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Blade and Soul Upcoming Content Teaser

Blade & Soul was live nearly a week, the game company bring us new content updates over the coming months.
Blade & Soul, one of the most anticipated MMO releases here in the west for awhile, is finally live in North America. One of the interesting things about Blade & Soul is that it has had a good long iteration pass, being released in other markets before coming NA. It's sort of a mix between wushu style games and regular MMOs, blinding in things such as acrobatic movement and fluid combat, with more traditional mechanics.
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Here are some content from the Official website:
“The vexatious Vice Admiral Poharan—the current pinnacle of high-level content—will be a formidable roadblock on your path to the mastery of your martial art, and your ultimate vengeance on Jinsoyun. Defeating Poharan is certainly the first of many such conflicts with the Blackram Pirates, and also marks only the first of a number of challenging new pieces of content heading to Blade & Soul over the coming months.”
Watch the teaser trailer for a brief glimpse at some of the content that’s coming to Blade & Soul soon.
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