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Elden Ring Confessor Class Guide- How to Build a Paladin (Beginner Guide)

Paladins Build has always been in heart of every Souls game lover. Being one with exceptional tanking, heavy armory, and weapons, this is one of the most traditional builds you will find. Who wouldn’t love to take hits and stay alive in an Elden Ring Boss fight? Well, only a few builds can guarantee you good durability. We managed to compile this article for the sake of helping you make Paladin Build through Confessor Class, as a beginner. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details

Class selection in Elden Ring Paladin Build

The first thing you need to do is choose a class for Paladin builds. There are a few classes you can go for if you don’t want confessor (which this article is all about). For Paladin, we are looking for overall good stats that support tank, health, durability, and faith. Few classes are exceptional for this like;

Prophet: This class comes with allover good stats for durability, making it good

for Paladin. But the problem here is that it has most points in faith while coming

with a strange type of style (not good for tank). Considering this, you can pretty

much choose another class.

Vagabond: One of the most famous in Elden Ring, Vagabond is all about durability. It has most stats in that tank segment making it too much for a Paladin build. This paves way for the Confessor build.

Confessor: We are going to discuss Paladin Build with Confessor Class because it has the all-around best stat division. Ranging from its Faith to its Endurance, Stamina and so on, you are getting everything balanced. Furthermore, it also has better equipment support for Paladin.

Lastly, after selecting the Confessor class, you should go with the Golden Seed. The reason is that you always need one more Estus or mana flask. Golden Seed gets you that one more flask as a beginner to keep going.

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 Beginner Paladin Build- Equipment

Paladin Build is all about your shield choice, armor choice, and weapon choice. Your attributes are also important, but we will discuss Equipment here.

Brass Shield

Now, to start things with the equipment, you need one shield by name of “Brass Shield”. You might ask why only this shield? Well, the Brass shield comes with full physical damage defense along with that sweet Guard Boost. This Guard Boost allows you to use less stamina while guarding your way out of problems in Elden Ring.

There is a problem here with Brass Shied. The requirement for using the shield is around 16 strengths, while you have 12 to start the game with. It is better to just pump the strength to around 16 (which is also required) to use the brass shield. Trust us, you will never regret using this shield. You can find the shield in the Waypoint Ruins from a drop of enemies.

Ashes of War

In Stormhill there is a Knight at the edge of the cliff. You need to kill that knight to get an item by name of Ashes of War. This item will give you a buff in many ways like your summons or stats. Furthermore, to put holy damage on the weapon, you also need to use these same ashes of war.

Holy damage is best against enemies who are more resistant to damage. Furthermore, it will give you another ability to summon spirits and use a spell to buff your armor/attack. In case you are playing in a multiplayer, it buffs your friends. Moreover, it is the best item you can use with Paladin Build.

Ashes of War Barricade

In the Weeping Peninsula head down, south of the road to a bridge. From there, you will have to wait till night and then a knight cavalry will appear. You can kill him with your buffs and then pick the item by name of Ashes of War Barricade. Too many ashes, aren’t there? Well, this ash will give your shield an amazing buff. I might even call this item a game-changer for your Paladin Build with Confessor Class. 

When you are using the Ashes of War Barricade it will buff your shield to exceptional damage defense for a few seconds. In return, you can even block those Long Bow Arrows from Giants, which is crazy if you ask me. 


The confessor already has good armor but it isn’t that heavy. Further in the game, you will have to change this armor to something heavy of your choice. It depends on which armor you prefer but picking something strong and heavy is usually favored in Beginner Paladin Build.


Beginner paladin Build- Attributes

 As we already mentioned, Paladin Build is all about your Armor, Shield, and then those hungry Attributes. Wearing that shield and heavy armor will surely leave you low on stamina, as well as movement speed. For this reason, you need to mainly focus on three stats;

 Strength: Equipment is very important in Paladin Build and because of that you have to put most points in Strength. Not only will you have the ability to use better equipment, but you will also be able to endure much more.

 Endurance: Because you have to mostly rely on your stamina for moving that heavy armor, it is much more important to put Endurance in Elden Ring Confessor Class- Paladin

 Faith: As we already mentioned, there are various buffs you can put onto your armor in Paladin Build, therefore having more faith means more powerful buffs.

 Vigor: It isn’t possible to not get hit in Elden Ring, especially when you are making a tank build like Paladin. So, you should probably go for a bit of Vigor to gain health in beginning. After strength for Brass Shield, you should probably pump that Vigor to around 15.


Final Point

Elden Ring Confessor Class Paladin Build is all about Tanking and then Hitting. There are various buffs spread across the map for you to use, but mainly Ashes are the best out there for beginners. You can’t focus more on your weapon or armor in this build, rather going for extra equipment and attribute distribution. We can’t force you to put certain points in attribute when talking about Paladin, it mostly depends on you. But, keep in mind that, to use the Brass Shield, you need 16 strength and you start with only 12.

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