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Diablo IV Guide to Beat the Mahjoob Boss: The Only Cure Quest

Mahjoob is a challenging boss that you will encounter in the side quest “The Only Cure” in Diablo IV. If you have reached here then it means you have finished the “Road to Ruin” quest and looking for ways to defeat Mahjoob. If not then you need to go back and finish it as it is the only way you will get access to Mahjoob’s safehouse in Kehjistan. 

How to find Mahjoob?

To find Mahjoob, you must first start the Only Cure quest in Kehjistan. You can get this quest from the Bounty Board in Westmarch. Once you get your hands on it then your journey begins. You need to see where the quest marker takes you and keep following it to reach the safehouse which is towards the northeast of Kehjistan. Speak to Mahjoob inside his safe house and he will tell you that he has been infected with a plague and needs your help to find a cure. Now your task would be to find and bring a Ghost Palm Flower, which is a rare plant that can supposedly help him heal and cure him from the plague. Now it is your choice to accept this or reject his request but it doesn’t matter as you will have to face him anyways eventually so it’s up to you.

How to fight Mahjoob?

Now, you need to find the flower which is somewhere inside the safehouse. Look for a chest at the end of the room and you may find it as it is not so hard to spot. But the twist comes after it, once Mahjoob gets his hand on the flower, instead of healing him, it transforms him into Skittering Abomination and you will get attacked. This is where the fight starts.

So, defeating this boss is no easy task as it boasts many abilities such as resistance, armor, and even a big health bar, and that is not all, he also has an ability called the life steal which will continue to heal him every 15 seconds so that another headache to deal with. So you should not be under-geared at any cost as he becomes unkillable then.

Now let us look at his attacks first. There are 2 main ones which you need to be aware of. One is a barrage of spikes thrown from a distance and the second one is a melee one attacked from close range. It is needless to say that the damage is quite significant here so be prepared to dodge or block them very much.

Since the boss heals up pretty quickly, you need to prevent that if you want any chance of winning here. You can stop this by stunning him at the right moment which is when he is about to use his healing ability through the life-steal one. There is a lot of power and mobility needed to deal with this boss. So use the skills and items to the fullest and focus on weapon damage, armor, or stun duration, etc. You can also use an Elixir for extra protection. You need to focus on continuously hitting him with your strongest attacks and avoid his spikes and swipes until he falls.

Diablo IV Mahjoob Guide

How to complete the only cure quest?

So now once you have defeated the boss Mahjoob, there is nothing left but rewards to reap. As the quest is now complete, you will receive 20 Renown with Kehjistan, as well as an Elixir Cache that contains some useful potions. You should also look around his corpse as there is a lot of gold and other items there that you can loot. So savor this moment as it would have been a tough victory.

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Some tips and tricks

Fighting the boss can be easy or difficult for you basis your class and type of play but some tips and tricks might prove useful in a state of combat:

  • Use skills or items that can stun Mahjoob or interrupt his life-steal ability. For example, the Barbarian’s Ground Stomp, the Sorceress’s Frost Nova, or the Rogue’s Smoke Screen can be useful for this purpose.

  • A lot of times, we are so excited to jump into battles that we do not focus on all the things required to ensure our victory. One of those things is the gear. Gear is very important in the battle as the right one will give you an edge in the battle. Old and outdated gear will not help you much in the battle and might even prove to be a disadvantage. So you must have the best one possible and should keep upgrading it to have an advantage in the battle.

  • If you have lost to the boss before, it is actually better for you. Losing gives you an understanding of the moves and techniques the boss uses and it makes you more likely to defeat him in future battles. So keep a tab on his moves and keep learning his fighting style as it will definitely will your perspective on how to defeat the boss and you can effectively create and manoeuvre strategies to achieve your goal.

Some common mistakes to avoid

Here are some common mistakes to avoid in Diablo IV Guide to Beat the Mahjoob Boss: The Only Cure Quest based on the search results:

  • Not stunning Mahjoob when he has a red glow around him. This indicates that he is about to use his life-steal ability, which will heal him for a large amount of health and prolong the fight. You should use skills or items that can stun him or interrupt his healing, or run away from him until the red glow disappears.

  • Not avoiding Mahjoob’s barrage of spikes. This is one of his most damaging attacks, which he shoots at you from a distance. It can take even a Barbarian to low health quickly if not dodged or blocked. You should move in one direction or use skills or items that can increase your mobility or escape from this attack.

  • Not completing the Road to Ruin quest first. This is a prerequisite for The Only Cure quest, which will unlock Mahjoob’s location in Kehjistan. You should complete Road to Ruin before heading to Mahjoob’s safehouse, which is located just south of Alcarnus.

Diablo IV Mahjoob Fighting

Some alternate ways to complete the quest

If you don’t like the current one but still want to reap rewards and finish the mission then there are a few things you can try. These other things can more or less give you different results and even make it a unique experience for you. Here are some things you can do:

  • You can skip giving Mahjoob the Ghost Palm Flower and just kill him right away. This will make him weaker and easier to kill, but you will miss out on some dialogue and lore.

  • You can have some fun here as well. Just try giving him a different flower instead of the required one and see what happens. He will still transform but into something different depending on the flower you gave him. So you can try out new things and enjoy this experience which can be quite fun.


Mahjoob is a formidable boss that will test your skills and gear in Diablo IV. By following this guide, you should be able to locate, fight and defeat him and complete The Only Cure quest. You can also try some alternative ways to complete the quest and get some extra rewards. It might be more or less interesting depending on what you do. But overall this is quite a fun quest that appeals to a majority of players so keep these things in mind and conquer the game.

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