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COD Mobile Season 2 "Lunar Dragon": What's New, Buff, Nerfs, and Upcoming Playlists

COD Mobile Season 2 comes with many exciting features, items, lucky draws, and much more. The name of Season 2 is Lunar Dragon which has a Dragon Year Nuk3town Map in the lobby background. In this article, you’ll know what’s new in Season 2 such as characters, new items, upcoming draws, Buff, Nurfs, and Upcoming Playlists.

COD Mobile Season 2 Lunar Dragon with the Battle Pass, Dragon Year Nuk3town Map, MP Rank Rewards, and Jet Boost Class image

New Things in Season 2 COD Mobile:

1. Type 19:

Type 19 is a new Assault weapon that offers a 75-round drum Mag, 2 different sights, and a Bipod Foregrip. It’s based on a QBZ-191 Chinese weapon in Real life. The Mythic version of the Type 19 will also come in a Lucky Draw on COD Mobile, which looks pretty amazing.

COD Mobile Type 19 Assault weapon

2. Spear Melee:

A new Melee “Spear” is added in Season 2 which offers different styles. The character holds the Spear with both hands. Also, the Legendary Spear is coming in the Lucky Draw of this Season.

Spear Melee in Season 2 Lunar Dragon COD Mobile

3. Havoc Operator Skill:

Havoc is a new operator skill for Multiplayer matches, which “Generate an electronic wave to destroy enemy deployable projectiles, disrupt enemies’ mini-map information and some Scorestreaks.”

Havoc Operator Skill in Season 2 Lunar Dragon COD Mobile

4. Jet Boost:

Jet Boost is a new class for Battle Royal matches that helps the character to wall run, jet jump, and faster slide. Wall Running in BR using Jet Boost class can give a Prince of Persia feel. 

Jet Boost BR Class in Season 2 Lunar Dragon COD Mobile

5. Player Level increases from 300 to 350:

Again, the Level is increased from 300 to 350 in Season 2. Each level rewards you a cool stuff including:

  1. Machete - Cosmos - 310.

  2. BY15 – Cosmos - 320.

  3. Molotov Cocktail – Dark Matter - 330.

  4. SKS – Cosmos - 340.

  5. L-CAR 9 – Dark Matter - 350.

6. Boost Assault:

Boost Assault is a new Game Mode in the Multiplayer Playlist that is available to play from February 21 to March 12. In Boost Assault MP Mode, players can jump high, wall run, and faster slide just like the new Jet Boost BR Class.

7. Dragon Year Nuk3town Map:

This advanced version of the Nuketown map offers a yellow and red theme with great graphics. This Advanced map is pretty amazing and good-looking, so don’t miss playing on this map from February 7 to February 20.

COD Mobile New Dragon Year Nuk3town Map in Season 2 Lunar Dragon

8. Rank Series Rewards:

The Main rank rewards include Vanguard - Twilight Strike character and Groza - Razored Scales weapon skin, which offers unique styling and design. The rewards contain Blue and Purple colors which look pretty interesting. You’ll get these Rewards by increasing your Rank in COD Mobile. However, some interesting rewards include:


Multiplayer Rank Rewards in Season 2 Lunar Dragon COD Mobile

  1. Rezored Scales Frame (Legendary).

  2. Groza - Razored Scales (Grand Master III).
  3. Sai - New Wave Melee (Master V).
  4. Series 1 Charm (Master I).


Battle Royal Rank Rewards in Season 2 Lunar Dragon COD Mobile

  1. Twilight Strike Avatar (Legendary).
  2. Vanguard - Twilight Strike (Grand Master III).
  3. Spread Your Wings Emote (Master V).
  4. Backpack - New Wave (Master I).

9. Hitting Sound Enhancement:

If you’re getting bored with the sound, then enable Hitting Sound Enhancement from the settings. It enhances and adds clarity to the hitting sound in cod mobile. However, it can consume a little bit more resources from your device.

10. More Data Details in Game History:

In Game History, you can see More Data which includes the Loadout of the Top 3 Players in the Victory Team, Achievements, and how many times the player uses Operator Skill, Lethal / Tactical, and Scorestreak. You can now even Copy the Loadout directly from the game history.

I like the advanced layout and more data on Game History, which gives detailed insights into your 50 latest gameplays. However, this feature is limited to TDM, SND, Domination, and Hardpoint matches.

11. Lunar New Year Platform in BR:

In BR, you’ll get a new platform with a Lunar New Year theme, where you can destroy the drones to pick up the loot that drops by them. Also, you can play two different cooking mini-games on this platform.

Lunar New Year Platform in Battle Royal of COD Mobile

Battle Pass Rewards in Season 2 COD Mobile:

In Season 2 Battle Pass, you’ll get many cool stuff including these character skins:

  1. Tiangu - Explosive Impact (Tier 1).

  2. Isabella – Dragon Warrior (Tier 10).

  3. Battery – Imperial Battledress (Tier 30).

  4. David Mason – Claws of Iron (Tier 50).

COD Mobile Season 2 Lunar Dragon Battle Pass

You’ll get these Epic weapon skins in the Season 2 Battle Pass:

  1. Man-O-War - Warrior’s Redoubt (Tier 1).

  2. OTs9 - Avenging Lily (Tier 12).

  3. HSO405 - War-Built Shotgun (Tier 20).

  4. UL736 - Attack Speed (Tier 40).

  5. Type 19 - Imperial Refinement (Tier 50).

In Daily Login rewards, you can claim an Otter – Fulsome Fighter free skin. This skin offers an Orange, Red, and Green color, giving it a Fighter feel. Its face is Red and wears Green Glasses.

New Lucky Boxes and Strong Boxes:

Many new Crates are coming to Season 2 “Lunar Dragon” in COD Mobile, which are:

  1. Jackdaw Lucky Box (15 items).

  2. Steel Dragon Lucky Box (11 items).

  3. Dynastic Steel Lucky Box (15 items).

  4. Glazed Porcelain Lucky Box (11 items).

  5. Sweet and Spicy Lucky Box (16 items).
  6. Redlined Hardware Lucky Box (16 items).
  7. Royal Silk Strongbox (13 items).

  8. San Snake Strongbox (13 items).

  9. Pink n’ Teal Strongbox (13 items).

  10. Red Orchid Strongbox (13 items).

New Lucky Draws:

In Season 2, you'll get exciting rewards in the new Lucky Draws. However, this is a luck game, otherwise, you need to spend a lot of CPs to get a particular reward. However, these Lucky Draw are coming to Season 2 “Lunar Dragon” in COD Mobile.

  1. AK-47 - Iron Lion and Tempest Draw.

  2. Spear - Striking Azure Melee and Long Yun Draw.

  3. DL Q33 - Dark Void and Kryptis – Cruel Gaze Draw.

  4. Mythic Type 19 - Celestial Ink Dark Shepherd – Umbral Imperator Draw.

  5. Fennec and Shadowfall – Scales of Destiny Draw.

  6. Legendary Sword, CBR4 and BY15 (Might be Exclusive for CN Version).

Season 2 Balance Changes:



  1. Koshka (Fire white Sprinting is reduced from 240 ms to 210 ms).

  2. Rytec AMR (Improved tactical/empty reload time).

  3. Outlaw (ADS Time is reduced from 420 ms to 390 ms).

  4. DLQ 33 (Fire Interval is Reduced from 1200 ms to 1170 ms).

  5. Type 25 (Bullets capacity is Increased from 30 to 34 in Stopping Power Reload mag).

  6. M13 (Damage profile is improved from 24-18-16 to 24-19-16).

  7. Striker 45 (Range profile is improved from 6m-11m-22m to 6m-14m-22m, and Stomach multiplier is increased from 1x to 1.1x).

  8. Man-O-War [MP Only] (Headshot multiplier is increased from 1.1x to 1.36x).

  9. EM2 [MP Only] (Headshot multiplier is increased from 1.3x to 1.55x).

  10. Groza (Horizontal Recoil is Reduced).

  11. M13 [BR Only] (Range profile is improved from 19m-40m to 22m-40m).

Operator skills / Scorestreaks:

  1. Misdirection Device (Radius is Increased).

  2. Tempest (Charge-up is removed before firing, and Energy required is reduced by 20%).


  1. Recon (Radius is Increased).

  2. Tactical Mask (Tactical duration is reduced from 60% to 70%).



  1. LW3 Tundra (Movement speed is reduced from 4.24m/s to 4.19m/s, Sprint speed is reduced from 5.5m/s to 5.37m/s, and Bandit Steady Stock now reduces STF by 30%.

  2. PDW57 (ADS movement speed is reduced from 3.97m/s to 3.82m/s, and Bullet impact is reduced from 1 to 0.9).

  3. Groza (Vertical recoil is Increased).

  4. Echo [BR Only] (Damage profile is reduced from 21-17-15-13 to 21-16-12-9).

Operator skills / Scorestreaks:

  1. Swarm (Score required is increased from 1220 to 1280).

  2. Stealth Chopper (Score required is increased from 1000 to 1080).

  3. Cluster Strike (Duration is reduced from 8 seconds to 7 seconds).

COD Mobile Season 2: All Upcoming Playlists:

There are a total of 15 playlists that are coming in Season 2 “Lunar Dragon” of COD Mobile. The dates are also confirmed, so see this image which includes all the upcoming playlists with their time duration:

All 15 Upcoming Playlists in COD Mobile Season 2 Lunar Dragon.jpg

I am excited for the Dragon Year Nuk3town playlist, where we can taste the Dragon Year Nuk3town map. The Boost Assault is also a new and very interesting mode where you can run on walls, jump high, and slide faster in Multiplayer.

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