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Elden Ring Marais Executioners Sword Build Guide

Elden Ring throws out a ton of Builds for the players and it becomes overwhelming, especially for the new players who just got started with the Souls-Bourne franchise. Out of all those builds, the best ones are surely revolving around the area of Bleed Build and Arcane Build. Still, when you are inside that specific area, you will find a ton of weapons to choose from. Again, we are at the same stage of head-aching choice-making. Don’t worry, here in this guide, we have an Elden Ring Marais Executioners Build Guide to help you make a pick, as well as get in the right direction.

Elden Ring Marais Executioners Sword Build Guide

What’s Marais Executioners Sword about?

For the most part, whenever you are making a build in the Elden Ring, it has to go down with a specific set of swords. Either it is a Magical Build with Staves, it’s a Bleed Build with Blood Loss weapons, or it's something else. All the Builds in the game primarily revolve around the weapon you are going to use.

The Marais Executioner Sword is a massive Greatsword that goes with the attributes of Arcane and Strength. Meaning, when you pump both of these stats (Primarily Arcane), the weapon is going to get stronger.

Whether you are on a Bleed Build, a Dexterity Build, or an Arcane Build. All of these are going to talk about the Arcane in one form or shape. So, it favors these types of builds where you are going to inflict Blood Loss on the enemies or you are going to go for a Damage build with Dexterity and Arcane in mind.

Mostly, the Marais Executioners Sword is used for the Corkscrew Attack, where the holder thrusts onwards, spinning and dealing multiple attacks at once.

Butter on top, the Corkscrew Attack is a charged attack. Meaning, when you hold down the button for using this attack, the weapon will charge, taking some time, but dealing more damage, increasing its reach and the time for spin.

Location of Marais Executioners Sword

There is only one way of getting the Marais Executioner Sword.

Elemer of the Briar drops this weapon as loot. You can find Elemer in the Shaded Castle area of Elden Ring. So, getting your hands on one isn’t that difficult after all.

Head to the Northern Altus Plateau and here you will find the Shaded Castle. Furthermore, the Elemer of Briar is in the Castle and drops the Sword itself.

From the inner game of the castle, you need to head to the ladder which is present in the northwest area. 

When you reach the top of that location, you need to make a right turn and then make your way to the garrison which takes you to the other side. 

Stick to the east side and then proceed onwards, finding enemies in your path, but avoid them. 

Make a right turn after then and get inside the small building with a ton of statues placed inside. Just go onwards without turning or fighting enemies.

After a while you will be outside from the South side and from there enter the tower that has a Clean-rot Knight standing there to guard it. 

You will also find an Elevator which you can take to get to the top of the tower. Here you will find a fog revealing the Boss Fight of Elemer of the Briar. Defeat him and he will drop the Marais Executioners Sword as a reward.

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Tips for Using Marais Executioner Sword Build

  • The Special Skill here is known as the Eochaid’s Dancing Blade. By using it, the character will spin, dealing a ton of damage to the enemies and thrusting onwards.

  • You can’t use the Ash of War here in exchange for the Dancing Blade Special Skill.

  • You also can’t use Consumables on the Marais Executioner Sword to enhance its stats, damage, or something like that.

  • The weapon can’t be enchanted with Magic as well.

  • However, you can increase the potential of the weapon by upgrading it. Get some Somber Smithing Stones and upgrade the weapon with those.

  • There is a special slam done by the R2 key.

  • The weapon is worth around 1k Rules which isn’t bad and neither a good value.

  • The Special Skill Eochaid’s Dancing Blade depends on your AR (Attack Rating). Furthermore, when you enhance your AR, it will automatically enhance the damage of the Special Skill as well.

  • There are some specific Talismans that enhance your Weapons Skill damage. All of them are; Millicent’s Prosthesis, Winged Sword Insignia, and Rotten Winged Sword Insignia.

  • You can also get the Regalia of Eochaid, but it has a lower AR, and goes with Dexterity and Arcane, while Arcane has a C.

  • Naturally, you can’t Put Magic on the Eochaid Dancing Blade, but it comes with a bit of Magic Damage on top of itself.

  • Physical Damage to the Greatsword is the real deal here and mainly will be used by yourself.

  • You can consider this weapon exceptionally well for inflicting heavy damage, but using it on larger enemies like bosses isn’t really recommended, especially when you are going with the Elden Ring Marais Executioners Sword Build.

  • Basically, with a weapon like the Marais Executioner Sword, you will be knocking down enemies and stunning them. When heavy enemies appear, this knockdown and stun effect is completely neglected due to their resistance.

  • On the other hand, the Marais Executioner Sword is exceptional against Smaller Enemies that are non-boss and can get knocked down or stunned. You can always stun lock them when using the Special Skill.

  • In case those enemies won’t get knocked down during the CorkScrew attack, they will be put to sleep afterward, when the animation is completed and your character does a final attack. 

  • So, looking at this, the best match with the Marais Executioner Sword will be a Ranged Weapon.


The Marais Executioners Sword is one of the best weapons to use in an Arcane-based playstyle, but there are some pros and cons you need to be aware of when making an Elden Ring Marais Executioners Sword Build. 

Most of the time, the weapon’s Special Skill - Eochaid’s Dancing Blade will be used that allows you to thrust onwards, spinning like a CorkScrew, dealing multiple hits to the enemies. There is nothing extra here, so things are all based on the Physical Damage inflicted by the Cork-Screw Attack.

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