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Elden Ring Black Flame Faith Build Guide - How to Build a Blackflame Spellblade (Level 100 Guide)

This is the in game Blackflame build in Elden Ring

Black Flame builds are truly a feast for eyes in Elden Ring. Not only do they deal exceptional damage to enemies, but they also look dope and have status build-up.

We have here the Blackflame Spellblade build which is an evolution of Black Flame apostle Faith Build. If you are stuck with the Black Flame Faith Build at level 50, you can go for the Black Flame Spellbuild build made for Level 100 players.

So, the Black Flame Spellblade uses weapons that can use certain Ash of War on them, while all of them come with the Bleed Buildup. Further, you will have certain Spells to Enchant your weapons or Conjure Black Flames.

It is a cool build and this article is all about it. Without any further delay, let’s get going into the details of this spectacular build

How to Build an Elden Ring Blackflame Spellblade

Blackflame Spellblade Weapons

There are various weapons you can use for this build. We already mentioned that all the weapons should have Bleed Effect, while they should be compatible with certain Ash of War we will mention afterward.

Cross Naginata: Our First weapon is Cross Naginata and it is the primary weapon we will be using for this Elden Ring Blackflame Spellblade Build. The reason for using Cross naginata is that it fills the bleeding effect faster after using Ash of War Repeating Thrust. 

Furthermore, when you are using it with the Black Flame, the range and the moveset work together to kill enemies.

You can also use other weapons like;

  • Flamberge

  • Nagakiba

  • Uchigatana

  • Scythe

Blackflame Spellblade Ash of War

For this build specifically, you will have to use four different Ashes of War. Having four different Ashes is truly crazy but there is a reason behind it. Ashes of War weapon art are much faster or hit multiple times.

  • Ash of War Repeating Thrust

  • Ash of War Spinning Slash

  • Ash of War Double Slash

  • Ash of War Sword Dance

Blackflame Spellblade Seal

To use the spells you need something on your hand like;

Godslayer’s Seal: In this build, this seal works well becuase of the Godslayer incantation boost. While its requirements and scaling are also perfect with this build

  • The Attribute Required for this seal are 4 on Strength and 27 on Faith

  • Attribute Scaling is S for Faith and D for Strength. Being a Black Flame Faith build, the scaling works exceptionally.

Blackflame Spellblade Armor

This is the in game Blackflame Monk set

There isn’t a specific armor that you can use for this build. You need something in between, that can provide good defense while also being on the medium to the light side. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t heavy roll and you are good to go. Our recommendation is to stick with;

Black Flame Monk Set: This set looks great with this build and also has the same name. The dark tone to it is one thing but the defense is also really great. Altogether weight is around good enough for your medium roll. The set includes

  • Black Flame Monk Greaves

  • Black Flame Monk Gauntlet

  • Black Flame Monk Hood

  • Black Flame Monk Armor

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Blackflame Spellblade Talisman

In this Elden Ring Blackflame Spellblade build, the Talisman will change depending on your play. You can go for the Magic only and use melee when needed or you can go for the melee only and use magic when needs are. The talisman you can use is;

Winged Sword Insignia: With successive attacks, this Talisman enhances your attack power

Radagon’s Soreseal: Enhances your character attributes excessively but in return, you will take more damage

Radagon’s Icon: Reduces the time taken to cast spells

Dragon crest Shield Talisman: The physical damage you negate is enhanced by this talisman

Lord of Blood’s Exultation: It increases the attack power to around 20 percent when near about enemies suffered blood loss. 

Fire Scorpion Charm: As this build here is based on Flame or Black Flame, this Talisman increases Flame Damage considerably.

Blackflame Spellblade Spells

Now that we have everything nearly sorted out, let's talk about the spells for this Level 100 Build guide. 

Black Flame: Ranged Black Fireball that can be charged for extra damage

Black Flame Blade: Enhances right-hand weapon with Black Flame

Scouring Black Flame: Throws Black Flame at the area in front that deals exceptional damage

Blood Flame: Ranged Fireball that can be charged for extra damage

Blood Flame Blade: Enhances right-hand weapon with flame

Golden Vow: It is a buff spell that enhances your damage for around 50 seconds and the enhancement is 15 percent.

Blessing’s Boon: A spell that heals you over time after use for a few seconds

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Blackflame Spellblade

This is the in game Stats and Attributes of Blackflame Spellblade build

Being an evolution of Black Flame Faith builds your focus is mostly on Faith here. The spells, weapons buffs, talisman, and seal revolve around Faith. Further, your need health, more FP, and better weapon damage or pace. So, you should invest more in Vigor, Mind, and Dexterity. 

Afterward, you can focus on the Endurance if you aim to go melee only and less magic for this build.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Blackflame Spellblade Final Verdict

This build is one of the most versatile builds at level 100. There are a lot of choices you can make yourself, like adding extra spells, changing weapons, or using Ash of War that suits your play style.

Basic working is around Bleed Build, Black Flame, and Flame damage to enemies. You can either go melee main with these elemental buffs or you can go magic main with these elemental spells. It depends on which way you want to go.

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