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Elden Ring Intelligence Build Guide- How to Build an Enchanted Knight (Level 50 Guide)

If you are looking for a Magic Knight type of Build in Elden Ring; then, there is a build by name of Enchanted Knight that comes from the Intelligence Build. Enchanted Knight is similar to Spellblade Build and because of this reason, you can pretty much go several ways to make weapons and spells combined. Here we have a guide on Enchanted Knight to help you make this build in Elden Ring.

What do you need?

Elden Ring Spellblade builds go in two separate ways. In one way, you can have spells in one hand while a melee weapon in the other hand. Another way is using the sword spell that seems like a melee weapon but in reality, it’s magic damage. Here we will be focusing mostly on Spell weapons for Enchanted Knight build.

Enchanted Knight Build Guide- Spells

Hearing Enchanted for the first time, you might be thinking about Spells in the Elden Ring. Well, you are correct for the most part because Elden Ring Enchanted Knight Build focuses most on Spells. Spells like Glintstone Pebble, Carian Piercer, and Carian Greatsword are your best friend here. 

So, where to find the Carian Piercer? It is located in the Carian Manner which is further located in the North Section of Liurnia of the Lakes. While Carian Greatsword can be purchased from the vendor in Liurnia of the Lakes. It is a bit high priced around 10k runes but for a Level 50 build, you should be good to go at this spot.

Enchanted Knight Build Guide- Staff

Now, to use the spells you need some kind of equipment. Here, you should focus most on the Carian Glintstone Staff. This staff is good for the most part, but you should consider upgrading it further in the game to enhance your spells. There isn’t a physical weapon here so your spells should not be powered, rather overpowered.

Enchanted Knight Build Guide- Armor

You are pretty much good to go with the same old Carian Armor Set. This Armor completes the Enchanted Knight Set for you. In case you don’t like that strange headgear or the armor set itself, you can change it for something similar in Attribute. Don’t push too far with something heavy that makes your movement slow. Rather, you should stay in the range of mid to light, while focusing a bit on the defense side as well.

If you only find the head to be strange, you can change it to Queen’s Crescent Crows after defeating Rennala. This has been great for intelligence attribute push. 

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Enchanted Knight build Guide- Shield

The Enchanted Knight build isn’t complete without that shield in your hands. Well, Knights do have a shield and therefore, you need to equip the Blue-Gold Kite Shield for this build. It is a starter item that is available on Nomadic Merchant East Limgrave. 

Enchanted Knight Build Guide- Talisman

Time to discuss the Talisman you will use in Enchanted Knight Build. There are three talismans you should focus on, the Radagon icon for shortening the spell cast time, the Graven School Talisman for raising the potency of sorceries, and the Green Turtle Talisman for Speedy recovery of Stamina bar.

Both the Radagon Icon and Graven School Talisman can be found in Raya Lucaria. Green Turtle on the other hand is an item found in the beginning areas of the game. Still, if you don’t have it, you can find it in the East of Stormhill

In case you don’t want to use one of the Talismans above, you can switch to the Blessed Dew Talisman. It restores your HP over time. You won’t have to waste your HP flask and in return invest in the Blue Flash for FP.

Enchanted Knight Build Guide- Attributes

Enchanted Knight Build feeds off the Attributes and it is one of the most attribute-hungry builds out there. Your main focus will be intelligence as you have the Glintstone spell and also need more magic power to put down stronger enemies. Then, you need FP to increase your FP, Vigor for health, and Endurance for equipping load/stamina.

  • You should be putting around 20 points in both Vigor and Mind

  • Endurance is good with 15 points as your main focus is FP, not stamina

  • Intelligence, being the main focus, should be around 30 to 35.

  • Strength, Dexterity, Faith, and Arcane should be 12, 18, 6, and 9 respectively.

Playstyle for Elden Ring Enchanted Knight Build

So, how should you play with this build? The main point of this build is to remove physical melee weapons and exchange them for the melee weapon spells as we have in our spell section. For the multiple enemies, you should use the Carian Greatsword, while for the singular enemy you should use the Carian Piercer. In case you don’t want to engage in combat, there is Glintstone Pebble by your side. It can kill enemies on the range.

Keep in mind that this build uses most of your FP to work as there isn’t any physical weapon by your side. Invest in Blue Flasks to regenerate the FP bar and always have enough to use for enemies. If you by chance deplete the FP and there is no way to regenerate it, you will die on spot. 

Carian Slicer is great for staggering enemies as well. Like some bosses are quick and require agile weapons to damage them. Here Carian Slicer is a great spell that staggers them and makes way for damage. Finally, have that shield in one hand to block enemies, and then use the staff in your other hand to use spells. A fairly simple Playstyle for a great build.

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