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Final Fantasy XIV Airship Guide

Every Final Fantasy game has had airship travel, and Final Fantasy XIV is no exception. Final Fantasy XI, Square Enix's previous MMO, included an airship transport mechanism that required players to wait for the ship to arrive at their location in real-time. Fortunately, this hasn't affected Final Fantasy XIV, but that doesn't mean plane travel isn't included in the game.

By completing the main mission, new players automatically acquire the ability to fly between major city hubs. When a character utilizes this travel method, a brief cutscene will begin to play before they soon arrive at the desired location. As the player moves from their initial city to one at level 15, they receive their first unlock. By advancing the plot in such locations, the player will eventually be able to go to Ishgard and other expansion cities. In Shadowbringers, a brand-new world, The First, an airship system is still accessible through the main plot.

In Final Fantasy XIV, joining a Free Company gives players access to a workshop where they can create personalized airships for Exploratory Voyages. Free Companies are the equivalent of guilds in the game. The duration of these outings is set, and the Free Company receives arbitrary prizes. Each airship in the Free Company has its stats and will progress in rank as it completes expeditions. Free Company Airships need a variety of commodities. This guide aims to raise awareness of the admirable activity of air shipping and to encourage debate on all the unanswered questions.

This section gives some advice as you go along with a general summary of the advancements you'll make. We are constantly learning about company airships, a brand-new and exciting aspect of Eorzea. We can learn more by doing things differently, so consider everything we've said.

FFXIV Airship

On a Wing and Prayer: Rank 1-4

Give your airship a catchy name and launch her into the uncharted wilderness! You will only be able to travel to specific sectors, but each journey will provide you the opportunity to reveal more. Try alternate flight paths when scheduling excursions to numerous sectors to reduce travel time. Check over your flight log and pay attention to the pattern. By leaving a comment on this site, you may also offer any findings, hypotheses, or musings.

Key Items

Vivianite(Sectors 1 & 2): These are required to create Garlond Steel, a crucial component for making your Invincible-type components, which you may begin employing at rank five. Only 27 are required for the first portion. From now on, each airship component will require 27 vivianite and nine garlond steel.

Bamboo Weave(Sectors 1 & 2): These will enable you to access some early airship versions. For Prototype II, you'll need 6 and 18 in total to cover all the prototypes.

Red Moko Grass(Sectors 3 & 4): This will be crucial for creating a few of the Enterprise-type components, much like vivianite.

Coca-Cola and dark iron: You won't receive these with your airship, it would be a good idea for your business to start stockpiling them because they will be required to make more parts.

I'm Invincible: Rank 5-14

Your first opportunity to enhance your items will come at rank 5. Instead of waiting to upgrade everything at once, it is advisable to upgrade pieces as they become easily available one at a time. You will have a capacity of 16 at rank 5, sufficient to improve one part.

There is currently no simple solution, but some people think surveillance is essential to unlocking areas and advancing more quickly. Some people advise improving a component to get experience and rank more quickly (Hull, Rigging, Aftcastle).

You'll have sufficient airframe capacity between ranks 7 and 10 to upgrade more components! I advise upgrading at least one or two of your bronco parts because it is a challenging route to rank 15. It's crucial to remember sector 5 on your journeys since it will eventually unlock sector 7.

Key Items

Balsa Wood Scraps: You also need this item to access airship prototypes. For Prototype III (Enterprise), you'll need 10, and for all the prototypes, you'll need 14.

The 'Deep Crystal Set' (Sectors 5,6 and 7): These can be utilized to make aetherial wheels. You'll likely visit these sectors anyhow to earn EXP.

Lali-Ho! : Rank 15-24

You will have access to Enterprise-style parts after you achieve rank 15. After that, parts selection decisions will start to get trickier. Should you move straight to entrepreneurship or complete create your invincible parts? When before, you won't be able to upgrade them all at once, but you will have the chance as rank-ups expand the size of your airframe. You will be able to carry three invincible parts and one enterprise part at rank 18.

You can access sector-7, which is necessary for unlocking sector 8 when you rank 17. Try returning to sector-5 if you haven't opened sector-7 yet. When you reach 20th rank and get to sector-8, you can board your second airship.

The "key items" pattern will continue in the same manner from this point forward. There will be an item (such as balsa wood lumber or synthetic fiber) that unlocks the prototype for each tier of the airship and an item required to construct the ingredients. You can see which sectors provide each product by looking at the sector information tables. 

Most of the time, you shouldn't have any trouble finding enough airship parts to manufacture items without making extra excursions. However, Vivianite might be an exception because garlond steel is utilized in almost all parts after the bronco. If you find yourself down, the simple fix is to include sectors-1 or sector-2 in your excursions.

East or West: Rank 25+

There won't be any huge surprises moving forward because, at this point, you have a general understanding of how everything operates. You'll start tracking your advancement by how many sectors you've accessed after your airship reaches level 50. As you may already know, unlocking sectors can need some patience. It all comes down to good fortune and tenacity.

When your airship reaches the 50th rank, you may switch from maximizing experience to maximizing your chances of opening up new sectors. We don't yet know if any one stat is significant, and it is becoming doubtful. Increased travel is the only surefire strategy to increase your chances. Your flagship can be outfitted with the most excellent rigs you have, and you might think about sending it on brief missions to only those sectors that might unlock new ones. Occasionally you could be able to travel to more than one prospective sector in a single trip (for example, a trip from sectors-11 to sector-15 might open both sectors-14 and sector-19). Still, it might be advisable to travel only to one sector. You have an exciting decision to make on whether to take the sectors' eastern or western path.

Additional Tips to keep in mind

  • You shouldn't worry excessively about utilizing HQ mats when creating airship components. The "quality" rating for each step is unaffected by it. The EXP gained from producing and submitting mats is the only advantage of using them.

  • Although obtaining design components very early is pretty simple, we do not advise avoiding indestructible components completely. To reach rank 15 with only bronco parts is a difficult task. Even when you reach level 15, there won't be enough capacity to upgrade all the components at once.

  • Consider improving your aftcastle (+retrieval) if you are unsure which components to update first. The highest rise in EXP is provided by this section, which raises your ratings.

  • We advise you to use some real-life money and purchase some FFXIV Gil to get the desired items faster.

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FFXIV Airship Guide

Stats and Upgrading Suggestions

  • Surveillance: This affects the likelihood of obtaining a second object per sector, and may also affect the likelihood of discovering new industries.

  • Retrieval: Player observes an increase in rating(extraction) when retrieving.

  • Speed: A factor in the distance traveled.

  • Range: Enables more sector visits per journey

Your options for upgrading and suggestions for prioritizing them are as follows:

  • Hull (Range: +14, Favor: -4): In specific circumstances, you would reach additional sectors. Consider it a benefit to experience and items which tier up as you open up additional areas.

  • Rigging (Speed:+14, Retrieval:-4, Range: -4): Faster travel times allow for more daily trips. The growth in experience and items is linear in this case, but the experience bonus is offset by a decrease in the other attributes that affect it.

  • Forecastle (Favor: +14, Surveillance: +14): Finding a second item, however, does not appear to be crucial for boosting your boost to EXP for a total rating. If materials are scarce and creating new pieces is your largest obstacle, it makes sense to update this.

  • Aftcastle (Retrieval: +14, Speed: -4, Surveillance: -4): This section seems to be the most crucial for increasing your rating benefit and, consequently, your total EXP. If rank/airframe capacity is your main obstacle, ensure that it enhances this first.

FFXIV Voyage Log

Interpreting the voyage log

Knowing which component to upgrade next can be determined by reading the voyage log. Your base EXP, rating, and EXP bonus are all located at the top. You'll also notice the things that were acquired over the journey. The fascinating portion is the flight log. You will stumble across some "nodes" in each sector, from which your airship will harvest things.

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