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Elyon Opens Pre-Download

The Elyon team has updated with some good news following an initial delay to the pre-download option. Players can pre-download the title now. and there's also a revised schedule for the lead-up to launch, including early character creation and head start. The official launch of Elyon on October 20th will be accompanied by a Twitch drop event.

Elyon is set in a world of magic and technology, where different factions fight to reclaim the mystical world of Elyon. With deep character customization, skill development, weapon choice, one-of-a-kind PvP, PvE mode, and much more, Elyon aims to deliver an enriching and thrilling game experience for every game mode.

Early character creation, the other pre-release perk that was affected by yesterday's initial delay also has a new schedule. this process will now begin right before head start, beginning on October 14th at 10 am Eastern/2 pm UTC. This period will last through October 17th at 4 am Eastern/8 am UTC. During this time, you can create up to three characters on one server open for each region and name them. While you'll have these names at launch, they won't be account bound, so they may be subject to release if you're inactive or for some other account reason.

On Wednesday, October 20, the Official Launch Celebration Event will begin, with Twitch Drops available to those who follow the broadcast of any Elyon Twitch Stream associated with Kakao Games. To participate, content creators will only have to connect their Kakao Games account with their Twitch account to activate the Drops. The rewards will be:

The one-time drops include:

a viewer support box (after 3 hours)

Battle Potion from Tigris

Mana XP: 1,000 (limited)


an inventory expansion +8 (after 6 hours of viewing)

a glorious swing arm glider (after 9 hours of streaming)

During the event period, attendees are also entitled to a daily bonus reward from the Stream DropBox, which offers a random chance to receive one of the following rewards every day:

Luminus Selection Box (Grade 1)

Memory expansion +7

Inventarerweiterung +8

Star Blessing (7 days)

Security accessories

Refined Weapon Enhancement Stone

Refined Armor Enhancement Stone

Selection box with improvement stones

The official Launch Celebration event ends on November 8th at 10:00 a.m.CEST.

We hope these will help you with your journey in the fascinating Elyon. If you are interested to know more, you can follow our website Mmopixel, there will be more articles about Elyon Gold to share with you.

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