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Final Fantasy XIV Botanist Levelling Guide

Final Fantasy XIV or Final Fantasy XIV Online is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). FFXIV offers various roles for its players to choose from. You will be doing activities based on your role, such as exploration, raids, fights, etc. Most people prefer action, so they find raiding dungeons and slaying monsters a fun activity to pass their time. But there are other activities where you can just sit back and relax. You can do these activities when you want to take a break from the action but still enjoy the game.

What is a better way to do this than strolling through the forests and collecting food and other natural resources. Final Fantasy's Botany Class is the most suitable option for anyone looking to relax and do fun activities. This life skill is fun, especially for those seeking a vacation from saving the planet, as it involves everything from gliding from tree to tree to high-quality harvesting supplies. The following is a guide to help players advance from novice botanists to exceptional botanists. In this article, we will discuss the FFXIV Botanist Levelling Guide about how to get started to reach all the way to level 90.

Final Fantasy XIV Botanist

Getting Started – Reaching Level 20

In Final Fantasy XIV, if a player is looking to start their journey as a botanist, they must meet two requirements. The first requirement is that a player should at least rank level 10 in Disciple of Magic or Disciple of War. According to the second requirement, you must also have access to the city-state of Gridania. If you select the Archer, Lancer, or Conjurer job, this will be the case immediately. However, if your career places you in Ul'dah or Limsa Lominsa, it will take some time before you can travel to Gridania. In such a case, you ought to be well past level 10 when you reach Gridania.

Gamers must connect with the Botanist's Guild receptionist in Gridania and get to know Fufueha, the guild's leader, to begin their career as a botanist. The levequests for the trade skill will become available for acceptance following these events. You must focus on levels 1-20. They are easy to complete, and with the right resources, you will cover them in no time. In addition, you will get to collect various items during your quests. Here are the items you should be looking for.

  • For Levels 1 through 5 – The recommended gathering items are Mape Log and Earth/Wind/Water Shards, which can be found at Central Shroud and North Shroud, respectively. For levels 5 through 8 – the gathering item is Ash Log which can be found in both Central Shroud and North shroud.

  • For levels 8 through 20 – the Crow feather is the recommended gathering item. Crow Feather can be located at the Central Shroud.

You might wonder what to do with them since our guide advises gathering particular items to hasten the leveling process. Two methods are used. See whether you can utilize them in your recipes if you're also leveling a crafting class. The elemental shards will probably be used, even if nothing else. Consider selling extra materials on the marketboard if you're just going to stick to gathering for the time being. Although early-level transportation will only be worth a few Gil, it is still preferable to nothing. By the forties and fifties, you'll find that there is more money to be made as you advance.

Also, here are the quests you will encounter as you progress from level 1 to 20:

Quest Name

Gathered Item(s)

Quest Level

Way of the Botanist



My First Hatchet

10x Latex


Sap for Smiles

10x Maple Sap


Weapons of a Father

10x Crow Feather


Haste Makes Waste

10x Marjoram


Dressed to Harvest

15x Grade One Carbonized Matter


The Recommended gear sets for these quests are Amateur's Double Set for levels 10 through 15 and Cotton Shepherd's Gathering set for levels 15 through 22.

Final Fantasy XIV Botanist Guide

After the initial easy levels, you will require some starting Gil to fund your tools, food, materials, and other resources to progress further from here. You can fund your journey using the FFXIV Gil that you can get from our website. 

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Reaching Level 40

Since there will be a substantial jump in leveling at this point, players will gain from accepting levequests from important cities. Players are advised to accept the Carline Canopy NPCs since they will be in the city-state of Gridania for most of their gameplay. Botanists can also conduct leves in Eastern La Nocsea and the Costa del Sol. Accepting levequests before these levels are not advised.

  • For Levels 21 through 25 – The recommended gathering item is Yew Log which can be found at East Shroud.

  • For levels 25 through 32 – the gathering item is Gridanian Walnut which can be found in both South shroud.

  • For levels 32 through 37 – Oak Log is the recommended gathering item. It can be located at the South Shroud. 

  • For levels 37 through 40 – Mahogany Log is what you should be looking for in these levels. It can be found at Eastern La Noscea.

Also, here are the quests you will encounter as you progress from level 21 to 40.

Quest Name

Gathered Item(s)

Quest Level

Aromatic Aspirations

10x Marjoram


What Nature Giveth

15x Alligator Pear


A Feast to Say the Least

20x Laurel


Crisis of Faith

20x Ramhorn Zucchini


The Recommended gear sets for these quests are the Velveteen Gown Set for levels 30 through 35 and the Cotton Doublet Vest of Gathering Set for levels 35 through 42. These gears can be located at Old Gridania.

Final Fantasy XIV Botanist Levelling Guide

Reaching Levels 41 to 60

When you reach this phase, you might wonder if it is the most tedious phase due to its slow progression. But looking at the positive side, you have learned a lot by the time you reach here. First, we should stress the importance of company-issued survival guides. Up until level 60, your Grand Company can assist you. At that point, you should resort to Revised Survival Manuals. These increase your experience gain for all gathering classes by 150 percent up to the top of their unique level range, which is quite impressive. Even after that, you can still use one for a 125 percent increase, so they're not entirely useless. Finally, you probably have the Gatherers Scrips in your botany skills at this stage, so you can start saving for the nice stuff.

  • For Levels 45 through 50 – The recommended gathering item is Mirror Apple which can be located at the Coerthas Central Highlands.

  • For levels 50 through 60 – the gathering item is Rosewood Log which can be found in East Shroud.

  • For level 60 – There are 2 gathering items. These are Camphorwood Log and Bloodhemp. These items can be located at the Churnning Mists and the Fringes.

Also, here are the quests you will encounter as you progress from level 41 to 60.

Quest Name

Gathered Item(s)

Quest Level

Botanist in a Bind

20x Mistletoe


Seeds of Hope

3x Spruce Log


Call from the Clouds



Onions of Life Bestowing

10x Cyclops Onion


Two Nations, One Seed

10x Emerald Beans


Love for Harmony

10x Birch Log


Seeds Know No Borders

3x Chrysahl Greens


Never Meet Your Heroes



The recommended Gear Sets for this phase are Boarskin Jarkin Set for levels 43-48. It can be found at Old Gridania. You can also find Raptors Jerkin Set at the same location to be used for levels 48 to 53. The other gear set is Botanist's Set for levels 50 to 60. It can be found at Rowena's Representatives.

Reaching Levels 61 to 80

As players have access to new features to aid in leveling up their botany career, the grind gets a little bit easier at this point. As players access higher-quality resources, the gathering also becomes more profitable. In addition, unlocking The Firmament will give gatherers a new area to gather. The Company-issued Survival Manuals should be replaced with the Revised Survival Manuals by level 60. Up until level 80, these items grant players a 150% experience point bonus. The impact is halved after reaching level 80. The Firmament and the boosts eliminate the need for gatherers to use any suggested gathering techniques. At level 70, crystarium will help you handle the quests. Also, here are the quests you will encounter as you progress from level 61 to 80.

Quest Name

Gathered Item(s)

Quest Level

You Say Popoto, I Say...

20x Wild Popoto & The Fringes (X: 11, Y: 25)


Walking for Walker's

20x Walker's Popoto & Ruby Sea (X: 7, Y: 8.5)


The White Death

20x Nanoriso & Ruby Sea (X: 13.5, Y: 16)


Edgyth's Winning Streak

5x Rhalgr's Streak & The Lochs (X: 5.7, Y: 8.7)


The Recommended gear sets for these quests are the Serpentskin Gathering Set for levels 60 through 65, the Kudzu Set of Gathering for levels 48-53, and Landking's Set for levels 70 through 80.

Levelling to 90

For levels 80 through 90, there is no specific guide as of now. By reaching level 80, you have learned everything essential you need as a botanist. Your aim should be to collect items now. These items will provide you with millions of EXPs. This might be time-consuming, but given the amount of EXPs, it's worth collecting them. Players are free to do whatever they want once they achieve level 90. They can either resume killing enemies in dungeons or carry on making money from botany. They might also think of advancing to the top of the mining industry. This will be all from us for now. Stay Tuned with us for more updates.

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