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Elden Ring Faith Power Stance Build Guide - How to Build a Hellfire Herald (Level 100 Guide)


Who wouldn’t like to add fire affinity to their melee build? Well, here is Hellfire Herald Build which is an enhancement to the Champion Power Stance build. It has a lot of attribute requirements, along with the addition of specific weapons, armory, and spells.

For this reason, a beginner or level 50 player can’t make this build, rather it is meant for level 100 players who want to enhance their Champion build to the next level.

This build works around dual-wielding of great swords and enhancing them with fire damage to burn some enemies along the way. This article is all about the Hellfire Herald Build, so read the rest of the guide to know how to make this spectacular build

How to build an Elden Ring Hellfire Herald

To make Hellfire Herald, you will need two greatswords, some flame affinity items, a talisman, ash of war, incantations, seal, armor, and a specific attribute point selection. Below, we have all of the required things sorted out for you.

Hellfire Herald Weapons

For this build it is essential you dual wield something powerful and heavy. Being a Faith major build, you can easily carry on two greatswords at once like;

Dual wield two Iron Greatswords: You will have to equip the Iron Greatsword in Each hand to make this build. They are referred to as the king of greatsword becuase of their heavyweight and damage. Being a level 100 guide, you will have to upgrade these swords to something around +17

Keep in mind that you need Flame Art on these Swords for this build. Flame art allows you to deal Flame damage on the enemies alongside physical damage.

The Attribute Requirement for these greatswords is not that much, coming with 18 on Strength and 10 on Dexterity.

The good thing is that their Attribute Scaling is mainly on Strength with D, while C on Faith and E on Dexterity. Being a Faith and Strength build, you are pretty much good with these swords in the late game.

So, where to find these weapons? They are dropped in the area of Royal Capital, Lyndall, from the two red-maned Misbegotten. There is a chance of drop, so you will have to keep trying to get a drop from them

Hellfire Herald Affilinity Weapon Upgrade

There are specific items in the game that can put an upgrade to weapons like fire, lightning, and so on. For this build, we are mainly dealing with flame, so therefore we need;

Red Hot Whetblade: This item will put fire/flame affinity on your greatswords and can be found in the Redmane Castle on the First Floor. There is a Corpse from which you can get at Site of Grace.

Sanctified Whetblade: This lets you put the Sacred or the Lightning affinity on weapons. We will be using it for the Sacred Affinity to put on one of the two greatswords depending on the situation.

You can find it at the Manor’s Front Door. From there you need to go up to the wooden structure, entering the doorward and just after the broken wall. There will be a corpse there somewhere next to an anvil that has this Whetblade.

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Hellfire Herald Armor


This build requires the heaviest armor you can find with exceptional defense. Our recommendation is;

Lionel’s Set: For hand, head, and leg pieces you can use this set becuase it is the heaviest at level 100, coming with the best defense out there.

For the chest piece you can use;

Raptor’s Black Feathers: It is an armor piece that enhances the Jump attack on your character. This Hellfire Herald Build uses the jump attacks mostly, so you need this chest piece.

Hellfire Herald Seal

To use the incantations or spells you will have to use some kind of seal. For this build we used;

Gravel Stone Seal: It is a fairly simple seal you can use for spells. It boosts the Dragon Cult spells excessively.

The Attribute Requirement here is 4 on Strength and 18 on faith

The Attribute Scaling here is S on Faith and D on Strength. For this reason, you are pretty much good with the normal and don’t need to upgrade it through smithing.

Hellfire Herald Spells

Golden Vow: Using this spell applies healing per time on yourself

Blessing’s Boon: It grants instant healing to you and allies that are closer to you

Flame Grant me Strength: Using this spell enhances your Fire Affinity and also your Physical attack power. The best suit for this build

is Lightning Spear: It is a ranged spell that attacks a lighting spear on enemies and it damages enemies in an area of impact.

Hellfire Herald Ash of War

For this build we will be using various buffs through the Ash of War like;

Ash of War Royal Knights Resolve: A much better and evolved version of Ash of War Determination which pumps your damage to around 80 percent. Well, it's hard to believe it, but it is one of the main ingredients for this Elden Ring Hellfire Heral Build. You can find it in the Volcano Manor

Lost Ash of War: This item is used to duplicate the Ash of War Royal Knights Resolve. You do have two Greatswords in your hand, so you will have to put one on each. Go to the Smithing Master Hews and he will duplicate this for you.

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Hellfire Herald

This build uses the Affinities and Incantations that are more Faith Dependent instead of Strength dependent. So, you will have to put most points to Faith. For durability in close combat, you need health that comes from Vigor. Endurance is also a must becuase two greatswords just dring the stamina out of your character.

Attribute Points

























 Elden Ring Hellfire Herald Final Verdict

Hellfire Herald Build works around the greatswords you equip. There is fire damage and a close encounter with enemies so you require to have more health. The greatest thing about this build is that you can swap out your Affinities.

Yes, it is a Flame Build, but in certain scenarios, the enemies are resistant to Flame like Volcano Location. Therefore, you need to equip the Secret Affinity to kill those enemies without a problem.

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