Dagger can effortlessly take the dex-based dual-wield player to another level because of how effective and simple its moves are.

When you are Parrying in the game, there’s a maximum chance that you will make a mistake and that mistake can cost you your life. With this dagger, the process of Parrying is quite easier. 

In the Elden Ring, you will find a Shield that is used to Parry in the game just before the enemy is attacking you. All of this depends on the animation because the faster an enemy hits, the harder it is to parry. 

Shields are slow with animations, making them quite hard to deal with. The Parrying Dagger on the other hand has a fast animation and comes with more DPS, making it an ideal thing for Dexterity Builds.

Just like we mentioned before in our Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked Guide that Dexterity is all about Speed. This means that putting the dagger in your hand will make you a much better Dexterity Build all around.

If you are someone who isn’t interested in Parrying, just skip this one out because the Parrying Dagger is made for those who love Parrying and carefully place their Playstyle in a way that benefits them in Parrying enemies.

The Parrying Dagger Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

To get the Parrying Dagger in Elden Ring, you will have to find Patches, who is found early on in the game inside the Murkwater Cave. Don’t kill him, but rather interact with him to get the Dagger.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 75 Physical Damage

  • 14 Dex and 5 Str Required

  • E for Str and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Parry

  • Smithing Stone to Upgrade

Bloodhound Fang

Finally a weapon for the lovers of Greatsword and two-hand experts. The Bloodhound Fang is a well-known weapon in the Elden Ring that shows its true form when used with both hands. When you have it, there is no need to get a shield or something else besides it. 

You can have it in one hand, but that doesn’t show you the true damage this weapon compromises. Unlike the other weapons we mentioned, you can actually jump in combat with Bloodhound Fang and deal a ton of damage before coming out.

Previously, with other top Dex Weapons, you had to time your attacks in a way that you could quickly go in and retreat. Here, you don’t have to worry about that. One thing to keep in mind here is that Bloodhound Fang isn’t a weapon that you can get easily early on, but it’s a great one for those who want to indulge themselves in Dex+Str Build in the starting game.

Bloodhound Fang

How to Acquire?

You can get the Bloodhound Fang from none other than the dangerous foe Bloodhound Knight is known as Darriwil. You can defeat him in the Forlorn Hound Evergaol and get it as a drop from him. You can find it fairly easily right next to the Spiritspring. 

Or, you can just get to the Evergaol through the Bridge of Sacrifices that further gets to Castle Morne, as well as the Weeping Peninsula.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 141 Physical and 55 Bleed Damage

  • 17 Dex and 18 Str Required

  • D for Str and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Bloodhound Finesse

  • Somber Smithing Stone to Upgrade


If you love going into combat quickly and coming out without any casualties, as well as dodging without the use of shields, then there is nothing better than Hookclaws in Elden Ring. These weapons are claws that you wear on both hands, going extremely close to enemies to damage them. 

They are quite accessible and have a lot of versatility in their arsenal, especially for the early-game dexterity players. It is a dual wield coming in with Blood Loss Buildup. It is low, but the speed of Claws makes up for it.

Hookclaws Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

In order to get your hands on the Hookclaws, you have to pack your bag and get to the Stormveil Castle. It’s early on in the game, so there’s nothing to worry about for beginners here. There is a secret entrance to the Wine Cellar from Gostoc’s side. It contains the Hookclaws just around the corner on the floor. 

Stats and Upgrade

  • 89 Physical and 60 Bleed Damage

  • 14 Dex and 8 Str Required

  • E for Str and C for Dex Scaling

  • Special Skill is Quickstep

  • Smithing Stones to Upgrade

Eleonora’s Poleblade

The King of Poking and Ranged Melee Combat is here. Eleonora’s Poleblade is one of the worst weapons when it comes to damage and effectiveness, but still, it is one of the best Dex Weapons in the game. 

If you have your attribute points spread around two specific slots, namely the Dexterity and Arcane, then you will be quite powerful early on in the game with the Poleblade. Being a Poleblade, it has a ton of range and poking attack that is devastating for the PvP combat.

Players usually get the Poleblade to troll other Human Players in combat because of how spectacularly annoying it can be. Butter on top, it also has a Bleed Build which makes it even scarier.

Eleonora’s Poleblade Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

You can get Eleonora’s Poleblade by fighting Eleonora known as the Violet Bloody Fingers. She can be found in the Second Church of Marika. As a reward for you winning the fight, you will be given this beautiful Poleblade. 

Stats and Upgrade

  • 72 Physical, 72 Fire, 100 Critical, and 55 Blood Damage

  • 21 Dex, 12 Str, and 19 Arc Required

  • E for Str, D for Dex, and Arc Scaling

  • Special Skill is Bloodblade Dance

  • Somber Smithing Stone to Upgrade

Rivers of Blood

Elden Ring players who love to stick around with piercing damage, good slash animation, and mid-range melee combat love to get their hands on Rivers of Blood. Just like other Katanas in the game, it scales amazingly with Arcane, Dexterity, and even Strength. 

Many early Dexterity-Focused Players will run the Open World with their Rivers of Blood Katana. The special skill is quite unique. Known as Corpse Piler, it is a slash attack that deals fire and blood damage on a successful attack.

Rivers of Blood Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

You can get the Rivers of Blood from the Bloody Finger Okina. He is an invader in the game who is outside the Church of Repose.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 76 Physical, 76 fire, 100 Critical, and 50 Blood Damage

  • 18 Dex, 12 Str, and 20 Arc Required

  • E for Str, D for Dex, and Arc Scaling

  • Special Skill is Corpse Piler

  • Somber Smithing Stone to Upgrade

Wing of Astel

Just like the name suggests the Wing of Astel is exceptionally quick, even faster than most Best Dexterity Weapons in our list here. It is like a playstyle where you can genuinely move around, dodging attacks, hitting enemies, and parrying without having to feel stuck in a place.

The Wings of Astel will give you magical damage on top of its melee damage, making it great for Dexterity Builds revolving around melee and ranged play style. Beforehand, you need to know one thing: Wing of Astel requires Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence from your character because it scales off these attributes.

Ultimately, you can even make the Wings of Astel a Magical Weapon in the end if you wanted it to be.

Wing of Astel Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

You can get it from the Nokstella in the Eternal City area.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 65 Physical, 78 Magical, and 100 Critical Damage

  • 17 Dex, 7 Str, and 20 Int Required

  • E for Str, D for Dex, and Int Scaling

  • Special Skill is Nebula

  • Somber Smithing Stones to Upgrade

Black Knife

Last but not least we have a Black Knife. Yes, it isn’t the best one out there, but it isn’t the worst one as well. It is a Dexterity Adjacent weapon that you can put alongside other top-tier Dex Weapons.

The special skill, Blade of Death is a weapon skill that takes on the health of targets for some time and has a ton of damage on them. With that, you have much ease in defeating enemies that are quite tanky and hard to kill with your other Dexterity Weapon. There is a double slash move here which is quite unique and fun to use.

Black Knife Elden Ring

How to Acquire?

You can get the Black Knife after getting rid of the Black Knife Assassin. In order to get to the Assassin, you will first have to travel toward the Sainted Hero’s Grave. After defeating him, the Black Knife will be dropped.

Stats and Upgrade

  • 66 Physical Damage

  • 12 Dex, 8 Str, and 18 Faith Required

  • E for Str, D for Dex, and Faith Scaling

  • Special Skill is Blade of Death

  • Somber Smithing Stone to Upgrade


Well, these are all the Best Dexterity Weapons in Elden Ring Ranked from Best. Keep in mind that some of the weapons we mentioned are great for incrementing the effects of the Dexterity Weapon you are already using like the Parry Dagger and the Black Knife.

The Best Dex Weapons are based on their popularity amongst Elden Ring Players, the Play Style, what they have for players from the beginning to the end game, and their upgrade properties. Some might look great from the outside, but after a few upgrades, they are totally trash.

That’s why it is important to understand every aspect of the weapons in Elden Ring before you start investing all of your stats, playstyle, and runes to upgrade the weapon. The Katanas are the crowned kings of the Dexterity Weapons in the game and you won’t regret having those whether you are a beginner or a late gamer. Don’t forget to Buy Elden Ring Runes at MMOPixel.

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