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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage) raid unlock guide

The first Pandaemonium Savage raids were launched a few weeks after players' entrance to Final Fantasy XIV, and the most skilled players have already started breaking down the encounters and honing the cycle of their main role.

The Pandaemonium Savage raids may be unlocked by fulfilling a few prerequisites. However, the procedure is simple. Here's how to participate in the Endwalker Pandaemonium Savage raids.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Pandaemonium: Asphodelos (Savage) raid

How can players unlock Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Savage raids?

Here is our tutorial for gamers who haven't yet unlocked the Pandaemonium raids' Normal mode. Players may unlock their Savage equivalents once it's finished and the raids have been accomplished at least once.

To do this, they must travel to Labyrinthos and speak with the NPC Nemjiji at X: 8.4 and Y: 27.4. Be cautious not to travel to the wrong location since even though they will have previously spoken to him to unlock the initial raid, he will be at a different location.

The average item level needed for each Savage raid will vary. The prerequisites for the four first raids introduced with patch 6.05 are as follows:

  1. The First Circle: 570

  2. The Second Circle: 575

  3. The Third Circle: 580

  4. The Fourth Circle: 580

The typical item level for players will be 575, but to participate in the two final raids, they will need to acquire the new 580 or 590 item level gear released in the most recent patch.

It is strongly advised to enter these raids utilizing the Party Finder rather than the matching provided by the Duty Finder. Or, for increased odds of finishing the raids, locate a group utilizing a communication network like Discord.

Final Fantasy XIV Pandaemonium Savage raids

How to prepare for the Asphodelos Savage Raid?

The ability to accomplish the content with the proper equipment is more crucial than merely being able to unlock Savage; otherwise, why even try? The minimum level for Asphodelos: The First Circle Savage (P1S) is 570, but if you want to contribute to any party, you'll need to be much higher.

The following is the Endwalker gear flowchart at endgame:

  1. Tomes of Aphorism may be used to get Aphorism/Moonward gear, which will equip you adequately to accomplish Extreme Trials 1 and 2. Speak with the Wandering Minstrel in Old Sharlayan to unlock both (x12.7, y:14.3)

  2. If you complete and farm these two trials, you will be outfitted with the necessary gear, which is the bare minimum for raiding. The greatest job weapon for raiding will be offered by EX Trial 2, whereas EX Trial 1 will drop all jewelry items.

  3. Then, you'll need to keep farming the standard raids for drops so you can exchange them for the standard raid gear. You must immediately swap your Moonward gear for the standard raid gear if you want to succeed in Savage.

Without considering merging, once your character is equipped with an EX2 weapon, EX2 armor, and EX1/Normal Raid accessories, that should be enough to get you started raiding this brutal tier.

There might be situations where you will be required to spend Gils to progress. So make sure you have enough Gils; if not, then there is always the option to buy Gils in bulk using real currency.

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How to acquire gear from Pandaemonium Asphodelos Savage?

Savage raid treasure is a little bit different from stuff from regular raids. You can open the coffers for the various equipment that each raid will drop depending on the job you need the gear for. Materials required to upgrade Tomestone of Astronomy equipment may also be found in some raids. For Every clear, you will also receive one Asphodelos Mythos, a token you may use to buy items. However, there are party steps that should be followed for all the treasure to drop:

  1. Only if all eight party members have not defeated the combat, two prize boxes appear that week.

  2. Only one chest will show up if one to four members of your group have previously defeated the battle that week. No chests will surface if more than four group members successfully defeated the enemy that week.

  3. You must win each encounter in the proper order to get two chests to emerge.

  4. The prior battles will be regarded as "cleared" if you go to complete them out of sequence, and you will miss out on a treasure chest. Additionally, you won't receive any Mythos for missed bouts that week.

The weekly reset takes place every Tuesday at 3 a.m. EST. According to the timeline for the previous expansion, the limitations on the drops from the first tier of Savage raids will most likely be removed in a minor patch before 6.2.

Asphodelos Mythos can be exchanged for Mylenie in Labyrinthos or Djole in Radz-at-Han. Near Nemjiji, in the region where you accomplish the Pandaemonium missions, Mylenie is standing.

Types of drops received

Raid type - Asphodelos: The First Circle (Savage) (p1s)

Drops - Bracelet, earrings, necklace, rings

Token Drop - Asphodelos Mythos 1

Raid type - Asphodelos: The Second Circle (Savage) (p2s)

Drops - Boots, gloves, hat, Radiant Coating, Discal Tomestone

Token Drop - Asphodelos Mythos 2

Raid type - Asphodelos: The Third Circle (Savage) (p3s)

Drops - Boots, legs, hat, Radiant Roborant, Radiant Twine

Token Drop - Asphodelos Mythos 3

Raid type - Asphodelos: The Fourth Circle (Savage) (p4s)

Drops - Chest, weapon, Demi-Phoinix Horn (mount)

Token Drop - Asphodelos Mythos 4

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