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Elden Ring Bandit Class Guide- How to Build an Archer (Beginner Guide)

Long Range weapons in the Elden Ring are truly the safest out of the bunch. You don’t have to face the enemies up close and keep a safe distance to attack them. Well, when it comes to Long Range Builds, there are quite a few of them, but one of the best out there is Archer Build for Bandit Class. Here in this article, we are going to discuss all these builds for any beginner in Elden Ring. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Archer Build Guide- Class

The first thing you need to do is select a class and the most suitable is the Bandit class. Yes, you can go for other Classes like Samurai but it goes for melee and range combined. While the Bandit is altogether good for only Range build like Archer.

Another difference here is the Bow you start the game with. The Bandit comes with Short Bow, while the Samurai comes with LongBow. For an Archer Build, you require a Short Bow more than the Longer one. So, after choosing the class Bandit, you need to pick something for a Keepsake.

Here, your best pick would be Golden Seed as it allows you to have more Flash, which is always helpful for a beginner.

What do you need? 

Archer Build is all about equipping bows, using light armor, and putting status. While most of the play depends on your style and how you deliver, something you need for the builds is as follows;

Archer Build Guide- Bows

There isn’t much required here except two bows, the Longbow, and the short bow. If you pick the bandit class from the beginning, it means you already have that short bow in your hands. It is also important that you keep the Bow upgraded to get going with the difficulty increment of game

Furthermore, picking the bandit class means you don’t have that longbow with you. You might ask where to get one? Well, you can purchase one for around 1.2k Runes at Twin Maiden Husks found in the round table.

After you have both the Longbow and the Short bow, your weaponry is complete, there isn’t anything else you require to kill enemies here.

Archer Build Guide- Armor

Keep playing with the bandit class initial armory if you don’t have time to upgrade. But, if you do, keep in mind the armor should be less in weight, allowing you to easily move here and there. The reason behind something less in weight is that you are completely using Bows to kill enemies. They will attack you once they find you, so you should be moving here and there while attacking. That is nearly all to the Armory as there aren’t many requirements. Just keep dodging the enemy attacks and you are good to go with the Archery build.

Archer Build Guide- Arrows

 When you have Bows by your side, there is going to be an arrow issue. Being one of the most difficult games out there, you don’t get to enjoy many arrows at the start of the game, rather you have few to use. There are two choices in your hands, either craft them or purchase them.

So, to craft them, you need the recipe book from the merchant and also the crafting kit for bone arrows. In the Limgrave segment of the game you get to witness early on in the game, you can kill animals to obtain arrows. Afterward, you can also get runes to purchase them.

Archer Build Guide- Attributes

Being an Archer, you should be focusing mainly on two things, Strength and Dexterity. The reason is Scaling on Bows. As they are pretty much the worst scaling in the game, you require these attributes pumped up. Afterward, you need to pump Vigor for health and better status. You are always moving around and require Endurance as well later on in the game. Other points depend on you and your playstyle.

  • Put something around 20 to 25 points on Dexterity and Vigor
  • Pump the Strength to around 12 and Endurance to around 11 or 12 as well
  • The in-game currency Runes can also help you achieve the game. You can purchase Runes from various sources. MMOPixel is a trusted source where you can buy Elden Ring Runes.

Playstyle for Elden Ring Bandit Class Archer Build


The two weapons you are going to use are a LongBow and ShortBow. Using mighty shots to kill enemies while you are constantly moving around in your play here. Just don’t get hit by enemies, especially bosses because you aren’t strong enough in the start to handle them in Archer Build. Your main aim is to stay back and attack enemies.

The longBow has great accuracy, while also dealing massive damage per shot in contrast to the short bow. But Short Bow is quick and allows you to put more shots on enemies. So, for singular enemies that are far away, you can snipe them with Long Bow and for multiple enemies or close calls, you have to use Short Bow.

Now, let’s talk about the main reason for Archer build, which is putting a status effect. Your short bow has a barrage effect that allows you to quickly fire arrows at enemies. The damage isn’t that much, but you can effortlessly put a status effect on enemies. At the start of the game, you might not have this luxury, but further on you can enhance your status to kill difficult bosses or enemies.

Elden Ring comes with something special that other souls’ games didn’t have for the moment, which is Jumping. Yes, you can jump shoot enemies with your Archer build for a chance of a headshot. The Headshot isn’t like a competitive FPS game, rather something that deals exceptionally more damage in comparison to a body shot. So, make a habit of jump shooting with your archer build.

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