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Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Guide

The Black Mage is frequently compared to a fixed cannon and is a magical ranged DPS job. Your task is to take up position and continuously slam adversaries with powerful spells that do a lot of damage. You are the one causing the most misery at the gathering because of the superb area-of-effect (AoE) damage and excellent continuous large single-target damage.

Because of its relatively stable base and damage, Black Mage is a continuously popular choice in Final Fantasy XIV. Additionally, Endwalker strengthened a potent multi-enemy combination of already potent attacks, making it a fantastic option for dispatching dungeon enemies. Even yet, it has a reputation for being a little arcane and mystical in its operation. Furthermore, it can be challenging for newbies to figure out how to maneuver progressively complicated boss fights because of the lengthy cast periods for each attack. 

How Black Mage Works?

You have three different types of spells, which is the basic premise. Thunder spells require you to maintain DoT (damage over time) on your targets. Mana-intensive fire spells deal a tonne of damage. Finally, ice spells refill your mana but deal far less damage.

In essence, this is what you must do:

  • Apply and keep up Thunder DoT initially.

  • Use your mana for spells with fire.

  • When you run out of mana, shift to casting ice spells until your mana bar is filled.

Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Gameplay

How To Become A Black Mage?

A Black Mage can become one of two ways. One choice is to make a new character and choose the Thaumaturge class because, at level 30, no other class can specialize as a Black Mage.

You can visit Ul'dah at the Steps of Nald with your current characters and talk to Yayake to commence the "Way of the Thaumaturge" and progress this class to level 30.

The Quest To Be A Black Mage

You must have completed the Main Scenario Quest's "Sylph Management" stage in addition to the Thaumaturge class quest "Facing Your Demons" at level 30 to become a Black Mage. The "Taking the Black" quest will become available, and if you've finished it, you can choose to specialize as a Black Mage. For the Black Mage, many tasks offer different rewards and crucial skills.

FFXIV Black Mage Quest

Basics of Black Magic

The two most crucial ideas to comprehend in the Black Mage's basic balancing theme are Umbral Ice and Astral Fire. Umbral Ice replenishes Mana Points, then used for large, delicious damage with Astral Fire. In addition, you'll have the ability to Thunder spells when you level up. Usually, you may incorporate these damage over time (DoT) spells into your rotation.

The Black Mage should also be aware of the crucial location; while you have some meager mobile casting options, these are unreliable. Therefore, you must position yourself to inflict the most significant harm while making the fewest movements feasible. The Black Mage resembles a turret or a piece of artillery in that they have little mobility but a tremendous amount of ranged destructive power. 

Elemental Gauge

In group play, the Black Mage has the availability of several key mechanics that define its overall efficacy. Still, your ascent to the top is possible if you can understand these. You can see how many layers of Umbral Ice and Astral Fire you currently have by looking at the icons in the upper left corner of the screen. The number at the top shows the duration of Astral Fire/Umbral Ice.

As your power grows, the Elemental Gauge shows you how other things are progressing. You can unlock umbral hearts at level 58, showing you how many of them are available in the bottom-left area. The enhanced mana price of Fire spells when Astral Fire is activated is negated by an Umbral Heart.

At level 70, you get access to Polyglot. You accumulate a meter filled every 30 seconds when Umbral Ice or Astral Fire is active, awarding you a Polyglot Crystal. At level 80, you are made accessible to an additional crystal charge, which you can use to activate Foul or Xenoglossy, one of your most potent attacks.

When you reach level 90, you can use Paradox, which you can develop by switching between Astral Fire and Umbral Ice. To acquire a level of Paradox when trading, you also need an Astral Fire III, Umbral Heart, or Umbral Ice III.

Even though at first it may seem very intimidating to have exposure to so many different resources and currencies, you do so progressively as you gain experience. The Black Mage has another benefit: its rotation is generally stable and doesn't vary significantly based on encounters.

You can buy and upgrade your defenses and attack stats using Gils. A decent number of Gils can give you a headstart in the game and smooth your gaming experience.

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Black Mage Rotations

  • Black Mage Basic Single Target Rotation

  • Cast Blizzard III

  • Cast Blizzard IV

  • Cast Paradox

  • Cast Fire III

  • Cast Fire IV > three times repetition

  • Cast Paradox

  • Cast Fire IV > three times repetition

  • Cast Despair

The fundamental idea behind the single target rotation is to use Blizzard III and Blizzard IV to build up your umbral ice before unleashing as many highly damaging Fire IVs as possible. You will utilize Paradox to lengthen the time of the Astral Fire from Fire III, as Fire IV does not provide you Astral Fire. Despair is your final move, dealing a tonne of damage but at a high mana cost.   

FFXIV Black Mage Rotation

Black Mage Basic Area Of Effect Rotation

This is the area of effect (AoE) rotation to attack enemies in groups:

  • Cast High Blizzard II

  • Cast Freeze

  • Cast Thunder IV

  • Cast High Fire II > three times repetition

  • Cast Flare > two times repetition

The fundamental concept of the AoE rotation is to begin stacking Umbral Hearts with Freeze and High Blizzard II, which negates Astral Fire's Mana-increasing effect on Fire spells and decreases Flare's cost by a third. Your finest AoE dot is Thunder IV, which lasts 18 seconds. Finally, you conclude with High Fire II and Flare, two of your finest AoE fire damage spells.

Black Mage Opener Rotation

Use the opener rotation to coordinate buffs with your squad to maximize your damage in challenging group content. The rotation is listed below. As previously said, the Black Mage's main strength is that their rotation doesn't alter all that much because they focus on amassing resources (like Polyglot) before using them to deal significant damage. Therefore, you can increase your DPS with your off-GCD actions.

  • 12 seconds well before the fight begins, use Sharpcast.

  • Four seconds before the fight begins, begin casting Fire III.

  • Tricast after casting Thunder III.

  • You get a significant damage increase against raid bosses when you cast Fire IV, followed by the consumption of a Grade 6 Tincture of Intelligence.

  • Cast Fire IV, then use Amplifier and Ley Lines to enhance the number of spells you can cast and hence the overall damage you deal.

  • Swiftcast is used after casting Fire IV.

  • Triplecast Fire IV after casting it.

  • You will have the mana you require for the remainder of the opener if you cast Despair and then use Manafont.

  • Sharpcast after using Fire IV.

  • Put on Dismay.

  • Blizzard III be cast.

  • You should have a minimum of one layer of Polyglot to cast Xenoglossy.

Black Mage Gear

All essential damage sub-stats correlate well with Black Mages (critical, spell speed, direct hit, etc.). The right gear for Black Mages mostly relies on how familiar you are casting spells quickly. If you prefer a shorter global cooldown (GCD), put more emphasis on spell speed; if you want a longer GCD but more powerful critical hits, put more emphasis on critical.

Black Mage's finest gear either has heavy crit and slow spell speed or weak crit but great spell speed and direct hit stats. Generally, Black Mages choose the high spell speed option because it has the best stability overall and provides you with a 2.19 GCD (Global Cooldown). Given that Black Mage correlates well with increased crit or spell speed, it is unnecessary to worry about optimizing any particular stats as it is one of the more straightforward classes to equip.

FFXIV Black Mage Guide

What Statistics Should You Apply Your Materia To?

Materia is a crucial component in preparing for strong content on all fronts. To properly optimize your performance, here is a guide covering everything you should understand about Materia.

Overall, it is entirely dependent on the equipment you're utilizing. Black Mages, as previously mentioned, are fairly adaptable in terms of gear; you can choose to deal more steady damage with faster spells but lower critical chance or slower attacks with more crit. If your gear already has a high crit rating, you should increase it even further because the crit rating gets more potent the higher it is. So to sum it up:

  • Increase the crit stat when using higher crit gear.

  • If not, increase the spell speed and direct hit/determination.

As the Black Mage deals damage, it is always advisable to look for the maximum item level you can find when equipping; any weapon with a greater level has always been an improvement. You'll be enjoying a Sykon Cookie because it increases spell and direct hit damage.

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