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Elden Ring 2024 Rune Boost Guide: Level Up Quickly with Expert Tips

Whether you are using the old boring methods to farm runes, or simply playing the game as usual, you can utilize some special items and elements to boost the rune intake. It is 2024, and we have the Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree, so preparing for it requires a ton of runes. Here we have our Elden Ring 2024 Rune Boost Guide, where we will show you how to get these rune boost items through which you can level up as quickly as possible.

Gold Pickled Fowl Foot

Elden Ring Gold Pickled Fowl Foot - Best Rune Boost Item

One of the very first ways you can boost rune intake in Elden Ring 2024 is to track down some gold-pickled foul foot. The gold pickled foul foot is a rare and valuable item that can boost runes gained by 30% for 3 minutes. The effect isn't removed when you just rest at a Sites of Grace, however, the effect does get removed when you fast travel.

You can find this item in various locations throughout the Lands Between or craft it yourself using a cookbook and some ingredients. Since crafting this item is the best way to stock up on it in mass amounts, you'll need a few things in your inventory to make that happen. 

Crafting Kit

The first is a crafting kit, which is a key item that you can buy at the very start of the game from Kali the Merchant, who's located in the Church of Ela, which is about a 9-iron away from your starting point at the first steps.

It only costs 300 runes, which as prices go is extremely reasonable, and while you're there you can start your cookbook collection with a few different recipe books, which cost you a total of 2,300 runes with the kit included. 

Missionaries Cookbook Vol. 2

The second item you're gonna need is the Missionaries Cookbook Volume 2, which can be found by taking the highlighted path to Murkwater Cave. The cave can be found on the west side of the shallow river that flows off the northern edge of Agheel Lake.

Traveling there really isn't the issue though, it's the invader that you run into along the way. To enter the cave you'll need to defeat Bloody Finger Nerijus, who at the very start of the game can be quite a challenge. 

If you can survive long enough, Yura will step in and assist you in finishing the job, and along with clearing the way to your foulfoot recipe, you'll also grab the dagger Reduvia for your trouble.

Once you finally get inside Murkwater Cave, you won't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out where to go, since it isn't that big of an area. It's just a short run to the back of the cave, past a few tripwire alarms and a few enemies, and finally, a yellow fog door leading to a room with a campsite in a chest. 

The mini-boss fight isn't initiated as soon as you step through the veil, instead, you'll have to pop the top on the chest to initiate a fight with Patches the Untethered.

Once you open the chest you'll get some dialogue with Patches, and then he'll eventually drop down from his overwatch position to engage you. After beating him within an inch of his life, or in this case half health, Patches will surrender, and if you accept his surrender he'll become a merchant and have a far-developing questline throughout the game.

After his defeat, you'll also receive the Grovel for Mercy gesture to add to your collection, and after reloading the area, the Patches Emporium will be open for business. Within his store, Patches sells 3 golden foul feet for 600 runes a pop, but what you're really after here is the Missionaries Cookbook Volume 2, which will allow you to craft as many gold pickled foul feet as you like, as long as you have the ingredients for them. 

Golden Leaved Weather Effect

Golden Leaved Weather Effect Boosting Rune Gain

From time to time you may notice a yellow glow around your character and glowing tree leaves falling from the sky while you're adventuring. While despair reveals itself in many forms in the Elden Ring, these falling leaves are a random weather effect designed to give you a little boost, but it only occurs in certain areas.

The buff you receive while Erd tree leaves are falling increases the number of runes you obtain from enemies by 17%, which stacks with other rune boost items. This buff is automatically applied to your character when standing close to or under Erd tree leaves. 

This particular buff only lasts for a short duration, and while it's a rare and pretty-looking weather effect, if you're bringing down piles of enemies, make sure you keep an eye on the weather.

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Golden Scarab

Elden Ring Golden Scarab - Best Rune Boosting Item

The next item in our Elden Ring 2024 Rune Boost Guide, and easily one of the most important ones when ramping up your ability to boost rune intake is the golden scarab, which can be found at the very bottom of the abandoned cave, which is in a hidden location within the Caelid. 

Path to get Golden Scarab in Elden Ring

Using the Church of Ella as your point of origin, if you follow the highlighted route you'll come across the smoldering wall Site of Grace, and if you follow the wall east you'll come across a deep ravine where you can jump, torn across to the cave's entrance. 

For some, the jump can be tricky, but the real trick is going to be how to wade through the massive amount of scarlet rot that this particular cave is filled with.

After entering the cave and lighting the Site of Grace, you'll be ready to tackle the short but painful run to your destination. To give yourself a fighting chance so you don't end up as an earthworm playground, you'll need to make a pit stop to pick up some preserving boluses at one of the traveling merchants in Caelid, who's located just a stone's throw away from the astray from Caelid north Site of Grace.

Resisting Scarlet Rot - Preserving Boluses

Preserving boluses alleviate any scarlet rot buildup that you'll come across within the cave while navigating to the bottom to face off with its boss. The more vigor you have the easier it is to go the distance when you're knee-deep in it. 

After surviving your harrowing journey to the bottom of the cave, the last challenge that you're going to face is beyond the yellow fog door at the bottom, and for some, it's not that easy when you're just starting.

Fighting Rot Knights

You'll need to face down not one but two clean rot knights, one wielding a clean rot spear and the other a halo scythe. While there are a few different strategies to come out on top in this engagement, the strategy that we are going to mention here is pretty straightforward. 

Call forth some wolf spirits to interfere with the enemies. Each of these knights has just a little over 2,000 hit points and they're immune to scarlet rot, and madness and have a fair amount of resistance to other status effects as well. 

The wolves do a pretty good job of distracting the knight so you can sidestep behind it to land a few critical hits which is huge since you want to bring at least one of them down as quickly as possible. 

While we typically believe offense is the best defense in this scenario, there are other ways to go about it. If you want to bring the halo scythe knight down first so you're not constantly harassed by flying rings of light, that's a solid option as well.

It's important to note that you should leave at least one of your preserving boluses in reserve for this fight since between their weapons and rot vomit attacks you can end up needing to cure yourself of rot by the end of the fight. 

Once you bring down both knights and complete the boss fight you'll be rewarded with the golden scarab which is a unique talisman that increases rune acquisition by 20% and it stacks with other rune boost items and game mechanics. 

Eyes of Gold Enemy Effect

Elden Ring Eyes of Gold Enemy Effect to Boost Runes

There are times that you'll run into enemies whose eyes are glowing with gold light, not to be confused with enemies with orange eyes which is indicative of madness, but these enemies who have golden eyes will drop five times their usual amount of runes.

So whether you're racking up a ton of runes at your favorite farming spot or you just happen to encounter an enemy with eyes that are glowing with an unusually bright yellow light, it may be worth the 5x bonus to just stop and bring it down. 


One of the more interesting Elden Ring 2024 rune boost mechanics that you can control but rarely talk about is called overkill.

Overkill is achieved when you defeat an enemy with an attack that does over 150% of its max health, awarding you 20% more runes for that particular kill.

This mechanic also stacks with the golden scarab and the gold pickled foulfoot, so increasing your damage is something that you may want to consider when planning to bring your rune farming strategies to the next level. 

Multiplayer Rune Boost

If you play online, you'll also be able to take advantage of a multiplayer mechanic which grants an additional 5% increase in rune acquisition if someone sharing your group password accomplishes a major feat like defeating a boss.

This 5% increase only lasts for 5 minutes, but it may be something worth considering if you have a large following in your Elden Ring group.


Elden Ring offers you specific items and mechanics that can help you earn 5% to 30% more runes than usual. Here in this Elden Ring 2024 Rune Boost Guide, we mentioned these rune-boosting items in detail, what they do, and how to get them. In short, the Gold Pickled Fowl Foot, and Golden Scarab are the items you need to increase your rune count and level up quickly for Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree. On the other hand, some mechanics like Eye of Golden Enemy, Golden Shower, Overkill, and PvP Multiplayer boff also give you an increased number of Elden Ring Runes.

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