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Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter Levelling Guide
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Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter Levelling Guide

In the Final Fantasy XIV multiplayer game, Carpenter performs the crafting of wooden in-game weapons and other tools. These carpenters know every detail to implement and advance the tools. The crafting class has got numerous features and crafting ingredients at different levels. Levelling up this class is required to acquire better equipment.

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Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter

Carpenter is the part of the discipline of the hand where wooden materials are crafted and repaired. Other than weapons, many tools are made to help an Eorzea occupant. The game features Carpenter’s characters that are designed as professionals. A player having at least one level ten Disciple of war can be a carpenter in the Carpenter class Gridania at the Carpenter’s guild headquarters. Upgrading and doing quests will help to become a carpenter.

Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter

Skills of the Carpenter

The Carpenter is then rewarded with new skills as the level goes up. Some are:

  • Basic Synthesis: Level – 1, increases progress; the efficiency and progress rate are 100%.

  • Basic Touch: Level – 5, it increases quality. The efficiency and success rate are 100%, and the CP cost is 18.

  • Master’s Mend: Level – 7, it increases item durability by 30. The efficiency and success rate are 100%, and the CP cost is 88.

  • Hasty Touch: Level – 9, it increases quality without CP. The efficiency and success rates are 100% and 60%, respectively.

  • Rapid Synthesis: Level- 9 increases progress. Efficiency is 250%, and the success rate is 50%. No CP id is required.

  • Inner Quiet: Level – 11, it grants a bonus that stacks up to 11 times and controls it with every increasing quality. CP is 18.

  • Observe: Level 13 does nothing for one step; CP is 12.

  • Tricks of the Trade: Level - 13, It restores 20 CP and can only be used at the Good or excellent material status.

  • Waste not: Level- 15, CP is 56. It reduces durability by 50% for the next four steps.

  • Standard Touch: Level- 18, it increases quality. CP is 32. Efficiency 125% and success rate 100%.

  • Great Strides: Level- 21 increases the efficiency of next touch action by 100%. Effective activity for three steps.

  • Innovation: Level- 26 increases the efficiency of touch action by 50%. Effective activity for the next four steps. CP is 18.

  • Name of the Element: Level- 37 increases the element efficiency by 200%. Effective activity for the next three steps. It can only be used once per synthesis. CP is 30.

  • Final Appraisal: Level- 42, the next action that would complete item synthesis will instead leave one progress point remaining. CP is 1.

  • Byregot’s Blessing: level- 50, CP is 24. Increases quality and the quiet inner effect ends upon use.

  • Careful synthesis: Level- 62, CP is 7, increases progress.

  • Manipulation: Level- 65, CP is 96, restores 5 points for durability after each step for the next eight steps.

  • Reflect: Level- 69, CP is 6, increases quality.

  • Groundwork: Level- 72, CP is 18, increases durability at a greater cost; as the durability decreases, the efficiency decreases.

  • Trained eye: Level- 80, CP is 250, increases quality by 100%. It is available only on the step. This cannot be used with expert crafting recipes.

  • Trained Finesses: Level- 90, CP is 32. It increases quality at no cost to durability.

For crafting, the Carpenter must need the tool. According to the wearing and the needs of crafting, various types of tools are available at different levels of crafting. The tools are categorized into two types. One is the Primary tool, and another one is the Secondary tool. As the names refer, these tools are primary and secondary requirements. All these tools and clothing like head, body, hands, rings, and legs fall under the crafting equipment.

Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter Skills

Level-wise Carpenter Levelling Guide

There are 90 levels of Carpentry or crafting. Talking about the level of recipes or division, we’ll discuss those starting at 10, 10 to 20, 20 to 30, 30 to 40, 40 to 50, 50 to 60, 60 to 70, 70 to 80, and 80 to 90.

Levelling starting at 10: Entering into the Carpentry requires continuous quests and skill development. Once you start Carpentry, try to craft any minimum item as per the available ingredients and equipment. This will lead to gaining the tools of a higher level. The first level is My First Saw, where Maple Lumber is made. Then, after progression, at level 5, you need to make a Square Maple Shield. This level is called To Be the Wood. The basics of crafting, like woods or logs, would be available at the workshop. Then, you get the supplies to make Ash Lumber with Ash logs and wind shards at level 10.

Levelling 10 to 20: Conquering the quests and rapidly crafting the items according to the levels and supplies increases the Levelling speed. Between levels 10 to 20, you will unlock some basic materials and skills mentioned. There you need to collect the tools and economy to grow more.

Levelling 20 to 30: Between these levels, you will have to get the crafting result materials like Ash Shortbow, Yew Lumber, Iron Joint Plate, Yew Branch, and Elm Lumber; crystals like Wind Shard and Ice Shard. Having skills in the HQ component can benefit from increasing the level. As you gain the Great Strides skill from level 21, crafting gets easier.

Levelling 30 to 40: Here, you need to get an HQ Oak Longbow and HQ Oak Composite Bow to improvise the crafting of the woods. After level 35, the access to Brand of Winds is unlocked. The materials include Walnut Fishing rod, Still Ingot, Fish oil, algoat Horn, and Mahogany Log.

Levelling 40 to 50: You need to craft three HQ items between these levels. Wooden Gown Set purchase from Domitien in Old Gridania is made. Many higher quests like Saving Captain Gairhard Class are to be done by these levels. Here, the clogs of war are the most effective ones. 

Levelling 50 to 60: By this level, you would have gained the skills like Great Strides, Innovation, and Final appraisal, which help to spend less time crafting basic items. Yet, crafting heavy items requires synthesis, which will also help to gain XP. Hallowed Chestnut Composite Bow and Hallowed Chestnut Mask of Casting are recipes.

Levelling 60 to 70: In these levels, Doman Steel Halberd, Fermented Juice, Hingan Cupboard, and Hingan door are the recipes. The materials it requires are Persimmon Lumber, Hardsilver Nugget, and Firewood Varnish. The Grinmax Trade Gear keeps augmentation.

Levelling 70 to 80: Higher quests are to be done as the level increases. It is preferred to craft with weaver or purchase on market board. Sandteak Lumber, Growth formula, and Titanium Nugget are materials with crystals like wind crystal and ice crystals to be used.

Levelling 80 to 90: To level up to this, factors like Grand company deliveries, Custom Deliveries, collectible XPs, Levequests, and Brute crafting are added. You will get to know many characters and perks by reaching the end level of the crafting with many powerful crafted items.

Final Fantasy XIV Carpenter Levelling

Levelling Tips 

As part of the game, for the beginning levels, it is recommended not to use the leves. Keeping an eye on increasing the XP will maintain the budget for better equipment. Beast tribes, Grand companies, are suitable methods to level up the crafting classes. For mass Levelling, triples are to be marked. In easier words, the better your skill and gain tools, the faster the Levelling will be.

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