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Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Guide

The latest edition to Square Enix's renowned MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV, introduced not only a familiar figure in the new Viera selectable race but also a career that has been around since Final Fantasy V - the Dancer. Shadowbringers added two new vocations for players: Gunbreaker and Dancer. Dancer is a hybrid DPS position that offers both assistance for a party and damage-dealing ability. So do you want to put on those dancing shoes and figure out what makes this job tick? 

Dancer is among the three physically ranged DPS, along with Bard and Machinist. Dancers concentrate on offering significant damage boosts to the group via a large two-minute raiding buff and several specific single buffs to be provided to a single member of the party of their choice. Dancer's talents, like those of other physically ranged DPS vocations, are quickly cast, allowing for practically unfettered movement.

Dancers also have a lot of defensive utility, which makes them perfect for raids because Improvisation, Curing Waltz, and Shield Samba provides a lot of free healing and harm mitigation.

FFXIV Dancer

Unlocking the Dancer

Before we get into the specifics of playing Dancer, it's essential to know how to unlock the job. You're going to have already leveled at least one combat job to Level 60 and have Shadowbringers pick up the prerequisite starting quest from Limsa Lominsa. Completing the task Shall We Dance unlocks the Dancer job for your avatar and provides you with the necessary equipment to go out into the world. Dancer, like past careers associated with extensions, does not start at Level 1 - you'll begin your entertainment career at Level 60, which implies you're only a hop, skip, and leap away from taking on Shadowbringers material.

Opt to level as a Dancer through the Major Scenario Quests. Next, you must ensure that you pick up the necessary DPS role quests from The Crystarium, culminating in one additional job quest around Level 80 to cap it all off. Finally, if you're wondering how to level quickly, our useful guide provides some timeless advice, even for those starting at Level 60.

Rotation Tips for FFXIV Dancers

As previously stated, the Dancer was established to cover a DPS space in the existing FFXIV profession roster. However, it is not as simple as hitting something hard with your chakram till it collapses and dies. Shadowbringers accomplished a lot of streamlining in terms of what the many existing vocations can now bring to the table. Although Bards were formerly the utility game's rule of the day, they may start to lose their edge in the face of what a Dancer can contribute to a party.

Dancer's Closed Position maneuver is one of the elements that makes them a desirable partner in a party environment. Closed Position enables a Dancer to select a member of the party to gain and proc Dancer-specific bonuses, similar to how Dragoons can couple up with a lucky companion adventurer and supply them with a boon. It also enables the Dancer's partner to act as a conduit for specialized skills, which can be pretty helpful in a hurry.

Final Fantasy XIV Dancer Guide

Once you have the knack of just using a Closed Position, the Dancer rotation depends on putting together what is effectively a dance number from the balletic talents available to you. Dancers can adopt a couple of stances: Standard Step and Technical Step. Using either one will cause your step gauge to reveal the icons of specific skills, and engaging those skills in the correct order will complete your step (or dance routine, as it were). Completing Standard Finish buffs your damage and the harm of your dancing partner, but achieving a Technical Finish buffs your harm and the damage of numerous party members nearby.

The primary dance, Standard Step, comes next. We typically employ this ability on cooldown, although there are two exceptions. The first is when our door and window burst. It is more vital to keep Standard Step cooldown than to keep Esprit from overlapping by employing Saber Dance. Therefore, if you have a lot of Esprit, use it on Saber Dance and postpone your Standard Step as required.

Flourish takes one minute to cool down. After that, all available procs are granted: Fan Dance III, Fan Dance IV, Fountainfall, and Reverse Cascade. To prevent overwriting, utilize Flourish only if Fan Dance III has not already been performed.

Understanding the Job gauge

Up to four green Feathers appear on the top. These are your possible stored uses of Fan Dance (also known as Fourfold Feathers); these charges are created when specific skills are used. Each Feather shown enables a single application of either Fan Dance or Fan Dance II.

Your Esprit gauge is the yellow line with the corresponding value. This material is available at level 76. Esprit is generated when you or your dancing partner utilize GCD weapon skills or spells. Following Technical Finish, your whole party will contribute to the generation of Esprit until the raid buff expires. Saber Dance, a powerful GCD, is used to use this resource. Use it in advance to prevent wasting Esprit.

You can buy and upgrade your defenses and attack stats using Gils, the in-game currency. A decent number of Gils can give you a headstart in the game and smooth your gaming experience.

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Final Fantasy XIV Dancer

Understanding the Dance Partner

The Dance Partner mechanic is the key gimmick of the Dancer. When you use Closed Position on a party member, they become your Dance Partner, enabling you to buff them and significantly increase their damage output using several of your talents (Standard Finish and Devilment).

As a result, you should put your Dance Partner on somebody that does a lot of damage and can fully exploit those benefits.

Differences in equipment and other factors can influence the best dancing partner in any particular setting. Weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each of your party members and choose a dancing partner at your discretion.

FFXIV Dance Partner

Dance partners can stack, so you can team up if you ever find yourself with two Dancers in a dungeon.


As previously stated, Dancer provides great utility to the raid. By effectively utilizing these, you may significantly reduce the load on your healers and allow them to spend more time DPSing. This speeds up your kills and gives you greater DPS because they feed more damage to your raid buffs.

The following are some notable abilities:

Curing Waltz

The cooldown time is 60 seconds and restores the party members' health within a three yalm radius of you and your dancing partner for a little bit. However, the restoration gets noticeably stronger if you and your dancing partner are stacked up. Stacking your party inside this three-yalm circle can restore a significant amount of health on a relatively short cooldown. While organizing the use of this power in static is worthwhile. Simply use Group Finder on cooldown whenever the party is stacked but not at full health.

Samba shield

This ability takes 90 seconds cooldown and gives all surrounding members a 15-second boost, reducing all damage inflicted by 10%. Because you don't have to hit the boss and the period is significantly longer than other DPS mitigation skills, this is one of the most powerful-damage mitigation skills a DPS can bring. Unfortunately, these skills do not stack with the Machinist versions and Bard, as well as Tactician and Troubadour.

En Avant

This ability has three charges and enables you to Sprint for 10 yalms in a single direction. Using this skill at certain times makes you extremely mobile.


When activated, this ability grants regen to all party members within an eight-yalm radius. It also gives a stack of the Rising Rhythm boost every three seconds for a total of four heaps. When the skill is used twice, the button transforms to Improvised Finish, which adds a barrier equivalent to a percent of the player's maximum health. The toughness of the barrier increases with the length of time it is channeled. Because using this skill prevents you from dealing damage, it is suggested that you only completely channel it when there is a break with no boss or introduce targetable. You cannot prepare either Technical Step or Standard Step instead.


Peloton is a ranged position action that marginally increases everyone's mobility when not in battle. This is helpful in dungeons to enable everybody to run faster in between pulls. Peloton's mobility speed boost can not stack with Sprint's. Furthermore, if used in battle, it does not affect enhancing anyone's motion speed because the buff fades when you are in a fight. This can be utilized before a raid encounter to help the party go to the boss as soon as the timer reaches zero.

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