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Elden Ring Magic Build Guide- How to Build a Sorcerer

Magic Builds are one of the most fun-to-play builds in Elden Ring. Here we are going to discuss the Sorcerer build that originated from the Magic build. The great thing about this build is that it isn’t meant for beginners, but rather Level 50 players. The Sorcerer Build, unlike most Magic Builds, is ranged and no involvement of melee is here. You use ranged magic spells to take down enemies, which is also safer considering you don’t go near the deadly enemies of Elden Ring. So, this Guide is all about the Sorcerer Build in Elden Ring, and let’s get started with it.

What do you need?

Sorcerer Build Guide- Staff

The first thing a sorcerer needs is a staff, at least in the Elden Ring. Here you will be good to go with Meteorite Staff as it is easy to get and doesn’t require that many attributes. The only requirement here is Intelligence, which you will already pump in this Sorcerer build. 

On the other hand, there are other choices like Demi-Human Staff and the famous Academy Glintstone staff which are also good but not much like the Meteorite Staff. All in one, you should switch completely to the Meteorite staff at this point in the game.

You will only be using Staff in this build so what should you be looking for here? Your main concern here is Sorcery Scaling which the Meteorite already has. But you need to upgrade it by pumping your intelligence in the attribute section. By increasing the Intelligence, you will have better Sorcery Scaling and in return much better Spell damage.

Sorcerer Build Guide- Small Weapon/Determination

You should get a dagger or something smaller, but not for melee attacking enemies. Rather, for the use of Ash of War: Determination. To buff yourself with determination, you will have to hold a small weapon in your right hand and the Staff in your left hand. It will pump that Spell to deal better damage.

Sorcerer Build Guide- Talisman

There are three talismans you should primarily focus on; the grave school talisman that enhances the potency of sorceries, the Radagon icon that lessens the spell cast time, and the Blessed Dew talisman that restores HP over time. You are a sorcerer so equipping the first two talismans is proof of its own, but what about the third one?

Your main focus here in this sorcerer build is FP and balancing things to save FP to keep going. Most people use the HP flask, but for sorcerers, FP flash makes more sense. Blessed Dew Talisman restores HP over time which saves you the HP Flash and in return, you can put that on FP flash.

In case you find yourself with fewer attributes for specific equipment, you can use Marika’s Scarseal to increase these attributes. The side effect here is that you will take increased damage. It depends on you, if you are lacking the attributes, then using Marika’s Scarseal becomes essential.

Sorcerer Build Guide- Armor

Now, when talking about the armor, you should focus on the headgear first. Equipping that Queen’s Crescent Crows will enhance your intelligence to around three points. You can get this by killing Rennala and also doesn’t come with any downsides, which is important to mention here.

While other armor doesn’t matter as you’re a sorcerer, still you should go for the heaviest armor available to you. Just don’t roll heavy, while the medium and light roll is good with this build. One of the best looking and also defensive sets in the game we recommend is the Carian Knight Set.

Sorcerer Build Guide- Spells

Like always, the first Spell you need is Glintstone Pebble. It is the perfect spell for any sorcerer as it takes less FP, delivers good damage, and doesn’t have crazy requirements to obtain. Butter on top, you can spam this spell all you want.

Next up you need is the Great Glintstone Shard. It isn’t that crazy on damage compared to Glintstone and still takes a lot of FP. The reason for using this in Sorcerer Build as an evolution of Magic Build is its agility. The enemies that don’t dodge but get to you quickly are killed with this spell instantly.

Further, you need that Glintstone Arc with you, and its specific purpose is to kill multiple enemies. Glintstone arc is an AOC spell that is good for killing multiple enemies in front of you. The best thing about this spell is that it passed through enemies instead of stopping at the first one it sees.

Rock Sling is a great spell for enemies but the main reason for using it is Meteorite Staff. As the staff enhances Earth/Gravity spells, Rock Sling is surely going to be buffed here. It is used for killing enemies that are resistant to magic damage and you are throwing earth on them to deal physical damage.

Last but not least, the spell you want to have is Loretta’s Great bow. You might have heard of this spell because of its incredible range and damage. If you have hard time-fighting enemies or Bosses or even need to spam enemies, this bow is your best friend. Takes a lot of time to charge, so don’t get too close to enemies, rather keep your distance.

Sorcerer Build Guide- Attributes

As we already mentioned, the Sorcerer build works in Intelligence so you should be focusing more on it. Except for this, you need to focus on the Mind that pumps FP and the Vigor that is used to make you durable. Dexterity, Endurance, and Strength also make sense here but don’t waste your Attribute points on Faith and Arcane. Keep in mind that these points have bonuses from equipment added to them.

  • You should keep the intelligence to around 30 to 35

  • Keep the Vigor and Mind to 20 points and keep pumping Mind for more FP

  • Endurance, Dexterity, and Strength should be set to 14, 18, and 12 respectively.

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Playstyle for Elden Ring Sorcerer Build

Sorcerer Build makes things easy, only if you keep the FP in check. No one gets the FP balancing from start, rather things start to develop with time. Sorcerer Build is OP and stuff, but the only problem here is balancing your FP. For the Playstyle, you need to buff the dagger with Ash of War which further buffs the spells for 10 seconds. Sometimes the determination just takes extra FP, while you can kill the enemies with Glintstone to save some FP. 

Use the Glintstone Sorceries to hit the enemies in mid to short-range, while using the Longbow to hit enemies in the longer range. Remember, Mind and Intelligence are your best friend because you require FP and Spell Damage to kill enemies. Your Armor and defense don’t matter that much. Lastly, keeping the FP in check makes all the difference for Magic builds.

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