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Elden Ring Mage Build Guide - How to Build a Battlemage (Level 100 Guide) Updated for Patch 1.03

This is the in game Elden Ring Battlemage Build

Remember the Enchanted Knight Build? Here we have the big brother of that same build for Level 100 players. There is a limitation to Mage Builds in Elden Ring, as they stop at a wall and you can’t defeat enemies with better resistance or strong quick attacks.

The battlemage Build is an extension of Mage Build that uses much stronger melee spells to defeat enemies while you also have a magic shield to defend yourself against fearless foes.

Keeping a close distance with a Mage Build is dangerous as you are not that defensive and can die instantly. So, your magic equipment should be strong enough at level 100. So, we compiled this article to help you with this Elden Ring Battlemage Build. Without any further delay, let's hop into the details.

How to Build an Elden Ring Battlemage

To make a battle mage you need a Staff that goes well with Intelligence and enhances the melee sword sorceries. You also need a shield to save yourself from physical as well as magical damage. Alongside all this, you need armor to boost your magic or character and attribute points in specific locations.

Battlemage Staff

Carian Glintstone Staff: So, the first thing you need for this build is a staff and Carian Glintstone Staff is the perfect fit for this. The reason is its link with Intelligence while it also enhances the Carian Sword Sorceries extensively.

  • The requirement for this Staff are 24 on Intelligence, 8 on Dexterity, and 6 on Strength

  • Scaling is S for Intelligence and D for Strenght. So, this staff is totally dependent on Intelligence, and the better it is, the best your Staff will get with sorceries.

It is a Level 100 build so you will have to upgrade the Staff to something around level 16 to make this build workout for midgame.

Battlemage Shield

This is the in game Jellyfish Shield on Battlemage build Elden Ring

Jellyfish Shield: For this build, we will be using the astonishing Jellyfish shield and upgrading it to level 5. So, why only this shield? When you buff this shield, it also increases the damage to around 20 percent for 30 seconds and it is super light in weight. While it also has 100 physical blocks and 52 Magic blocks with certain defense against other damage types.

  • Attribute Requirement is 14 on Dexterity and 20 on Strength

  • The Attribute Scalinsi C for Strength, so only strength can enhance the shield

Battlemage Armor

For this build, we will be using the Armor that is light or allows you to medium roll. So it depends on which armor works best in your scenario. There are some parts that give you extra Intelligence or FP, which we will be using in this build like;

Haima Glintstone Crown: This Helmet allows your character to have increased Intelligence and Strength, but in exchange for that FP

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Battlemage Talisman

There are four Talisman used in this, which are;

Green Turtle Talisman: This Talisman enhances the stamina recovery of your character

Radagon Icon: It lessens the casting time of your spells

Stargazer Heirloom: Increase the intelligence attribute of your character

Graven School Talisman: This Talisman enhances the potency of your sorceries in this build

Battlemage Spells

For this build, you will have a combination of both Ranged and Melee Spells like;

Glintstone Pebble: It is a ranged spell that allows you to throw a small magic ball at enemies in range. Costs less FP and does decent damage to enemies on the range.

Carian Slicer: It is your go-to spell in Elden Ring Battlemage Build because at level 100 it costs way less FP and Stamina. While it is quick and does a good amount of damage to enemies.

Carian Greatsword: When there is a situation of Multiple enemies, the Carain Greatsword does AOE damage and has decent damage. It costs a bit more FP in comparison to others.

Carian Piercer: A situational Melee Spell that is good against aggressive enemies

Lorettas Great bow: For extra long Range, you can use this Great bow spell to deal excessive damage to enemies. 

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Battlemage

This is the in game Elden Ring battlemage Stats and Attributes

Being all about magic, you will have to pump the Intelligence as much as you can. Intelligence will not only increase your magic but also enhance your Intelligence based staff. At level 100 you want to defend most attacks if needs be, so putting points in Vigor is essential.

Using the Magic Spells all the time will cost you a lot of FP, and therefore Mind is also good to carry out with Vigor. The shield you carry depends upon your Strength, so putting some points early on will make you more defensive in certain situations.

Lastly, the spells you use drain some of that Endurance, so always remember to enhance it to get better Stamina for your spells and situations where you have to run.

Attribute Points

























Elden Ring Battlemage Final Verdict

For the lovers of Melee Spell users, this build works like a charm. There is the perfect combination of Melee and Ranged Spell attacks that cost less FP while also delivering more damage to enemies.

You will be using the Carian Slicer most of the time but other spells are also there to use under certain situations. All in one, Elden Ring Battlemage Build is great for level 100 users who want to conjure melee weapons to fight enemies.

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