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Elden Ring Strength Power Stance Build Guide - How to Build a Champion (Level 50 Guide)

This is the in game Champion Build in Elden Ring

This is what most Elden Ring fans are anxiously waiting for, another Strength builds but with a touch of advancement. Strength builds like Berserker is a fan favorite because of that dual wield greatsword and exceptional damage to enemies in minimum hits.

The Champion build is an evolution of the Berserker build and made for level 50 players. The main difference here is that your character becomes much more durable, so you can simply jump on the main spot, spam your weapons, and not worry about dying along the way.

So, let's not waste any more time and hop into the details of Champion Build in Elden Ring.

How to Build an Elden Ring Champion

Making this build isn’t that difficult, rather you need to focus most on your durability and the damage you deal with enemies. The good part is that there is no magic essential to make this build work out for you.

Champion Armor

Banished Knight Set: You can go for the banished Knight Set for this build becuase it has that fantastic physical protection you need. Backed up by the magic and status resistance as well. 

Being a Level 50 Guide you can go with it, but important to note that this set is really heavy. If not given proper attention to your attributes and inventory, your character will start heavy rolling. 

So, where to get this shiny set? At the Grace location just outside, you need to go down the stairs and into the room with a large space. From there you can kill the enemies to farm for the whole set. Pretty time taking, but easy to do for most people.

This set includes;

  • Banished Knight Head

  • Banished Knight Armor

  • Banished Knight Gauntlet

  • Banished Knight Greaves

Champion Weapons

This is the in game Dual Greatswords for Champion Build

For the Champion Build in Elden Ring, you need two weapons, greatswords to be precise here. These greatswords are also used in the Berserker Build, so you need to upgrade them near about +8 to use them till mid-game.

Lordsworn’s Heavy Greatsword: The first pick you can go for is the beautiful Lordsworn’s Heavy Greatsword. It comes with Attribute scaling of B on Strength and nothing more. Being a strength build, you need to pump the strength to increase damage, while also all yourself to wield this weapon

Further, on the Requirement side, there isn’t much scary for Level 50 users as you simply need 10 on Dexterity and 16 on Strength to wield this greatsword

Claymore: One of the most famous greatswords in-game, Claymore is your second Greatsword in hand coming with that Attribute scaling of E on Strength and Dexterity, while D on Faith.

To Acquire this weapon, you need to have 16 Strengths and 13 Dexterity. Keep in mind, that this weapon needs both Strength and Dexterity to show enhanced damage for the Champion build.

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Champion Talisman

Talisman is used to enhance your character and here you need three main Talismans to work things out for Champion Build

Blessed Dew Talisman: This talisman provides HP regeneration over time

Claw Talisman: It increased your jump attacks specific to damage

Erdtree’s Favor: The essential talisman you need for this build, Erdtree’s Talisman increases your load that you can carry, your health and your stamina as well. 

Champion Ashes of War

We already mentioned you don’t need spells to pull this build off. Rather, we have here two Ashes of War mentioned which you can use to make this build even stronger.

Ashes of War Golden Vow: It enhances your defense and damage. The amount of defense you increase after use is around 5 percent and the damage your increase after use is around 10 percent. The duration takes to end this buff is around 40 minutes, which is incredible.

Ashes of War Determination: This buff is used to enhance the damage your deal with your weapons. The enhancement amount is around 60 percent more damage after use. The best thing about this build and determination is that the buff applies to both weapons altogether. 

Attribute Selection for Elden Ring Champion Build

This is the in game Stats and Attributes of Champion Build in Elden Ring

The Elden Ring Champion Build is fairly simple considering you don’t have to worry about the Faith, Intelligence, and other attributes associated with spells. 

You simply need to pump the Strength as much as you can, then start focusing on Endurance, Dexterity, and Vigor. Endurance should be your highest but only after attaining strength. 

The reason for focusing on Strength is becuase it's a build revolving around Strength. You are wielding two greatswords and heavy armor. It takes a lot of mana to do so, that is why Endurance is also essential in this build. Furthermore, Dexterity and Vigor are important in melee combat.

Attribute Points

























Elden RingChampion Build Final Verdict

Champion Build is all facing enemies from the front. The attributes, weaponry, armory, and playstyle are in such a way that you tank the attacks of enemies while dealing brutal damage to them in return. There is nothing complex here, a fairy simpler and enhanced version of Berserker Strength Build.

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