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Elden Ring Dark Moon Greatsword Build Guide - How to Build a Darkmoon Spellblade (Level 100 Guide)

This is the in game Elden Ring Darkmoon Greatsword

Don’t know what to do next with your Magus Build? There is nothing to worry about becuase here we have a build for Level 100 pliers by the name of Spellblade Build. 

Magic Builds are one of the most fun to use builds in Elden Ring, while it becomes even crazier when you combine magic with weapons. The Darkmoon Spellblade Build works on the Dark Moon Greatsword which is a magical sword.

It means that you will be able to use your weapon to deal both the magic and the physical damage to enemies. While it is a great sword, the enemies will suffer when they get hit by something like this. So, without any delay, let’s get to the details of this build guide.

How to Build an Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade

This build solely works on the weapon and the staff you use to do spells. Being a level 100 guide, you surely need a lot of points in your attribute section, specifically for the magic side. The armor you choose should be defensive, yet allow you to medium or light roll. Below, you will find the details of things that make Darkmoon Spellblade

Darkmoon Spellblade Weapons

Dark Moon Greatsword: The weapon isn’t a secret becuase it's mentioned in the title, and the build itself is named after it. The Darkmoon greatsword is one of the most iconic weapons in the soul series coming with a combination of magic and physical damage

  • The Attribute Requirement for these weapons is something around 38 for Intelligence, and 11 for Dexterity, and 16 for Strength. So, your focus here is surely Intelligence.

  • The Attribute Scaling is D for both Dexterity and Strength while B for Intelligence. Basically, the more you have Intelligence the better this weapon will perform.

Coming towards the abilities of this weapon, when you push the L2 ability, the weapon buffs itself for around 60 seconds. The buff increases the magic damage of the weapon and changes the R2 attack to a charge which throws a slash of magic

You just need to upgrade this weapon as much as you can becuase it is the base of this build.

Darkmoon Spellblade Staff

Carian Glintblade Staff: To use the magic abilities you will have to equip Carian Glintblade Staff in your other hand. It enhances the Glintblade sorcery as well which we will be using here in this build.

  • The Attribute requirement for this staff is 22 for intelligence, 12 for Dexterity, and 6 for Strength. It basically, feeds off from your Intelligence section

  • The Attribute Scaling is an exception for intelligence, coming with S on it. It also has E for Dexterity and D for Strength. This means, your Intelligence perfectly matches with the Carian Glintblade Staff.

Darkmoon Spellblade Armor

This is the in game Elden Ring Exile armor set for Darkmoon Spellblade build

When it comes to armor, you don’t need to push yourself to find something super defensive, and then balance the things to start light rolling. You just need something that can provide you with basic defense, a medium/light roll, or something that can enhance your magic. In our view, for this build you should go for;

  • Preceptor’s Big Hat

  • Exile Armor

  • Exile Gauntlets

  • Exile greaves

The reason for choosing Preceptor’s Big Hat is that it allows you to increase your Mind Attribute in exchange for Stamina

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Darkmoon Spellblade Talisman

Talisman here is mainly used to either enhance your FP or enhance your spells. For the Elden Ring Darkmoon, Spellblade Build you will need;

Godfrey Icon: This Talisman increases your charges spells, as well as skills

Radagon Icon: It decreases the time taken to cast spells

Stargazer Heirloom: It raises the attribute intelligence of your character

Green Turtle Talisman: It Raises the recovery speed of your stamina

Darkmoon Spellblade Spells

Coming to the main part of this build, the spells you will be using are;

Glintstone Pebble: Every magic build is incomplete without the use of this spell. Pretty basic but you will need it from early game to late game becuase of its lower FP intake, better range, and ease of use. In this build, we use it for ranged attacks where you have to save FP.

Magic Glintblade: This spell puts a little ball in the air that fires the Magic. It is a charge spell and charging it deals more damage. Good for single enemy in range or stagger them.

Great blade Phalanx: Conjures magical great blades in the air and then they hit the enemies altogether. It is great for staggering enemies while allowing you to equip attack with your weapon in between the use of this spell

Loretta’s Great bow: One of the best long-range spells out there but takes quite some time to charge up. When you have vision over your enemy in distance and want to deal exceptional to them, you can use Loretta’s Great bow

Unseen Form: Sometimes there are a lot of ranged attackers and you can use this spell to simply walk past them or minimize the distance between them.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade

This is the in game Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade build stats and attributes

Well, this build is amongst the most Intelligence hungry builds you will see at level 100. Your focus should be well on Intelligence. Magic builds are usually not that great in defense so you have to make up for it through Vigor. Mind is the heart of this build so you have to focus on it as well.

Coming to the other attributes, Strength, Endurance, Dexterity, and Faith shouldn’t be anything to worry about, as there is not much use for them in this build.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade Build Final Verdict

It's all about your distance and staggering here. The number of spells we mentioned is all ranged and they are used to stagger enemies at distance. While the in-between section after the cast is there to use the weapon for physical damage.

In case the enemy is not resistant to magic damage, you don’t have to go physical, rather remain distant and use your weapon R2 to deal magic damage to enemies. A fairly simple and easy way to put your enemies to sleep.

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