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Elden Ring Prisoner Class Guide- How to Build a Spellblade (Beginner Guide)

Elden Ring is comparably less scary than other Souls games; meaning, gates are open for beginners to come and try it out. Having several classes in Elden Ring, Prisoner is the easiest one for beginners. The reason is its beautiful division of Mind, Dexterity, Intelligence, and then those magic/melee abilities. This class is simply a complete package for beginners to start with.

Being mostly about the magic, there is a specific magic build by name of Spellblade which makes your magic powers pop out. The set not only increases your damage using Glintstone but also makes it increase across all other spells. So, we are here to talk about the Elden Ring Prisoner Class Spellblade build. Without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Elden Ring Prisoner Class

So, the first thing you need to do is pick the Prisoner class, but you might ask, why only the Prisoner Class? The reason is its set of attributes. There is more on the dexterity and the weapon you have to use with Spellblade comes with much more dexterity requirements. But there is also a staff you get with the Prisoner, meaning you can use spells early on in the game.

Prisoner class- Beginner Spellblade build

Elden Ring Spellblade guide- Spells

So, whenever we are going to talk about the spells for beginners, Waypoint Runes is going to come into the discussion. Waypoint Runes has that spell seller who sells amazing things to start with. So, first of all, you need a Royal House Scroll. Give that same scroll to the Waypoint Runes spell seller to unlock more spells.

Now, it’s time to talk about the spells you want in the Spellblade build of Prisoner class. There are various spells but amongst them you need;

 Glintstone Pebble

 Scholar’s Armament

 Carian Slicer

These are some of the most famous spells for beginners because of their less mana cost and higher damage. Besides, what more do you want? You are getting some of the most useful spells at the beginning of the game. There is another issue, you will have two slots to acquire spell scrolls. Therefore, we recommend you to use Scholar’s Armament and Glintstone Pebble, till you get the third slot for Carian Slicer.

Where to get the third slot?

This is a common question amongst beginners because the game doesn’t quite tell you things it should. To get the third slot, you need to head to Oridys’s Rise. There are puzzles in the place which are hard to get by, but once you get over them, you will find a Memory stone. Using this stone gives you another slot to acquire a spell scroll.

Elden Ring Spellblade Guide- Weapon

Demi-Human Queens Staff

The first thing you need to get is a staff by name of Demi-Human Queens Staff. This stuff isn’t that hard to get and can be found in Weeping Peninsula. Killing the Demi-Human sorcerer, you will acquire a staff by name of Demi-Human Queens Staff. From here now, you need to mainly focus on the Demi-Human Queens Staff more than anything else.

Feel free to check out more from us. If you are busy and do not have much time for that, the easiest way is to buy fast and Cheap Elden Ring Runes from a reliable site like MMOPixel.


Elden Ring Spellblade Guide- Attributes

Finally, it all falls on the attributes you are putting points into. Being a type of melee mage build, you will have to focus more on the Vigor and Intelligence.


Vigor is most important because you will have to fight the enemies head-on. Tanking damage will always be useful in this scenario, so you should put around 15 to 20 in Vigor.


So, your melee attacks are powered by magic and you are mostly using magic in the process of going ranged or dealing special damage. Here, you need Intelligence to run things around magic, and putting around 17 to 21 will surely put you in a good stop in the early game.


Next up we have dexterity and it is one of the most famous melees attributes because it increases damage. To equip certain weapons, you will also have to push dexterity. Spellblade guide doesn’t require a change of equipment rather most focus on spells, so putting around 13 to 17 will get you working.


When it comes to Mind, Endurance, Strength, Faith, and Arcane, you should probably go for 12, 11, 12, 6, and 9. It doesn’t matter that much what you do for them all except Endurance. Put some more points afterward in Endurance because you have to use attacks and move more than usual.

Playstyle for Elden Ring Prisoner Class Spellblade Build

Prisoner comes with the S Stock weapon and as a Spellblade build, you need to keep it in your right hand. S Stock comes with amazing damage because of its thrust and impaling. You will have quite fun using the game on enemies that are not much agile. Just Thrust them and run!

It’s time to put your Demi-Human Staff in your right hand. From here now, it’s all about those buffs. Put the scholar’s Armament buff on the weapon and enjoy the show. You can also go to the Carian Slicer if you have enough mana with you at the early game.

But when you are over with the earliest part, feel free to use the Carian Sliver all the way to even bosses. It is one of the most OP melee spells out there, putting even the hardest Bosses to sleep. While you can also Glintstone pebble to do damage on long-range. If you are not confident with your movement, you can put maximum focus on Glintstone to kill enemies at a longer rate in the early game.


Final Points

Just as the name suggests Elden Ring Spellblade guide focuses on the use of Spells with Blade. It works best with the Prisoner class because of the weapons and attributes points the Prisoner has at the start. You don’t need to do anything, just focus on the spells to enhance your weapon.

If you are having trouble with the melee attacks, you can shift to a spell that has range damage. Because of the frequent use of Mana, you will need to invest more in that blue flash or even focus on the mana buildup more than the yellow flash or health buildup.

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