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Elden Ring Bow Faith Build Guide - How to Build a Goldeneye (Level 100 Guide)

This is the in game Golden Eye Build in Elden Ring with Erd Tree Bow

Archer builds are one of the most underrated builds in Elden Ring. The reason is they are difficult to make and have a ton of things to look at. Still, if you are up for the challenge, we have here a pure Faith type Archer Build called Goldeneye. 

Just as the name suggests, everything will look holy in this build. No, not because of the Armor or the Weapon you equip, rather it's related to the incantation that we use in the build and the holy damage that we deal.

So, what’s this Goldeneye all about? In this build, we will be using specific arrows to deal holy damage, faith bows, seals, talisman, and spells that buff your damage to make this build workout.

Let’s not waste any more time explaining what this build is, rather more on the details that make up a Goldeneye in Elden Ring.

How to build an Elden Ring Goldeneye

To make this build you need two bows, one for close range and one for long-range. Then you need a seal to apply the incantations. There are various Bow Faith Build spells you also need in this build to apply. The armors and attribute points combined with things make up this build. Below, we have mentioned all of them in detail.

Goldeneye Bows

Black Bow: This is a short-range bow we will use for this build. The reason to pick this one is becuase of its versatility in attacks. You will be able to land and jump attack without any issues with this bow. While, it also has acceptability to Ash of War, which we will discuss later on in the guide.

  • The Attribute Required to use this bow is 20 on Dexterity and 9 on Strength

  • The Attribute Scaling is D on Strength and Dexterity.

Erd tree Bow: This is a long-range bow that has great faith compatibility. Being a Bow Faith Build, you need to make something that upgrades itself with more points in Faith.

  • The Attribute Require to use the bow are 12 on Dexterity, 8 on Strength, and 14 on Faith

  • The Attribute Scaling is D on Faith and Dexterity, while it is Eon Strength. The Faith Scaling is what makes it great for this build

The playing mechanism here is, that you will be using the Erd Tree Bow for long-range and heavy damage. While, for close combat, you will be using the Black Bow to deal quick damage to enemies.

Goldeneye Arrows

Golden Arrows: For this build specifically we are going to use the Golden Arrows becuase they do that amazing holy damage to enemies. Using these arrows with Erd Tree Bow makes a great combination as they scale around Faith.

Bleed Arrows: For the short-range bow, we are going to use the Bleed Arrows as the buildup of Bleed status deals a ton of sudden damage to enemies. The short bow we are using is quick and its combination with Bleed Arrows is amazing.

Goldeneye Seal

To use incantations of spells, you will require a seal in this build. We are using the;

Finger Seal: It is one of those seals that go well against Faith Builds. Coming with good stats to use in the game there are also fewer requirements

  • The Attribute requirements are 10 for Faith and 4 for Strength

  • The Attribute Scaling is S for Faith and D for Strength

Because of that S Scaling of Faith, we are using this Seal for our Elden Ring Goldeneye Build. Just keep in mind to upgrade the seal to something around +19.

You can purchase Elden Ring Runes from various sources. MMOPixel is a trusted source where you can buy Elden Ring Runes.

Goldeneye Armor

This is the in game Golden Armor set in Elden Ring

Guardian Set: This set suits perfectly with the whole Bow Faith Build. Not does it provide good defense, but it also has that golden theme to it that goes well with Goldeneye build. This set includes

  • Goldeneye Garb

  • Goldeneye Bracers

  • Goldeneye Mask

  • Goldeneye Greaves

Fascinatingly, you can also go with the heaviest armor you have that allows you to midroll. 

Silver Tear Mask: Before boss fights, you do need that extra Arcane for this build. The Silver Tear Mask gives you a boost on your Arcane attribute and is super useful in situations where enemies are difficult to kill.

Goldeneye Talisman

The Goldeneye Build requires a boost for attacks, more holy attacks, enhancement for arrows, and so on. So, we will be using Talisman like;

Arrow’s Sting Talisman: It enhances the damage of bolts and arrows used

Arrow’s Reach Talisman: It enhances the range of your bow effectively

Ritual Sword Talisman: When your HP is full, it enhances the attack power of your character

Sacred Scorpion Charm: Upgrades the Holy attacks you deal but lowers the amount of damage you negate.

Warrior Jar Shard: This talisman increases the weapon skill damage to something around 10 percent

Goldeneye Spells:

Golden Vow Spell: Using this spell increases the damage you deal for around 90 seconds. While, this also allows you to shoot while moving around, which is a great incentive in this build

Blessing of the Erdtree: For many difficult situations, you will need healing and this spell is perfect for that. It is the next version of Blessings Boon and gives you Hp per second.

Protection of the Erdtree: This is a defensive spell that enhances your damage reduction to around 30 percent more.

Swarm of Flies: A situational Spell that allows you to quickly fill the bleed status bar on enemies. You can use this spell and then use the Bleed Arrows to deal a ton of damage to enemies through the Bleed status effect

Elden Stars: One of the most legendary spells in the game, it supports a light dot that shoots bolls of light onto the enemies. The cast time is exceptional and gives you time to use your long-range bow with those Golden Arrows.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Goldeneye

This is the in game Attribute and Stats of Elden Ring Goldeneye build

The Elden Ring Goldeneye builds is purely Faith dependent. As far as you can go, pumping the Faith will make you stronger. Using Arrows will make you vulnerable to most attacks from agile enemies, so keeping some points for Vigor is helpful

Furthermore, to use the special arrows and spells, you need FP and therefore, you need to put points in the Mind Section. Dexterity is also good because you are using the Black Bow which stacks with Strength and Dexterity.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Goldeneye Final Verdict

There isn’t much complexity to talk about here. The Elden Ring Goldeneye Build is all about Holy damage and Bleed buildup. There are two bows, one for the short-range and one for the long-range.

You can use the spells with weapon art (Barrage) to deal excessive damage to enemies and try different things out. These Bow Faith Builds are meant for people who are patient with their enemies and kill them one by one. 

Just don’t forget to keep track of how many arrows you are left with and you are good to go with this Faith Build.

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