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Elden Ring Bow Build Guide - How to Build a Magic Archer (Level 50 Guide)

This is the in game Magic Archer build

Archers are one of the most underrated builds in Elden Ring, especially when you don’t add anything extra into the mix. At the start of the game, you might feel as if things are pretty easy as an Archer, but when you take a step towards advancement, you are a joke in front of enemies

We went ahead and thought, why not combine Magic with Elden Ring Bow Build to make something for mid-game. This is where the Magic Archer Build for Level 50 players came into being. 

The Magic Archer is a beautiful evolution of normal Archer Build and focuses on adding Magic to the typical bow build that every beginner uses. It goes well with the mid-game scenario becuase of the various damage types you can add to this build.

To make this build we compiled this article to help you enhance the Archer build to the next level.

How to Build an Elden Ring Magic Archer

The typical Bow you use in the Archer Build doesn’t seem to very well go with the Magic stats like Intelligence, Faith, and so on. To increase its damage, you need to upgrade it directly which isn’t that suitable for anything.

On the other hand, Elden Ring comes with various types of arrows to use in the game, some of them are magical and others have various benefits. The only problem is that they are not infinite and can get out of stock quickly if you start using these specific arrows.

Keeping that in mind, we managed to provide certain Bows, Arros, Attribute selection, and various other things to make this Build work great at Level 50.

Magic Archer Weapons/Bows:

Horn Bow: For this build, we will be using the Horn Bow which is different from the regular bow you use in Archer Build. This Bow comes with both the magic damage and the physical one. Furthermore, there is intelligence involved;

  • The Attribute Requirement is 12 for Intelligence, 14 for Dexterity, and 10 for Strength

  • For Attribute Scaling, there is only D for Strength and D for Dexterity.

It means, you will have to enhance the Bow with either your Strength and Dexterity or you can also take the route of manually upgrading the weapon through smithing. For this build, we recommend manual upgradation of weapons.

Short Bow: Besides the Horn Bow, you need to have the Short bow as well. This is only for the signature move set or the close-range use of the bow. Horn Bow is a bit slow and great for distant archery, while a short bow is great for close-range and quick archery.

For this build, you need to get the Rain of Arrows Signature move with the short bow instead of any other you like. It works great for enemies who are quick-paced.

Lazuli Glintstone Sword: It is a straight sword that can be used for Glintstone Pebble as well. The use of weapons is a must becuase arrows will always be an issue and you will have a finite amount of them in-game. When needs are, you can use this weapon to kill enemies and save some arrows for your way back home.

  • The attribute required for this weapon is 8 on Strength, 9 on Dexterity, and finally 13 on Intelligence.

  • Attribute Scaling is E for Dexterity and D for both Intelligence and Strength.

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Magic Archer Arrows

As we already mentioned, you will have to use various arrow types for this build. There isn’t an infinite number of arrows in Elden Ring, so you will have to be careful about using them.

Bone Arrows: the basic type of arrows that you can easily buy from merchants or make yourself through farming

Magic Bone Arrows: They are the Magic Arrows that deal Magic Damage alongside Physical Damage to enemies and require Thing Beast bones alongside Glintstone Firefly to make them

Firebone Arrows: They are the Arrows that deal fire damage to enemies and are great for ones who aren’t resistant to Fire. You require Thin Beast Bones and Smouldering Butterfly for these Arrows

Poison Arrows: These Arrows deal poison damage to enemies. You will need Thin Beast Bones and Poisonbloom to make these arrows

Bloodborne Arrows: Blood Arrows deal bleed damage to enemies, while you will need Thin Beast Bones, Blood Rose, and Flight Pinion to make them.

Stormwing Bone Arrows: To make these arrows you need to have Thing Beast Bones and Stormhawk Feather

Bolts: you can make bolts to deal more damage to enemies. The requirement is the same as the Arrows we just mentioned. There are poison, fire, magic, and blood bolts that you can make in this build.

How to get Arrows the Easy way?

Now the question is how you can gather all these arrows in the game without having to wander in the woods all day long? Simply farm a bit in the game and then go to the Warmasters Shack at night time and have patience.

Rest a bit at that site till the Bell Bearing Hunter appears and you will have to defeat him. He drops a bell and you can use that bell at Roundtable Hold to purchase Twin Beast bones from Twin Husk Maiden.

This in return will allow you to purchase the bones instead of farming for them all your life. Saves a lot of fatigue and time. To get the arrows for other damage types we mentioned the best locations’

Flight Pinion: You can get them at best from the site of grace by killing the birds on the edge

Bloodrose: At the Fort Haight you get these Bloodrose on plants or you can get them at Liurnia of Lakes Rose Church

Smoldering Butterfly: On the northeast of Warmasters Shack kill the slugs to get a ton of these.

Glintstone Firefly: At the North of Laskyar Ruins in Liurnia of Lakes there are blue crystals and you can find them attached there.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Magic Archer

This is the in game Elden Ring Magic Archer Attributes and Stats

Your main focus here should be Intelligence but don’t excessively push it. Next up, your weaponry is all associated with Strength, so you have to push it as best as you can. Arrows use Stamina, so keeping that to a good stop is essential.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Magic Archer Final Verdict

Archer Builds aren’t that popular in Elden Ring community, solely because they stop at one point and you also have a finite number of Arrows with you. Here, the Magic Archer Build eliminates all this because of its versatility.

You can use nearly all types of damage types (Fire, Magic, Poison, Blood) with this Elden Ring Magic Archer Build. The farm for these arrows is also minimized because you need 1 of the ingredient to make 10 arrows. All in one, a great build for level 50 players.

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