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Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Location for Quick Level up


Elden Ring is truly a fascinating world, giving you a mix of mystery and danger. But, the major issue with the game is that because of the open-world environment, it becomes quite difficult for players to farm their way to the top. Don’t worry here we have a guide on Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Location for Quick Level up.

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About Elden Ring Rune Farm

Whether someone likes it or not, the best location for Farming Runes in Elden Ring is Mohgwhyn’s Palace. Here, you can farm somewhere around 40k runes without wasting your precious time. The process will take only a few minutes and you can reach this destination in no time. 

It doesn’t matter even if you are in the early stages of the game because you will be able to farm here. With the farming spots, you can also enhance your characters without any hard effort behind its back. 

Within the area, you will come across various locations that allow you to farm runes in Elden Ring. In the early stages of the game, you should be going after even the minute runs that can get your runes. As you proceed, you will be able to get stronger on both the leveling and the gear side.

Most of the time you will still be earning the runes as usual and when things come into a place like you are in a great area for a quick farm, then you should start going towards it. 

Nevertheless, the best approach by far is going early and easily in the farming spots, taking your time to level up, and making a better path for the big ones you are going to go for afterward. Here in our Guide to Best Rune Farming Locations for Quick Leveling, we will be guiding you from lower level to higher level, giving you tips along the way and what to do next. So, let’s get started!

Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Location - Site of Grace

Best Rune Farming Elden Ring Locations - Site of Grace

Just as we mentioned before, the best Farming Location in the game can get you 40k Runes in a few minutes. For the run, you will have to get your hands on the Golden Scarab. It will allow you to earn more Runes.

Yes, it will take some time, as well as hard work to get to the area, but you will be at ease after reaching the Site of the Grace. 

Enemies in this area are all around 2k. We aren’t talking about the combined, but rather the individual value of enemies. Each enemy giving you 2k each will make you rich and also get you passive income. 

There are a few guards you will come across here, but mostly they will be sitting in the same place. Take your time and kill them one by one and don’t lure them together.

How to Unlock and Get There?

To unlock the Spot, you will have to complete the Questline of Varre in Elden Ring. It is also quite tough, but worth every second of your precious time. After you are done with that, you will be able to get the Medal of Pureblood Knight.

Put the Pureblood Medal in the inventory and you will be transported to the Mohgwhyn’s Palace. Varre will say strange things, but you won’t have to worry about any of those. Now it’s time to get to the farming location itself.

Never stop anywhere, just carry on your way and never look back because you will die. Looking at the image below, you have to mark the same spot on your map, summon the horse and get going.

Site of Grace Rune Farming Location Map

Head towards the East side of the map and then from there through the Forest. You will reach a Canyon which heads towards the South side, looking for something like Blood Running through the River.

Follow the location till you reach an uphill path that takes you upwards through figures in rags on the floor. Finally, you will reach the Site of Grace. Activate the location, rest a bit, pull yourself together and you will be ready for farming in no time.

Farming Albinaurics

Just as when you reach the Side of the Grace, you will come across another group of the Albinaurics who are sleeping. Each of them will be worth around 2k runes. If you don’t attack them, they won’t harm you because of their low aggro range.

After you reach the location and attack the enemies, they will start waking up. Just one hit is enough to wake them up. 

Farming Guards

In the same area, you will find four guards who are quite deadly. One specific thing that you can use against them is their Attack Speed which is quite low and you can dodge them effortlessly. Just don’t get involved with all of them together and get them only by one. 

Don’t use shields to get them, but rather try to dodge their attacks and when the time comes, hit them. In case you are a low-level player who just got started with the game, then you should use the backstabs to get the maximum damage inflicted on them.

Farming Loop

After you level up, you can just pass through them like they are nothing. In any case possible, you will be able to get around 40k Runes in under 5 minutes in this area. When you go back and rest, you will be able to reset the Site of Grace Rune Farming Location, making you quite rich in no time.

Other Elden Ring Rune Farm Locations

Elden Ring Rune Farm Locations

The other one we mentioned here in our Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Location for Quick Level-up might be exceptionally wonderful for all types of players. But just like in reality, a single thing isn’t for everyone.

When you are leveling up, getting better gear, and becoming stronger in the game, the amount of Runes you will require is greatly increasing. There is a gap that widens every time you proceed onward. 

As you are going onward with the game, the enemies, as well as the surrounding will become more punishing. The good side of that can be that, the harder enemies will drop you better loot, as well as Runes. 

With that being said, here are some of the Best Elden Ring Rune Farm Locations you will come across in the game several times. Make sure to avail of them.

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Early Game Farming

Early Game Farming Elden Ring

So, this here is a place where players from the early game can just hop into the farming location and enjoy the runes. It is a little risky, there is no doubt about that, but it is also quite rewarding. 

There are massive trolls with powerful shots, found on the North Stormgate Cliffs. Each of them will give you 1k runes, but only after you kill them. You can use their slowness against them, but you will have to dodge your way to victory every time.

Just make sure you are spacing them out and then killing them one by one. This way you will be able to do Elden Ring Rune Farm here effectively from the very beginning of the game.

Mid Game Farming

Mid Game Farming Elden Ring

In our whole guide to Rune Farming Locations in Elden Ring, you will never find an easier location than this one. The area is known as War for Castle Redmane and it is based on the Southern Caelid. A huge castle can be seen that is known as Castle Redmane.

Don’t worry about getting inside the castle because the farming location isn’t there. Outside you will come across some knights that are wielding fire and alongside them are the huge dogs. Both the knights and the dogs will usually kill each other and you will get the Runes free of cost, without even moving a muscle.

Where’s the exact location? Well, you have to go towards the Greatbridge Site of the Grace and then take the ride up the hill and watch the fight from there. There might be some survivors in the end, but don’t worry because they will already be low on health from the inflict.

Kill those survivors and you will soon be rewarded with around 3k runes with nearly no effort. You can take some rest and get going with the farming again to earn more Runes.

Late Game Farming

A good Late Game Farming location in Elden Ring is no doubt present at the North Coastline of the Altus Plateau. Here you will find a Village known as Dominula the Windmill Village. King of soothing for a village here but you will come across some dancing villagers here with extremely low aggro.

The Villagers won’t attack you unless you start going too close to them. They are quite good with dropping loot and somewhat easier to kill as well. On the top, you will come across a boss as well-known as the Legendary Godskin Apostle.

We don’t recommend going straight to the boss here because the locals will give you around 7k runes in a single run, without having to deal with harder enemies. Get some upgrades and then go to the Boss fight. 

Or you can save the runes, rest at a Bonfire and come back to find these same enemies to Farm on. In this way, you will get rich faster in the Late Game. 

Extreme Late Game Farming

Extreme Late Game Farming Elden Ring

The Last one we have here is made for extreme late-game scenarios. For this, you will first have to unlock the area known as Haligtree. Yes, if you have it open you might have heard from other gamers that it is one of the toughest areas around. 

In the Site of the Grace, you will have to go towards the Prayer Room, which is halfway in the Grace. From there, you will have to go North and go down from the parapets. There are a ton of enemies that you will have to fight.

These enemies have their backs turned around, so you can simply play smart here and backstab each of them. The knights are quite easier around here, just like the foot soldiers. Just kill them with your powerful weapon and each one will give you around 3k runes. 

Yes, you heard that loud and clear. Each of the enemies in the area will give you around 3k rules, so that makes the area quite a good Farming location in Elden Ring. There are blowing enemies that just explore in an attempt to stop you. 

It will only take you around some minutes and in return, you can earn a total of 40k rules. Don't stop there after your farm. Just start going down the way and kill the enemies that are in your path. 

In case you ever find yourself in a difficult situation, just go back from there and fast-travel to the Prayer Room. Our recommendation would be to fight the Erdtree Avatar of the Two Cleanrot Knights, but mostly it depends on the path you are taking at the location.

Here, you will earn a total of around 40k to 50k Runes which is exceptionally great for late game. 

Tips to Earn Get Most out of Elden Ring Rune Farm

Now that we are over with our traditional Best Elden Ring Rune Farm Locations, let’s get into the details of the Tips that can help you get the most Runes even in these runs. So, let’s get started with the details.

  • The Golden Scarab - This is a talisman that we recommend you always hold on to because it will give you a permanent buff for earning more runes in the long run. 

  • White Skulls - You will find a ton of white skulls around the area and when you break them, you will get the Golden Runes. They are worth 200 Runes each and will fill your inventory. Just use them when you are looking to buy something.

  • Golden Leaves - These are quite rare and due to the random weather, you will see Gld Leaves falling from the sky and most of the time you will see them at night. At that specific time, you will have a boost in runes you are earning in the game. The boost is around 5 percent in the game.

  • Gold Pickled Fowl Foot - Also a rare consumable in Elden Ring that you will find in the game on several occasions. There are different types of these with different benefits but you will find one that will enhance your Rune Income for quite a short time. In case you know there is a big fight that you can win, simply use this consumable for that.

  • Let the Enemies fight with each other in case you ever come to a place like this. Sometimes in the Elden Ring, you will come across several areas where the enemies will start fighting with one another, one category fights with another. When they start dying, you will get their XP and Runes or other loot items. Work Smart, not Hard!

  • In case you ever want to get a Heavy Amount of Runes faster in the game. The best instance for you would be to look out for the early-game bosses that you might have missed. You will be stronger than the boss here quite a bit and summon someone with a sign in case you aren’t.

  • Never keep holding stuff you know isn’t going to be useful later on or you might not need it now. Go to the merchant in the Elden Ring and sell all of these things. Don’t throw out the unique ones, but rather the small stuff dropped from the foot soldiers. There might be some consumables you don’t fancy using.

  • A word of wisdom here. There are sometimes enemies with Red Glowing Eyes. Yes, these enemies are special kinds that aren’t going to be any different from the regular ones, but they are going to drop more Runes after you get rid of them. 


Well, these are all the Best Elden Ring Rune Farming Locations for you to Quickly Level up in the game. It doesn’t have to be a location that specifically can help you level up. You can just take part in the following locations and earn runes. While you are fighting enemies, you will also level up. 

Never miss out on the extra items we mentioned at the end of our guide to Get the Most out of Elden Ring Rune Farm. Never hold onto the skulls and try to use them when you are purchasing something at the merchant. 

Never push your luck as well here because when you die, the Runes will be lost to the area and there is a chance you might end up dying again in the process. Whenever you are safe, just take the Fast Travel and secure your Runes. Come back and start the Loop of Rune Farming in Elden Ring.

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