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FFXI Woodworking Guide

Woodworking in Final Fantasy XI has several benefits, you can either sell the made items to earn some profit, or you can use them yourself. Well, Woodworking is referred to as the use of lumbers to craft ammunition, weapons, and furniture for house decoration. It might seem simple, but when you start comparing it with each level, the complexity starts to enhance. For that specific reason, here we have an FFXI Woodworking Guide to help you figure out Woodworking with each level and we also have a few extras for you to keep going effortlessly. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started with the Guide.

Tips for Woodworking

●     Logging in Woodworking is one of the most boring things ever. There are several logging points in the game like the outpost Ghelsba. Simply buy the logs yourself from the Sandy Guild or AH.

●     The only thing useful is Lumberjack which is worth every time of yours. Crafting the ammunition/arrows takes time and investing in this ability is always worth it.

●     For a large supply of Logs, you can buy them at Norvallen but they are more expensive than other places.

●     Before you start or take on a lumber project, always check the AH. The reason is that there is always a difference in the market for lumber.

●     Woodworking is mostly about your sub-crafts like Smithing, Bone crafting, Goldsmithing, Furniture, Fishing, Bast Parchment, Clothcraft, and Alchemy.

●     In Woodworking, always look after the profit and recharge your power crafting. Learn where to stop and where to be in the market for earning Gil.

General Woodworking Terms

Craft Skilling

With craft, you can create certain items. For the recipes there is a certain term known as a cap, meaning if you are below, the current craft level, then you have a high chance of gaining skill (Skill up).

Usually, between five and ten below the cap, you will have breaks and each successful attempt gets you that skill up. This is more useful when the components aren’t that expensive.

On breaks and between zero to five, you can also earn that skill. So, these are the ranges in which you need to find recipes, as that is useful for you.

Earning Gil with Craft

With crafting you can make Gil, which is what most players do. It means there are ought to be good crafters around you, making it hard to sell cheap items. The only way you can earn Gil is through selling quality crafted materials.

Generally, when you are above the cap around 11, the recipe will give you a ten percent chance to make a quality material, which is also referred to as Tier 1. When you are above the cap, around 31, then it is referred to as Tier 2 having a thirty percent quality chance. Lastly, at 51 above the cap, you get to tier 3 with a 50 percent chance of best quality.

Woodworking through Fishing

You can also use Fishing to skill Woodworking. It can be done by breaking of Fishing Rod again and again after you repair it each time. This might take quite a lot of time, but it is harmless and can be done quite easily. In the higher fishing places, get a job at 75, and then you can do something with this trick.

Getting Materials

When thinking about Woodworking crafts, you generally focus on the materials and worry, about where to get them. In Woodworking, you can farm the items or most of them. Lumber is the most important thing here which you can purchase at a low price or gain through logging.

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Items Required for Woodworking


For 10.000 GP, you can get the Lumberjack and it can be gained early on in the game. This item will give you the ability to synth three of the logs to lumbers without wasting any time.

Carpenters Belt

You can get this at 10.000 GP and temporarily enhances your skill to 2. Simply not worth the shot, if you are a beginner.


For the same price as Belt, you can get this. It is the same as a Lumberjack but here it is for bolts. It is used to synth three bolts at the same time. For making the costs of Bolts efficient, you can use this and enhance the quality as well.

Wood Purification

At 40.000GP, you can get this from the start and use it for certain recipes.

Wood Ensorcellment

At the same price as Wood Purification, you can get this early on. Only focus on it if you are going after Warp Cudgels or you are around level 90 or above.

Carpenter’s Apron

For 100.000GP you can get this apron but it requires the Artisan Rank. Further, when you have this Apron, there is an increase in Skill of Woodworking to around +1.

Carpenter’s Gloves

At the cost of 70.000GP, you require Journeyman for the Carpenter’s Gloves. In other words, you need to have around 48 or above level in Woodworking to use this. Same as Apron, it gives +1 to the skill of Woodworking.

Carpenter’s Ring

For 80.000GP, you can get this beautiful Ring of high quality. It is only a Craftsman item that doesn’t aid in anything except fashion.

Drawing Desk

The most expensive of them all, at 150.000GP and Veteran Rank, you can get the Desk. For the Moghancement Woodworking Skill, you will have to let the earth be dominant in your mog house. Furthermore, just like the above two, it gives +1 to the skill of Woodworking.

Carpenter’s Signboard

A new addition to the game furniture that combines with the other furnishing and in return you get that awesome Woodworking Moglification. Furthermore, it gives your Woodworking Skill a +1 and also minimized the failed synths item loss chance. That is not all, you can also use this to exchange the Drawer Almirahs Yellow 6 for a Yellow 9 and get some of that Maple Table.

Woodworking Craft with Levels

Level Zero to Ten

At this level, you can get;

●     Arrowwood Lumber

●     Maple Lumber

●     Workbench

●     Ash Lumber

Level Eleven to Twenty

●     Bolts

●     Maple Table

●     Walnut Lumber

Level Twenty-One to Thirty

●     Maple Sugar

●     Yew Lumber

●     Yew Wand

●     Chestnut Lumber

●     Shihei

Level Thirty-One to Forty

●     Book Holder

●     Mizu Deppo

●     Oak Lumber

●     Kawahori Ogi

●     Bettle Arrow

Level Forty-One to Fifty

●     Fang Arrow

●     Flower Stand

●     Rosewood Lumber

●     Bast parchment

●     Horn Arrow

Level Fifty-One to Sixty

●     Mahogany Lumber

●     Meifu Goma

●     Scorpion Arrow

Level Sixty-One to Seventy

●     Chest

●     Tarutaru Fishing Rod

●     Feyweald Lumber

●     Demon Arrow

Level Seventy-One to Eighty

●     Ancient Lumber

●     Hume Fishing Rod

●     Ice Staff

●     Commode

●     Ebony Pole

●     Lu Shang Fishing Rod

Level Eighty-One to Ninety

●     Mithran Fishing Rod

●     Muthic Wand

●     Teak Lumber

●     Muthic Harp

Level Ninety-One to Hundred

●     Kabura Arrow

●     Divine Lumber

●     The Big One

●     Bloodwood Lumber

●     Divine Sap

●     Lancewood Lumber

●     Scythe (Level 100)

Final Verdict

One of the most beneficial and must-have skills in the game is Woodworking. It not only allows you to craft items that are exceptionally useful for yourself but rather it also gives you a chance to enhance the quality of materials you make and sell them for a good price. Furthermore, there is quite a lot going on with Woodworking skills and therefore, we have here FFXI Woodworking Guide to aid you in your Final Fantasy Woodworking journey.

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