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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Aether Current locations

With its latest Endwalker update, Final Fantasy XIV will force you to fly once more. You must go through the Main Scenario, undertake quests from NPCs, and search the world for wandering currents to finish collecting Aether Currents, enabling flight in every zone. Your adventure Log will be completed with the aid of these Aether Currents and our Observation Log location guide.

You must locate and adjust to 10 Aether Currents and finish five tasks to access Labyrinthos, Thavnair, Garlemald, Mare Lamentorum, Elpis, and Ultima Thule. On your map, the large blue marks indicate the locations of quests. You might need your aether compass to locate these secret attuning spots. And in case you have forgotten, Square Enix changed the placement of your Aether Compass. Now, you may access it through the Collection option in your system's navigation, which is located under Duty. 

Where to find the Aether Compass?

Aether Compasses were relocated from the Key Item inventory to the Collections area with the launch of Endwalker. Now, you may get it by going to the Duty menu, choosing Collections, and then adding that option to your hot bar.

How to use the Aether Compass effectively?

The Aether Compass should be assigned to a hot bar, but you may use it from anywhere. Just pick it, and a message on the screen indicates where the closest Aether Current is on the map.

You may either put "/aethercurrent" into your log to pull up the screen of all Aether Currents you have gathered or go to the "Travel" menu and pick "Aether Currents" if you're not sure how many you still need to acquire in each zone.

Remember that not all of them are indicated on the map. Some of them may be acquired by finishing side missions. Their blue backgrounds and symbols tell you which ones to look for.

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Relation between quests and Aether Currents

Four Aether Currents may be obtained as side quest prizes in each Endwalker zone, and an additional current can be obtained by completing the main scenario missions. You won't be capable of flying in a zone until you've completed the zone's last quest, which is often the reward for the MSQ-rewarded current. 

A side quest's symbol will show you whether it will provide you an Aether Current: It will be blue with a plus sign rather than a simple gold quest mark. You may have to do additional MSQ to activate the side quest if there aren't 4 of these on the map.

Labyrinthos Aether currents 

Labyrinthos is one of the first regions you'll see during the Main Scenario quest line in FFXIV Endwalker, but due to its level 88 quest need, it's also one of the last ones you may fly into. Aether Currents are easy to discover in this area. However, you should zoom in carefully while changing teleports because some sites require you to utilize an elevator before you can fly.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Labyrinthos Aether

Thavnair Aether currents

Another early place you'll stop at is Endwalker's Trading Post, but the flight isn't possible until level 85. Its Aether Compass may attempt to guide you into a muddy location early on, making some of its directions unclear. Wait a short time before attempting to drop since that is the same location where the Main Scenario Quest has locked.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Thavnair Aether

Garlemald Aether Currents

One of the first zones you can finish in the Main Scenario is the war-torn city of Garlemald, which is completely accessible at level 83. The locations are simpler here, but watch out for tricky Aether Currents near the rail lines.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Garlemald Aether

Mare Lamentorum Aether Quest

The hardest new zone for finding Aether Currents is probably Endwalker's Moon. It's common for locations outside on the surface not to be as near as you imagine. The large gaps in Mare Lamentorum cannot be traversed only by ground travel; therefore, you'll have to go in nearer and search for any little land bridges joining valleys again.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Mare Lamentorum Aether

Elpis Aether Currents

It's similar to seeking Aether Currents in Heavensward's Sea of Clouds, although less bothersome, to tune to anything in Elpis. Fortunately, your targets are simple to spy on when traveling about on your ground mount despite the area's numerous dispersed islands.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Elpis Aether

Ultima Thule Aether Currents

Ultima Thule is frequently somewhat unsettling while simultaneously being magnificent. The land is a uniform shade of brown or blue, but the sky is unquestionably Endwalker's most dazzling. Try identifying this region on your map through your flags to avoid rushing past too many identical hills when chasing the next Aether Current.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Ultima Thule Aether


The Endwalker expansion brings a lot more stuff when it comes to in-game elements. The Aether's current traveling concept is unique and helps you bounce from one place to another in style. But of course, you have to earn it by finding the various locations first. Also, there might be situations where you require Gils to be spent, so if you are empty, you can buy them anytime with real money. This way, you will be ready for any situation without hindrance to your adventure.

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