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Devilian classes preview

Devilian is a fast-paced, action-packed MMOARPG. Devilian features four playable classes: Berserker, Cannoneer, Evoker and Shadowhunter, each of which has three skill trees, allowing you to customize your combat experience, you always can find the style which you want to game.

Berserker - melee physical profession, Berserker is a warrior gifted with immeasurable strength and stamina, the Berserker tears through waves of enemies with his wein blades. a battle-hardened warrior who protected by his anger and his armor, the Berserker thrives in battle. The rage that burns within him empowers his attacks, allowing him to keep fighting long after others would have fallen and incinerating enemies with the heat of his fury. The longer he fights, the more ferocious he grows, using his rage to lay waste to anyone foolish enough to oppose him.

Cannoneer - ranged physical profession, Cannoneer is a sharpshooter armed with a weapon that pushes the boundaries of both magic and engineering, ready to dole out destruction on a massive scale. Her explosive arsenal allows her to wreak havoc across the battlefield, annihilating her enemies before they can even get near her. But the Cannoneer lays waste to all who challenge her, thanks to her weapon's innovative selective-fire ststems, she always has the right shot for the situation.

Evoker - ranged magic profession, Evoker is a mage with unmatched mastery over the element, scorching fireballs, lighting storms, piercing icicles – Evoker commands all of them and more with a wave of the hand, the Evoker strikes fear into entire armies. What she lacks in durability, she makers up for with a terrifying array of area attacks and debuffs that stop foed from ever reaching her

Shadowhunter - melee physical profession, a master who has learned to draw upon the darkness, the Shadowhunter strikes fear into the heart of humans and devils alike. He prowls the night, stalking the most terrifying prey, whether fighting a single, hulking beast or the skittering swarms of the damned, a smart Shadowhunter will always find a way to come out on top. He is a versatile combatant, and he uses his chain whip, his speed, and a variety of thrown weapons to great effect allowing hin to fight effectively in every situation.

Choose from four Devilian classes with their own unique skills and playstyles. Kill monsters, complete quests, and explore dungeons in order to grow in power and defeat Kavel’s dark minions. By acquiring Experience Points and Devil Souls, you improve your abilities and learn new skills, transforming yourself into a creature that even evil fears.
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