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Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build Guide- How to Build a Moonveil Samurai (Level 50 Guide)

An Elden Ring player with Moonveil 
Elden Ring isn’t always that colorless, given you are trained enough to find and use certain weapons or spells in the game. Another great example is Moonveil Katana Build which is not for beginners, rather people who are at Level 50 and don’t know what to do next.

Like any other Katana in the game, Moonveil swings with speed, quick action, and certain bonuses. But there is something special about the blade that makes it so likable, other players are properly making a build around it. Might be its blue animation or maybe it’s the upgradability that makes it so great. Here is Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build guide for Samurai class. Keep in mind, that it’s only for those at Level 50.

About Moonveil Samurai Build

So, the special about Moonveil Samurai Build is its versatility. There are two ways in which you can use the build. One of them is the Moonlight Katana and bow, while the other is Moonveil Katana and staff. The difference between the two is also related to the attributes you choose like in Katana and staff there is a hybrid of intelligence and dexterity.

The other thing most people love about the Moonveil Katana is its weapon art and boy it packs some power in it. Transient moonlight is the weapon art we are talking about here and further in the article we will discuss it separately. Lastly, to upgrade Moonveil, you will need sober stones which aren’t that hard to get in the first place. So, you have tons of options here to go with, making it versatile.

How to get started?

Caelid’s Gael Tunnel dungeon in Elden Ring 

Moonveil Katana Build- Class selection

The first thing you need is a class, meaning a class selection in Elden Ring of course. For building Moonveil Samurai, you need to pick the Samurai class. Afterward, you will need a katana by name of Moonveil. It is not too early in the game, rather you have to cross some paths before being able to reach the location.

Moonveil Katana Build- Weapon

So Moonveil is found by killing the Magma Wyrn in Caelid. He or it is the final boss you will have to go through the dungeon in Caelid. Defeating the boss isn’t that easy but if you are going for the Samurai class things get pretty easy.

You might even ask why? So, Samurai comes with Katana having to bleed effect on them. This bleed effect causes immense damage to the boss making it easy to hit and run. Furthermore, if you don’t have katana and still want to make things easy, go for the magic. Who doesn’t know mage build is too OP in Elden Ring? if you are considering a Mage build for a beginner, here is the link to that ___

 the in-game currency Runes can also help you achieve the game. You can purchase Runes from various sources. MMOPixel is a trusted source where you can buy Elden Ring Runes.

Moonveil Katana Build- Staff

Now that you have a weapon by name of Moonveil Katana, let’s talk about the Meteorite Staff. To find that staff you don’t have to do anything except travel. This staff is found near Sage’s ruins street in Caelid. You can also travel to the Site of Grace known as Aeonia Swamp Shore, and keep going towards the ruins on the north.

From there, you will find a building of small stature, you will find the staff there on the corpse.

Moonveil Katana Build- Talisman

Radagon icon.

Assassins Cerulean Dagger

Carian Filigreed Crest

Attributes for Moonlight Samurai Build

Attributes are the main aspect of the game to keep into consideration. When it comes to Moonveil Samurai Build, you have to shift things up a bit from typical Samurai Build. First of all, you need to put some points into intelligence- the smarter you are, the better will be in special/spells. Besides this, at Level 50 you need to put the points as follows;

25 points on Vigor

28 points on Intelligence

18 points on Dexterity

13 points on Endurance

17 points on Mind

12 points on Strength

8 points on Faith and Arcane

As most points are on Intelligence, Vigor, Dexterity, and mind, you can probably make up a reason for it. Intelligence is required for those special Moonveil Katana moves, alongside spells. Vigor is good for melee because it gives HP and resistance. The mind deals directly with FP, paving way for 6 transient moonlight strikes. Finally, Dexterity for your quickness and weapon obtaining abilities.

Moonveil Katana build - Elden Ring

Playstyle with Elden Ring Moonveil Katana Build

Now we have everything on our hands, let’s talk a bit about the playstyle of the Moonveil Samurai build. Same as any other samurai build, here you need have to spam R2. Unsheathe is your best friend and using it makes things easy. On Moonveil katana, unsheathe puts a blue-ranging strike damaging enemies.

Furthermore, Transient Moonlight is also your go-to ability. Before enemies are attacking you, using the Transient Moonlight will stop their attack and, in some cases, stagger them and make way for an attack. So, there is nothing hard here, just spam Transient Moonlight along with Unsheathe to put even bosses to sleep. Keep in mind to roll after each attack, otherwise, you are going to regret it.

Being an intelligence build and having a staff with you, why not make things scarier. Well, it’s scary for enemies because they can’t even reach you. Yes, the mage attacks in the game are ridiculous, coming with exceptional damage in long-range.

You can use Glint stone Pebble, along with Carian Greatsword to give magic damage to enemies. Carian for AOE scenarios, while glint stone Pebble for long-range attacks. Finally, you can go for Loretta’s Great bow which is the best spell out there for long-range. You can use it to lure enemies, kill them even without reaching, or even it is even great against most bosses out there.

Final Points

Moonveil Samurai is a versatile build. You can use Bows, Spells, Staff, and much more with Moonveil Katana. One thing is that you can go for the dual wield; Uchigatana + Moonveil Katana combo. For this, you will need endurance and some HP because you are fully on the melee side. If you want to go for the Elden Ring Moonveil Katana build with magic, you need to pump up the intelligence more. That was all to the Moonveil Samurai Build and you can pretty much go for other combinations as well.

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