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Elden Ring Bleed Build Twinblade Guide - How to Build a Blood Dancer (Level 100 Guide)

This is the in game Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build

Players in the soul series have always been experimenting with their builds and as a result, we get something dop. Bleed Builds are amongst the most brutal builds in the whole Soul series and Elden Ring is no exception. 

Having those twin blades in hand to fill the status bar and give burst damage to enemies in a few hits is something that fascinates every gamer, considering how difficult it is in Elden Ring to kill enemies. 

Here we have a guide by name of Blood Dancer which is an improved and classy version of the Blood Dragon build. Nevertheless, if your Bleed Build with Twinblade had its limits reached, you can go for this build to be at higher levels in Elden Ring.

What is an Elden Ring Blood Dancer?

Blood Dancer build in Elden Ring is solely based on the bleed build where you fill the bleed status bar as fast as you can to deal sudden tremendous damage to enemies. As the process should be quick, you equip a twin-blade and have various buffs to support the status effect.

The Blood Dancer Build, as the name suggests, goes for the weapon art where you dance your way to hit enemies and fill the bleed status bar. Some might feel embarrassed to hear this statement but in-game this is one of the dopest things you can witness with your eyes.

How to Build an Elden Ring Blood Dancer

As an evolution of Blood Dragon Build, there are mostly going to switch between weaponry, the buffs you use, and the dragon spells. Further, the things you will need for this build are;

Blood Dancer Weapons

Eleonora’s Poleblade: This blade is amongst the most deadly weapons in Elden Ring, only becuase of its blood loss buildup and its increment with Arcane. It has a really quick move set which is exactly what you need for a Bleed Build at level 100.

Furthermore, Eleonora’s Poleblade comes with both Fire and Physical Damage which is a plus point to this weapon. Lastly, the reason for using the weapon is its signature move Bloodblade Dance, one of the best in Elden Ring out of the bunch.

The Attribute Requirement for this weapon is 21 on Dexterity and 12 on Strength, while you also need 19 on Arcane. Scaling is also dependent on Arcane with D, C on Dexterity, and finally E on Strength. So, your main theme here is to go along with Arcane.

Blood Dancer Spells

This is the in game Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build Dragon Spell

Being an Arcane Build, you mostly depend upon the spells and therefore you will need;

Rotten Breath: Summon a dragon head to throw rot breath at enemies to deal damage in an area

Dragon Fire: Summons a dragon head to throw flame breath at enemies, dealing fire damage in an area

Glintstone Breath: Summons a dragon head to throw magic breath at enemies, dealing exceptional magic damage to them.

Dragon Ice: Summons a dragon head to throw ice breath at enemies, dealing ice damage to the

Dragon Claw: Summons a dragon to damage enemies with dragon claws

Lightning Spear: throws a lighting spear at enemies with speed to give lightning damage to them and at the area of impact

Flame Grant me Strength: when used, you get enhanced fire and physical attack power

At Level 100 of the game, your Dragon spells don’t do that jaw-dropping damage to enemies. Using Dragon Communion Seal surely does enhance them, but they aren’t as well as they would be at Level 50. 

At Level 100 Blood Dancer build, you will surely love the Rotten Breath more than others. But in case an enemy is resistant to rot damage, you can use the others and vice versa.

Further, Frame Grant me Strength enhances your weapon’s damage in two ways.

If you remember, we mentioned the Fire and Physical Damage on Poleblade, this spell enhances both of these damages considerably.

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Blood Dancer Seals

Dragon Communion Seal: The Seal we will use in this build is Dragon Communion which is the same as the previous Bleed Build. The primary reason for using this is its scaling which is S for Arcane and C for Faith.

Being a Dragon Communion Seal, you also have enhanced Drago Communion spells that always make a difference in the mid-game to late-game.

Blood Dancer Armor

Bloodhound Knight Set: The armor in this build isn’t that much essential to point out, except you need agile movement. Our recommendation is Bloodhound Knight Set becuase of its balanced defensive qualities. The pieces you will find in this set are;

  • Bloodhound Knight Greaves

  • Bloodhound Knight Armor

  • Bloodhound Knight Gauntlets

Mask of Confidence: For the Head or Face, you will need Mask of Confidence becuase it gives you Arcane. This build relies solely upon the Arcane Attribute, so having this Mask or any other head accessory will give you a boost.

Blood Dancer Talisman

To enhance the abilities, damage, or spells of your build talisman are essential. For Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build you require various talismans;

Green Turtle Talisman: It Raises the recovery speed of your stamina

Radagon’s Soreseal: Enhances the attributes effectively but the exchange here is that you also get enhanced damage from enemies.

Lord of Blood’s Exultation: The Blood Loss your apply enhances your attack powers

Wingsword Insignia: The more successive attacks you have, the power your attack power will increase through this talisman

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Blood Dancer

This is the in game Stats and Attribute for Elden Ring Blood Dancer Build

So, your main focus in Blood Dancer build should be Arcane as your spells, weapon and extra damage you deal with bleed status depend on this attribute. Furthermore, you are always jumping into enemies without worrying about getting hit, having more health is always a plus point with Vigor. 

Spells take a chunk of your FP bar, so investing in Mind wouldn’t hurt you either. Lastly, your Endurance, Dexterity, Strength, and Faith should be balanced with each other.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Blood Dancer Final Verdict

Blood Dancer build is all about using the correct thing at the moment. As for physical damage you only need to use the signature Blood Dance of weapon that adds bleed status on enemies and can be used over a distance. 

Being an Arcane Build, the Elden Ring Blood Dancer uses Dragon Spells and Flame Grant me Strength to deal with certain situations. So, it's mostly about the weakness of the enemy for a certain type of damage, whether it can be ice, fire, rot, or simply physical.

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