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Elden Ring Nagakiba Samurai Build guide- How to Build a Blazing Bushido

For the lovers of Nagakiba Samurai Build who don’t know what to do next, there is a build by the name of Blazing Bushido. Blazing Bushido uses Nagakiba Samurai katana and Great bow to deal damage. The main base of this build is to keep the damaging physical for weapons while using Spells to buff it to a certain degree. It is a fairly complex build to make; but for level 100, things are pretty much good to go. This article is all about the Elden Ring Blazing Bushido Build from Nagakiba Samurai Build. 

What do you need?

Being a Level 100 Guide, you need to be pretty careful where you put your points on. Considering you are already decent with the game, you need a sword, a bow, spells, some talisman, and a set of attributes to make this build. Below we have all the things you need to be mentioned.

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Weapon

The first thing you need for this Blazing Bushido is Nagakiba and let me tell you, it has a long reach. The other famous samurai sword people use is Uchigatana, but it doesn’t come near Nagakiba considering its range. It is also considered one of the longest katana in the game. 

So, how to get to Nagakiba? You can find this weapon from Bloody Finger Hunter Yura and you can find him in his camp near the Site of Grace Seaside Ruins. Another location is Murkwater Cave’s north side.

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Great bow

Next up, you need a long-ranged weapon and there is nothing better than that good old Great bow. Same as the Nagakiba, it scales exceptionally with your Strength and Dexterity for this build. One thing you need with this build is Rain of Arrows for a Great bow.

The only problem here is Arrows for a Great bow. Don’t bother making them at this point in the game, rather simply go for the purchase at Hermit Merchant’s Shack. 

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Armor

It doesn’t matter which armor you have on you as long as it is not heavy nor too under defense. Honestly, Samurai armor is great for this build because it provides everything you might need in the game with this build. You can change the head to Mask of Confidence because it provides Arcane to your character. 

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Finger Seal

You require Finger Seal to cast two spells. We will discuss the spells later in the guide but to cast both of them you do require this specific item. If you are starting with Prophet or Confessor Class, then you will get this item at the start or you can simply purchase it from the Roundtable Hold Twin Maiden Husks.

You might ask why this seal? Well, it scales with the Strength to add extra damage to your weapon and the other claw mark seal doesn’t apply that extra bit. Besides all this, you are pretty much good to go with any armor you specifically like.

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Spells

The two spells we are going to use here are the Flame, Grant is Strength, and Blood flame blade. These spells don’t have that high amount of Attribute requirement so you will be reliable with them. Flame, Grant me Strength gives you 20 percent more physical damage and fire damage. On the other hand, Blood flame is a fire buff that enhances your katana with magic damage. 

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Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Talisman

You will need Ritual Sword Talisman because it increases the damage by around ten percent when you are in full HP. You can use the Bow to deal extra damage to enemies as long as you are on a full HP bar. Next up, you need that Arrow’s Sting Talisman because it increases the arrow damage to around ten percent. Lastly, we will be using Carian Filigreed Crest Talisman here because it reduces the skill cost by around 25 percent. This talisman is good for Rain of Arrows because it reduces the use of FP to around 15 or something. It also reduces the Unsheathe FP

If you want to use any other Talisman, then go for the Winged Sword Insignia as it increases the attack power by a percentage every time you deliver a certain amount of hits. 

Blazing Bushido Build Guide- Attributes

Your main goal is to pump Strength and Dexterity while keeping Faith to a degree that allows you to use Spells. Vigor, Mind, Endurance, and Arcane are not that important but keeping these around a limit is important.

Keep the Strength and Dexterity to around 40

Vigor needs to be around the mark of 28 to 30, while Mind needs to be around 20.

Endurance and Faith are 18 and 15 respectively, while Arcane should be 12.

Playstyle for Elden Ring Blazing Bushido Build

Firstly, most of the time you will be using your weapon in this build. Your running attack isn’t something that takes time, rather it’s a slide and pokes style. You are running around and simply slide-poke the enemies to deal damage. Combining that with range nearly makes you invisible to enemy attacks. 

Secondly, you don’t have to use Ashes of War for this Katana, rather use the Unsheathe Special because it is incredible. In all the Katana so far, the Special makes better sense than that Ash of War. So, stick with the Unsheathe instead of something else.

Thirdly, you should go for the Quality upgrade on Nagakiba. The weapon itself requires around 18 Strengths to use, so Quality makes sense here. Afterward, we are using a bow in this build that scales off well with the weapon quality upgrade. Keep in mind to two-hands the weapon instead of single-handing it.

As we already mentioned, the Great bow is also used in this build for long-range. In the Elden Ring, you always need something that can kill enemies at a longer range, and frankly, there is nothing more than a Great bow here. It does require more Dexterity and Strength but at level 100 Guide, you are good to go with it. You only need to use Rain of Arrows here to kill enemies at long-range. 

It is important to note here that big enemies are the weakness of this build and by using the Rain of arrows, you are making up for that weakness here. 

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