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Final Fantasy XIV Armorer Levelling Guide

There are eight Disciples of the Hand classes in Final Fantasy XIV, and Armorer is one of them. Shields, heavy plate armor and other items like pans for chefs and alembics for alchemists are all made by armorers and plate and heavy armor. When any Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic reaches level 10, the player can unlock Armorer by speaking with the guild receptionist at Naldiq & Vymelli's in Limsa Lominsa at the Upper Decks and accepting the mission Way of the Armorer. In addition, players can repair any armor they own after unlocking and leveling the class and create armor and other goods that may be sold to earn a lot of Gil or other currencies.

Players must submit their items for the crafting class tasks. These things could be bought or made; however, we advise crafting them since doing so yields a good amount of EXP and is significantly less expensive.

In-game, if you need to buy some weapons, armor, or other resources to help you level up faster, you can always purchase some Gil. If you are falling short of Gils, getting them for real money is the easiest way.

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FFXIV Armorer

Levels 1 to 10

You can buy or craft the things for the quests for the first 10 levels. The two levels, 'Distill it Yourself' and 'Eyes Bigger than the Plate,' are by far the finest to submit because they both offer EXP in large numbers and are very inexpensive to buy and make. Players should concentrate on producing rings, rings, bronze ingots, and plates at this time. These are reliable sources of EXP and are required for this level of creating additional goods. Players will submit the things they earned from their class tasks at the proper level and can resume their regular crafting and leveling up.

Levels 11 to 20

Like in the first phase, players still create bronze goods using 'Quick Craft' and clearing levels. You can also trade in the moderate Greavous Losses for more EXP per activity rotation. Alternatively, carry on as before. Next, you will require in great quantity for crafting, mainly for two purposes-levels and class missions, iron rings, iron plates, and iron rivets, which players can switch to making once they reach level 15.

Levels 21 to 30

Players at this level should devote themselves entirely to crafting iron because an Iron Hoplon that has been upgraded with Materia is required for the quests at the 20th level. You will have access to repeatable levels that offer high EXP rewards by this time. Players can make Steel Ingots for a profit by doing this up to the 25th level, at which point they can start. If making steel objects at this time is too challenging, you can also make Heavy Iron Flanchard. In any other case, storing steel ingots, rings, and plates now will be a great idea considering EXP and future crafts.

Levels 31 to 40

You can continue running leves and creating steel things up to the 35th level, albeit leves at this stage take a lot of time to create and offer rather few EXP rewards. Players should complete the 'Skillet Scandal' to gain huge EXP if they plan to run levels. You should continue crafting steel products for EXP in any case. Making Ingots from Mythril is possible for players around level 35. Mythril plates, rings, and rivets are required for the class quest, along with a steel frypan. This is an excellent way to earn experience points because they may be submitted more than once but might be challenging to create. Players ought to have updated their accessories by this point. You must continue to create Mythril items in addition to these. Players must provide a Mythril Cuirass of High-Quality to complete the level 40 quest.

FFXIV Armorer Leveling Guide

Levels 41 to 50

While the finest quest, the Chain Coif, requires delivery to the Whitebrim Front from Limsa Lominsa, leveling up from 40 to 50 can feel like a chore, but it does offer fantastic EXP rewards. Now is the time for players to gather Mythril items to replace their rotation of steel things. Providing the Elmo during the level Employee Retention if players can make them. As an alternative, you can buy them.

Players who have reached level 50 can access Scrips by finishing the mission 'Inscrutable Tastes' and discovering how to make Collectibles. Players can obtain stronger gear to assist them in meeting the increased CP requirements for High-Quality items by exchanging these Collectables for Scrips and EXP, which then can be sold for advanced gear. It is essential to keep in mind when building Collectables that their value is unaffected by their quality, making it simpler to create them and earn Scrips.

Levels 51 to 60

Even though the crafts at the 50th level and higher offer a substantial quantity of EXP, they are now much simpler to finish at the 51st level because of the stat rise. The new levels in Ishgard will also become available to players. For the time being, players should start making mythrite nuggets and rivets for the task 'Mythrite Rivets Run Through It.' Players can still craft everything for EXP if not. If you haven't already, at the 53rd level, you should switch to the Mythrite set for new gear.

When a player reaches level 54, they can start producing Titanium items like Titanium Nuggets and Rivets. Making a large number of nuggets will be a terrific way to level up and earn money, just like the previous levels. Meanwhile, keep producing Titanium products because the levels unlocked at the 56th level also need you to turn in resources-intensive and challenging-to-make things to advance. At level 58, players can start making Adamantite weapons, along with Nuggets and Rivets made using Adamantite. Just like the tier that the players just finished, but with significantly more EXP-paying 'Adamantite Leg Guards of Maiming' for the level 'Look Before You Leap.' To break up the monotony, you must have a fixed rotation of things they enjoy doing. Just keep producing the Adamantite Rivets and Nuggets until you reach level 60.

Levels 61 to 70

Before the following tier of level tasks, players must level up to 62. It is advised that players make huge numbers of Nuggets using High Steel before reaching this tier to make other things to trade in for the different levels that will be unlocked by then. Players can start producing Ingots and selling at level 64, as well as Oroshigane Ingots, the latter of which is necessary for the upcoming stage of ingots. You can make the Doman Iron Frypan for the level of Home Cooking and Doman Iron Greaves of Maiming for Greaving; both will yield good EXP. Players should do this up until level 66.

Players will play these levels and produce a massive quantity of 'Tama-hagane Ingots' to create 'Molybdenum Ingots,' which may then be used to make Molybdenum gear from this point until level 68. All three provide plenty of EXP. To attain level 70, players must manufacture them and turn them in along with other leves from Grand Company and Daily Deliveries.

FFXIV Guide to Armorer

Levels 71 to 80

Unfortunately, there isn't much diversity between these levels and other ways described before to get EXP, but leveling up is relatively easy. Until you reach level 74, keep using these strategies to acquire EXP. Right now, The Proper Precautions is the ideal level to submit because it requires a player to make a 'Bluespirit Alembic', which provides a tonne of EXP. You can also finish any Crystarium Delivery tasks that are still accessible to them; one will become available if they reach level 75. Players can make 'Dwarven Mythril Nuggets', a necessary ingredient for making 'Dwarven Mythril Chainmail of Fending' after they achieve level 78. Even though this level requires one turn to finish, it is straightforward and offers tremendous EXP payouts. You will achieve a new gear tier for Scrip once they reach level 80.

Levels 81 to 90

A player should make 'High Durium Gauntlets of Fending' when they achieve level 82. If they have generated enough ingots, players can attempt the level 'The Incomplete Costume,' requiring a set of 'High Durium Armor of Fending'; this is a more labor- and resource-intensive task, and you might face difficulties. Once a player reaches level 84, they can begin crafting the 'Bismuth Alembic,' along with Bismuth Ingots for the level 84 Armoire Aftercare.

Players can construct the ingots from manganese for various gear required for levels up until level 86, after which they can stop. The final step is for players to craft chondrite ingots at level 90. The levels between 80 and 90 often get very boring; thus, players are urged to split their leveling between levels and actual crafting. Level 90 players can make and fix armor for the classes (combat) and thus will be equipped for the 'Endwalker Beast Tribe's entry into the game.

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