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Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Fight Strategies

The launch of Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of Erdtree is just around the corner. With the recent tweets and several leaks from the side of FromSoftware, predictions and expectations keep increasing. It can be inferred from the given information that the new expansion is going to be huge, fascinating, and challenging. It means on the positive side that there will be better battles, weapons, and powers, and on the negative side, we will have more powerful enemies and cut-throat boss fights. It is crucial to have well-planned strategies. This blog serves as a guide and explains various strategies and necessary preparations that will be useful in Boss Fights in the upcoming expansion.


Let's first talk about the weapons and other equipment that might be required to be prepared for a challenging battle against bosses in the Shadow of Erdtree. If you are going for a spellcaster build, try getting the Glint Stone staff from the chest in the town of Celia after the Maiden boss fight. This is the most powerful staff for spellcaster builds in the entire game. It is so amazing that it will give you a hand in taking down any kind of powerful Bosses of the DLC. For other builds, there is a unique powerful weapon too. The most recommended weapon you can farm for is the Guardian Spear. With the highest probability, you can find it around the areas of Minor Erdtree Church in the South of the outskirts. As it has a quite good drop chance, it doesn't take much time to get it.

Crafting Materials

Just like weapons, the materials you hold in your inventory is also important. This determines what you have in hand to fight against the boss and defend yourself. These materials include both the physical materials and the recipes. One of the best recipes you can find in the DLC is the Amorer cookbook. It can be found in and around the areas of North Liurnia. This is the recipe book for First Grease. If you have a build that is based on pure physical damage, Fire Grease is going to be a boon. Because it will help you to melt so many bosses that are vulnerable to fire like the Erdtree Avatars and other humanoid enemies, make sure you open as many chests as you can and utilise each and every opportunity to grab all the recipe books that you find. Also, another crucial way to make your inventory resourceful is to visit the merchants often. Some merchants also have really vital recipe books that can come in handy during boss fights.

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Fight


One of the most expensive yet very trustworthy strategies to fight different types of bosses is to buy everything from a merchant whenever you meet one. There is a need to send a lot of runes on certain items. But it is worth it. Some merchants have amazing items that can help you with boosting the attack power, defence, and HP during the boss fight. You can get spells, crafting material, armour, or even valuables like a Beast-repellent torch. It is highly recommended for any player to get Rune Arcs which are usually limited in supply. For a boss fight, it is an inevitable way to victory and make sure you have all of that stuff before the DLC. 

In case you don’t have enough runes or if you cannot afford all of those supplies, you can, in the rarest scenario, kill them and collate their Ball Bearing at the Maiden Husks. By doing this, you can access their shops at a convenient location at a smaller price. 

Dragon Hearts

Dragon Hearts have more than one purpose. Most importantly, these dragon Hearts are used to purchase Dragon Incantations from the Cathedral of Dragon Communion. It can buy these incantations directly but every time you kill one of the humongous dragons you can unlock an upgraded version of Dragon Incantations. You will need at least 13 to purchase the six most valuable spells. With most of these incantations, you can burn groups of enemies and decrease the health of bosses during combat. An easy way to find more than one heart at a time is to find the right dragon. The Elder Dragon Greyol will drop five hearts at a time and Great Wyrm Theodoris will drop three hearts when they are defeated. Your job is to find dragons like these and collect as many hearts as possible.

Fighting Techniques

Though we have an inventory full of good items, powerful weapons, and various recipes to save us during the combats it is important to have more fighting techniques to deal with the boss on the battlefield. Unlike other regular enemies, Bosses have unique moves, different types of weapons, and attack patterns. Some are vulnerable to fire, some cannot attack you if you are behind its back and some can be tricked with jump attacks. Make sure you note the Boss' movement at least once before attacking.

For example, note the way the Boss swings his weapon, check whether there is a chance of dodging the attack, and also pay attention to the combo attack. If you want to just save yourself from attacks, you can either roll or dodge. If you want to roll, roll away in a backward direction, or if you want to dodge, try dodging into them. Dodging into them gives you a higher chance of getting invincibility frames. This is the most basic technique for dealing with strong bosses. As always, different bosses work in different ways. They have their unique ways of fighting so paying attention to key details of the attack is crucial.

Elden Ring DLC - Shadow of the Erdtree Boss Fight Guide


These are some general ways of defeating the bosses in Elden Ring DLC: Shadow of Erdtree by investing time and rune in the current part of the game. To conclude, the blog has stated different types of weapons, where they can be found, what resources should be purchased from the merchants, what craft materials are important and finally, we have discussed general fighting techniques to defeat a boss. Hopefully, once the game is in our hands, we can discover more ways to defeat new bosses. 

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