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Elden Ring Best Weapons and Where to Find Them?

As you explore the world, you'll find that the Elden Ring has several weapons available to you. There is always an excellent weapon to suit your hero, but the best ones can be a little harder to track down.

In this guide, we will highlight the effective weapons between the early and middle phases of the game. Many of these weapons are found when you start your journey, even if some require you to kill significant bosses.

You can also use the Runes, an in-game currency in Elden Ring, to purchase various weapons. Compared to previous FromSoftware games, Elden Ring requires more effort to gain Runes.

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1. Twinblade

In the game's opening area, players have introduced to the game's first twin blade-like weapon. With the Twinblade, you can make fast, heavy attacks that provide a wide area of effect for strength and agility builds alike.

You can lay down a great deal of damage in multiple attacks with quick strikes. Suppose you want to get Twinblade, head south to the Dragon Burnt Ruins in Limgrave.

Even though you are familiar with the chest trap, there is another weapon available for you to grab. If you walk to the southwest of the ruins, you will see a ruined building with no entrance.

Take Torrent and run to high rocks nearby to gain some height. Make your way to the perimeter of the building, then double-jump to meet the Twinblade in a safe chest.

2. Winged Scythe

As the name suggests, reaper blades can strike enemies with long, sweeping strikes. You can use them to stay far from your enemies while still dealing heavy melee damage.

Located south of Limgrave on the Weeping Peninsula, the Winged Scythe is best suited for builds that emphasize magic and melee damage. The Winged Scythe is one of the items locked in a chest below the destroyed temple near the northern end of the Tombsward Ruins peninsula.

Once you have cleared the enemies from the ruins, you can grab the weapon. This spell also deals with Holy Damage, melee damage, and balancing magic.

3. Meteorite Staff 

This Meteorite Staff is an excellent option for magic users seeking an item that will enhance their casting abilities early and midgame. However, despite being unable to have Ashes of War skills infused into it, this staff has some excellent bonuses for intelligence-based characters, including increasing all magic damage.

There will eventually be a better weapon, but the Meteorite Staff can last long. Caelid's deeper areas are where you can find this stuff. If you choose to open the Dragon Burnt Ruins chest, unexpected things may happen.

By opening the chest in the cellar, you'll be whisked off to the Sellia Crystal Tunnel, central Caelid's most dangerous place. Finishing the dungeon isn't worth it, so get out.

Upon reaching the street, continue in the direction of the swamp to the southeast to find the ruins of the Street of Sages. A corpse with the Meteorite Staff lies in the ruins of the Street of Sages. As soon as you get it, warp back to safe harbor and make your way to a grace site.

4. Moonveil


Unlike other swords, katanas are fast and agile, and they are capable of inflicting serious bleeding on virtually any type of foe. Moonveil is one of the katanas that has become very popular due to its imbued magic abilities.

The special feature of this weapon art skill is the wave of magical energy it releases with each slash, which costs FP. This ability not only expands the range of the katana but also boosts its damage so that it can tear through and destroy any defenses on the way.

Caelid is the only place where you can find the Moonveil. The region's bosses can seem intimidating, which is why leveling up is recommended. You will also obtain the Moonveil shortly after defeating the Magma Wyrm.

5. Greatsword

Using a sword as heavy as this one requires stamina and strength. It might not be the most useful option for magicians or those who want to stay agile, but if you're going to stagger your enemies instantly, this is a great choice.

The sword in this weapon also harks back to my late friend Kentaro Miura's Berserk manga series, which featured an adventurer wielding a large sword. In Caelid, east of Limgrave is where you can locate this weapon.

As you approach, you'll notice a blood-red sky as you follow the road heading west from the Warmaster's Shack. Eventually, you'll reach a caravan that large dogs guard.

You can reach the back of a wagon with a chest with the Greatsword by sneaking past them. When you first arrive in this region, it is hazardous, but you can plow through it and survive as soon as you get Torrent.

6. Sword of Night & Flame

The Elden Ring community has come to know this sword for its enormous flaming attacks and ludicrous energy beams. There are a lot of melee-oriented and magic-dealing abilities available in this game.

The ability to wield it properly requires a mixture of intelligence and faith.  You will not use the weapon's special abilities if you fail to satisfy the stat checks.

If you wish to obtain this item, you must travel to Caria Manor, located north of Lurnia of the Lakes. There are ghost knights at this location, and an array of hand-spider hybrids lurk in the dirt. This weapon will help you find deadly enemies in the game.

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