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COD Mobile Season 3 "Vintage Vigilance": What's New, Buff, Nerfs, and Upcoming Playlists

Season 3 was released on 13th March 2024 in COD Mobile with a Vintage Vigilance theme. It comes with a new Battle Pass, Lobby Screen, Cheshire Park Map, TEC-9 SMG, and Weapon Adjustments. So, here is the guide which tells you the new items in Season 3, Upcoming Lucky Draws and Lucky Boxes, as well as Upcoming Playlists.

What's New in COD Mobile Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance:

COD Mobile Season 3 containing Cheshire Park Map, Battle Pass, Balance Changes, and Lucky Draw Characters Poster

1. Cheshire Park Map:

The Cheshire Park Map was also available in the Multiplayer mode of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Now, it comes to COD Mobile which is a medium-sized map, offering a luxurious feel on the courtyard at the centre. The courtyard contains a golden statue which adds a better look to the map. Cheshire Park offers a Green, Red, Blue, and Golden color combination that is eye-catching for most COD Mobile players.

Cheshire Park Map in COD Mobile

2. TEC-9 SMG:

TEC-9 is a new SMG which is suited for close to medium-range combat. It features a sleek and minimal design, which feels lightweight in the gameplay. It offers better accuracy, mobility, and control than some other SMGs. Here is the breakdown of the TEC-9 values:

TEC-9 SMG with Values in COD Mobile

  1. Damage: 31.

  2. Fire Rate: 28.

  3. Accuracy: 116.

  4. Mobility: 108.

  5. Range: 50.

  6. Control: 98.

The Fire Rate of TEC-9 is lower than other SMGs. You can unlock TEC-9 via Battle Pass by reaching to the Tier 21. If you purchase a Battle Pass, then you will get TEC-9 - The Classic at Tier 50.

3. Havoc Operator Skill:

The Havoc Operator Skill is finally added in COD Mobile Season 3 for Multiplayer matches. This operator skill will disrupt enemies' mini-map information, which allows you to play aggressively. Also, it creates an electric wave to destroy enemy deployable projectiles, which makes it great for Hardpoint matches.

Havoc Operator Skill with its description in COD Mobile

It's available at Tier 14 for Free in the Season 3 Battle Pass.

4. Patrol Mode (Rank - Limited Time):

Playing Patrol Ranked Mode in Raid map

The Patrol Mode will be available in Rank Match during Season 3, so you'll get a chance to play real players (No Bots). In Patrol Mode, you or your teammate need to keep the body in a Hardpoint capturing location to increase the points of winning threshold, i.e. 125. The fact is that the Hardpoint location is round and moves on a desired route on the map. This aspect makes the Patrol Mode interesting, and I am excited to play it in Rank Match.

5. Alcatraz and Shipment is Removed:

The fan's favorite maps, i.e. Alcatraz and Shipment are removed by Activision which is a big bad news for players. However, developers said that it's not a permanent removal of these maps, so you can expect, it will come later this year.

The reason for removing the Alcatraz and the Shipment map ahead of the launch of Warzone Mobile is not clear. But, I think that Activision wants to divert the COD Mobile players (especially, those who play Alcatraz and Shipment matches) to new Warzone Mobile. This is because the Warzone Mobile offers Alcatraz and Shipment Maps also.

If you are excited to enjoy these maps on your phone, then you can play them on Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

Battle Pass Rewards in Season 3 COD Mobile:

The Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance comes with exciting rewards, skins, and epic weapons.

Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance COD Mobile Battle Pass

Here are the four epic characters in Season 3 Battle Pass:

  1. Ethan – Grizzled Detective Male Skin (Instant).
  2. Sliver – Deadly Elegance Female Skin (Tier 12).
  3. Seraph – Gold Deco Female Skin (Tier 30).
  4. Sims – Mafioso Female Skin (Tier 50).

Here are the five epic weapons including Melee skins in the Season 3 Battle Pass:

  1. M13 – Chrome Cruiser (Instant).
  2. Dingo – Deco Ornate (Tier 10).
  3. Base Melee - Knuckle Sandwich (Tier 16 - Free).
  4. Razorback – Metropolitan (Tier 20).
  5. HDR – Juniper Line Express (Tier 40).
  6. TEC-9 – The Classic (Tier 50).

Free Weapon and Melee Skins in Season 3 Battle Pass:

  1. Base Melee - Knuckle Sandwich (Tier 16).
  2. EM2 - Desk Job (Tier 18).
  3. TEC-9 (Tier 21).
  4. JAK-12 - Desk Job.
  5. L-CAR 9 - Desk Job.
  6. SP-R 208 - Desk Job.

Rewards in Ground Forces:

If you've subscribed the Ground Forces in COD Mobile, you'll get these exclusive rewards in Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance:

  1. Garcia - Hatchetman Male Character.
  2. AK117 - Vintage Roadster.
  3. Backpack 3 - MFCP V-4 Hardpack.
  4. Discount Coupon for Crates, Lucky Box, and Lucky Draw.
  5. 50% Off on 10x Crate Pulls (3 Times Per Month).
  6. Player Level and Weapon XP Bonus.

Train To Nowhere Battle Pass Vault:

The Train To Nowhere BP Vault is finally back in COD Mobile Season 3. You have 90 Days to purchase the "Train To Nowhere" BP Vault with 220 CP and claim the rewards in exchange for Vault Coins.

You'll get Misty - Undercover Agent, Seraph - Double Agent, Vanguard - Nocturnal Elite, and Adler - Dapper character skins.

The M4 - Prince of Time, CBR4 - Aqua Leviathan, S36 - Winged Stinger, M13 - Covert Canopy, and ZRG 20mm - Jade weapon skins are available in this Battle Pass Vault.

New Lucky Draws in Season 3:

You'll get five New Lucky Draws in Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance of Call of Duty Mobile:

All Lucky Draws characters in Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance COD Mobile

  1. Shutterbug Draw (16th March - 29th March).
  2. New Order Draw (19th March - 1st April).
  3. Lone Shot Draw (22nd March - 20th April).
  4. Top Sleuth Draw (5th April - 18th April).
  5. Gold Digger Draw (12th April - 28th April).

Returning Lucky Draws in Season 3:

There are three Lucky Draws which are returning in Season 3 of COD Mobile:

1. K.O Draw (26th March - 8th April):

  1. ICR-1 - Knockout.
  2. Alias - Boxing Champ.
  3. Prizefighters - Final Round.

2. Bright Gold Mythic Drop (29th March - 27th April):

  1. FFAR1 - Bright Blade Mythic.
  2. Kui Ji - Faded Shadow.

3. Chaos & Order Mythic Redux (9th April - 8th May):

  1. Oden - Divine Smite Mythic.

Lucky Boxes in Season 3:

  1. Ring Leader Lucky Box (15 items).
  2. Industrial Age Lucky Box (11 items).
  3. Berlin Camouflage Lucky Box (15 items).
  4. Metal and Wood Lucky Box (11 items).

Strong Boxes in Season 3:

  1. Better Tomorrow Strongbox (13 items).
  2. Handler Strongbox (13 items).
  3. Vivisection Strongbox (13 items).
  4. Business Class Strongbox (13 items).

Season 3 Balance Changes:

Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance COD Mobile Balance Changes



  1. KN-44 (Horizontal Recoil is Reduced).
  2. HBRA3 (Damage rate is increased in Multiplayer Mode).
  3. Oden (Damage rate is increased in Multiplayer Mode).
  4. MX-9 (Range and Large Caliber Magazine Damage is Increased, and Horizontal Recoil is Reduced).
  5. OTS 9 (Range and Damage is Increased for MP Only).
  6. Chicom (Torso Damage is Increased for MP).
  7. Bruen MK9 (Range is Increased).
  8. Dingo (Bullet Speed is Increased).

Lethal and Tactical:

  1. Thermite (Damage and Effective Range is Increased).
  2. Cluster Grenade (Sub-Grenades Damage is Increased).
  3. Concussion Grenade (Duration is Increased).


  1. Vulture (HP Recovery is Increased).



  1. DR-H (Head Damage is Reduced for MP Only).

Operator Skill:

  1. Ballistic Shield (Duration is Reduced).
  2. Hawk X3 (Score Requirement is Increased).


  1. Type 19 (Recoil Recovery of Full Auto is Adjusted).

All Playlists in Season 3 COD Mobile:

You can look at this image to know which playlists are coming in this Season 3 with their date and time duration:

Season 3 - Vintage Vigilance COD Mobile Playlist which date and time durationI am excited for the Patrol, 10v10 Shipment, Cheshire Park, and Super Attack of the Undead Playlists in COD Mobile. Especially, the Cheshire Park playlist will allow to users to play on this map for the first time.

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