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Crypto Payments Come to MMO Pixel via Alchemy Pay
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Crypto Payments Come to MMO Pixel via Alchemy Pay

Alchemy Pay Facilitates Crypto Payments for MMO Pixel’s In-Game Currency Market

Gamers can now use their cryptocurrency to pay for in-game currencies offered by MMO Pixel’s currency platform. One of the crypto industry’s leading payment providers, Alchemy Pay, teamed up with MMO Pixel to allow online gamers to use crypto to buy in-game currencies for popular titles such as Elden Ring, Guild Wars, and Final Fantasy. With its network of exchanges and remittance partners, Alchemy Pay has facilitated the use of Binance Pay and on-chain crypto for payment by making backend crypto to fiat conversions for MMO Pixel’s platform.

This partnership brings together crypto and the online gaming community in a way that will drive crypto usage and adoption. Blockchain and crypto have been increasingly redefining the gaming sector with innovations and utilities that benefit gamers and developers. A new movement is emerging and the new crypto payment facility on MMO Pixel furthers the development.

The partnership means that MMO Pixel users now have the opportunity to buy currencies such as GW1 Gold/Items, GW2 Gold/Items/PowerLeveling, FFXIV Gil, and ESO Gold. 

Reggie Fils-Aimé, the former president of Nintendo of America, recently discussed the developing connection between crypto and online gaming and particularly play to earn models. The executive declared that he was a big believer in blockchain technology, and that players investing their time in games should be able to monetize whatever items they had gained. 

Other companies have already entered the world of blockchain technology, either by including them as an important part of their investing and business strategy (like Ubisoft and Square Enix) or by already launching exclusive NFT drops featuring characters of their franchises like Konami did with Castlevania. This is an area that is growing rapidly.

As two industries that are constantly changing and evolving because of their cutting edge technical nature, they provide ideal partners for one another. Online gamers and cryptocurrency fanatics often go hand in hand because of their abilities and interest in technical advancements. Many who work in the cryptocurrency industry such as programmers and developers like Vitalik Buterin and have a history in gaming and often speak of their interest in gaming alongside their work in crypto.  

Alchemy Pay partnered with Binance Pay in August last year and has expanded rapidly over the past 12 months. Its mainstream-friendly solutions make crypto usable as a form of payment for real-world goods and services and its 300+ payment channels enable easy access to crypto.    

To view how Alchemy Pay facilitates crypto payments for Binance Pay and on-chain cryptocurrencies on MMO Pixel’s platform use this link:

John Tan, Alchemy Pay’s CEO, said of the new partnership: “We are excited to be providing MMO Pixel with our crypto payment solutions. Gaming and crypto are a natural fit and an area where we expect to see a lot of growth. Our solution will allow gamers to use their crypto to make purchases and furthers our mission to make crypto widely usable for payments.”

MMO Pixel’s Operations Manager, Martin Liu said of the partnership, “There has been a great deal of demand for crypto payments from our users and we are delighted that Alchemy Pay is now able to facilitate that for our site. Crypto is the future of online gaming currencies and Alchemy Pay is enabling us to accept Binance Pay’s service as well as the direct use of on-chain crypto. This partnership allows us to be well placed for future developments in this space.”

As the internet evolves, so too have crypto and gaming and the future offers a great many new opportunities for crossovers between the two industries.

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