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Elden Ring Walkthrough: How to Complete the Game?

In Elden Ring, you can proceed through the areas and bosses not in any particular order but almost any order. Whether you need a clear route through the Lands Between or want to finish the game by completing the main content, you will find this comprehensive Elden Ring walkthrough helpful.

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Church of Anticipation

Elden Ring begins with you creating your character before you enter the world. Choose a class to start with; your attributes and gear will be determined by your class, and choose a keepsake, to begin with; your special starting item.

In the Church of Anticipation, your character spawns at the end of the creation process. You'll find a Grafted Scion in a boss arena outside. Go outside and follow the steps down.
In this fight, you should die regardless of whether or not you defeat the Grafted Scion and gain some additional loot. You will respawn in Limgrave's Stranded Graveyard when you die.


Limgrave spawns you in a cave when you first spawn. You can explore a lower cavern nearby by dropping down into the Cave of Knowledge. Before heading out into the Lands Between, you'll learn about combat, stealth, and several other essential concepts.

Upon finishing, proceed to the lift that will take you off the Stranded Graveyard Site of Grace and move to the exit. A higher level will unlock the optional boss Ulcerated Tree Spirit in Fringefolk Hero's Grave, but you'll need to return to a higher level for that.

Liurnia of the Lakes

There is an academy in Liurnia of the Lakes, where you are headed next. The route to Liurnia Lake Shore starts when you enter Liurnia after defeating Godrick. Enter the Laskyar Ruins north of the lake and journey to the Site of Grace at the South Raya Lucaria Gate using the teleporter.

In the Academy, you can explore the Church of the Cuckoo and the graveyard after finding the Glintstone Key. You can reach Grace's Schoolhouse Classroom Site Grace with the help of a spinning waterwheel located at the end of the graveyard. The Red Wolf of Radagon awaits you in the Debate Parlor after walking through the Academy.


To the East of Limgrave is a land afflicted with rot and disease called Caelid. You can, fortunately, traverse it reasonably quickly if you follow the route around the southwestern edge of Redmane Castle.

There is a festival here at the castle, held by the guards. To take part in the festival, speak with the guards in the castle and announce it to you. Once you are in the Caelid wilds, you will fight against Starscourge Radahn.

The second Great Rune you obtain will give you access to the Divine Tower of Caelid. There are a variety of optional dungeons and bosses in this area, along with a full staff.

the in-game currency Runes can also help you achieve the game. You can purchase Runes from various sources. MMOPixel is a trusted source where you can buy Elden Ring Runes.

Altus Plateau

There are many things to discover on the Altus Plateau. The Altus Plateau can be used as a shortcut to other critical areas for those who aim to reach the end of the game.

Mountain Gelmir lies in the northwest corner of the Altus Plateau, while Leyndell, the Royal Capital, is located to the east of the mountain. A trip to the Altus Plateau would not be complete without visiting the Minor Erdtree, the windmill village situated to the northeast, or Shaded Castle located to the north.

Mt Gelmir

It contains Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy, a significantly smaller region than the others. It's entirely possible to collect all the Great Runes if you meet Rykard, another Shardbearer who holds one.

You can reach Mt Gelmir by following the path that leads northwest from the Altus Plateau. At the first campsite on Mt Gelmir, there is a message regarding rainbow stones that you will locate.

In this case, you will be pushed into the river below by an NPC who pops out of the stones, so we recommend that you continue along the bridge to the Ninth Mt Gelmir Campsite Site of Grace.

Jumping from this point, you can use your spiritspring to battle the Full-Grown Fallingstar Beast above. You can then cross a makeshift bridge using the stones sticking out of the cliff to get closer to Volcano Manor once you defeat the boss.

Leyndell, Royal Capital

It lies at the base of the Great Erdtree and is the capital city. It is possible to enter the outer wall by traveling to the northeastern side and fighting a Draconic Tree Sentinel. You may enter the capital after winning if you hold two restored Great Runes.

You will be able to enter the Erdtree after wandering through Leyndell, where you will have the opportunity to fight Morgott, the Omen King. After beating Morgott and claiming his Great Rune, Melina will leave you, but you can later chat with her to receive a new task.

Ranni's Route

Ranni appears as the witch Renna near the beginning of the game in the Church of Elleh. However, just outside of Liurnia, you will find Ranni's tower in Caria Manor.

During this time, you will meet Ranni and get more information about her story, which takes you to the Eternal City, Nokron, and several other key areas of the Lands Between. To find Ranni's Fingerslayer Blade, you must travel to Nokron.

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