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 Endwalker - Reaper Class Guide
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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Reaper Class Guide

A number of adjustments to the fighting system are made in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, along with new Actions and Character Traits for Reaper and Sage. With the release of its fourth expansion, Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the video game world became a lot bigger. With a level limit of 90 and two additional character classes named Sage (provide sage class guide link here) and Reaper. Shadowbringers, the new addition that comes two years after the release of the last expansion, adds a lot of new material to the game and concludes the narrative Hydaelyn-Zodiark arc.

The interesting new Reaper class is a scythe-wielding fighter who can summon demons for use in battle and who also has an absurdly cool appearance. It's an excellent contribution to an expansion that also brought difficult new raids, dungeons, gear, and gameplay elements. A game that has been around for a while, it is a substantial collection of modifications. And if you're starting, this is the perfect opportunity to try out a new character class. But the Reaper class isn't accessible right away, or at least not in the same manner other character classes have been over Final Fantasy XIV.

How can we unlock the Reaper class?

The first and foremost criteria are to ensure you've bought the expansion if you want to play as a Reaper in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. Most of the game may be played for free as a trial, but to raise your very own Reaper, you must acquire the full Endwalker expansion, which is paid. Once it is resolved, you must ensure that your character has leveled a combat job to 70.

You should work on obtaining the Reaper class after you have a combat job leveled to 70, which can likely take a little time for you to be prepared. You must visit Ul'dah and locate the Flustered Attendant at the Steps of Nald if you want to accomplish it. A road leading to the new employment will be provided for you. You may switch your avatar over, obtain your spooky but fantastic new scythe, and become the Reaper by following the quest line to unlock the Reaper job. 

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Reaper Class

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Abilities possessed by the Reaper Class

If you're searching for something a little different in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker, the Reaper is a fantastic option. When fighting enemies up close, it can call forward a demon from the Void who can also occupy your character's body. If we do say so ourselves, this is a pretty awesome power.

The Reaper has a two-handed scythe that is excellent for DPS at close range and has a frightening black shroud comparable to what the Dark Knight role can manage. The Reaper's new "Soul Gauge" mechanism, which can be utilized to build up and then used in battle to release some very destructive assaults, is in addition to a wide range of physical fighting skills.

Although the Reaper is challenging to master, it is a frighteningly wonderful blend of Gothic aesthetics and minimalist fighting techniques. It is excellent for anybody who wants to look good while crushing enemies and taking names in each battle encounter. The Reaper is for you if you're ready for a transformation that sounds as good as it looks.

The Reaper class requires more to aid it in long-range confrontations because it is a melee class. Some of the greatest mobility skills in the game are found in the Reaper class. This class can leap backward or rush ahead. As you advance in levels, it becomes better over time. Later, when you could go back and forth around an instance with the assistance of the portals, the mobility would improve much more. Along with additional portals, leveling up also grants access to a new Shroud Gauge, which allows you to use your techniques to their fullest extent. Reaper is, however, a good team player who receives a perk that enables him to increase his and his squad's strikes.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Key Abilities - Shadow of Death & Whorl of Death

Combinations used by the Reaper

The Reaper class has two combinations that you can use. It would help if you executed Slice, Waxing Slice, and Infernal Slice for the initial combination. This combination will then replenish your Soul Gauge.

To complete the second combination, you must use Spinning and Nightmare Scythe to hit all adjacent foes. Your Soul Gauge will also rise as a result of this combination.

Reaper soul gauge combination for Reaper 

One of the Reaper's primary mechanisms is the Soul Gauge. It can be filled by performing talents or eliminating foes under a certain effect. Both combinations above give you souls to fill the meter, while abilities like Whorl of Death and Shadow of Death also cause foes to suffer from Death's Design. If you kill tagged foes before the effect wears off, it boosts the harm you give to them and fills your Soul Gauge. Therefore, continuously maintaining Death's Design for this purpose is crucial. No matter where you are in your combo, use Shadow of Death/Whorl of Death anytime. Death's Design is ready to end since they don't break it.

This is how to put souls to use because now you know where to find them. Blood Stalk and Grim Swathe are the first two talents that need souls. Both skills cost 50 souls; the first is a single target ability, while the second is a multitarget talent. Additionally, they each provide one stack of Soul Reaver, which opens up a different set of talents. The Gluttony talent, which seriously damages a particular target and an area, is unlocked at level 76. Gluttony is a key talent later on since it gives two stacks of Soul Reaver for the same cost of 50 souls.


The Endwalker expansion brings in the Sage and the Reaper class, and both jobs are excellent. The Reaper class is a unique class on its own, with many skills that players can explore. The expansion pack can be bought from the store, and weapons for the Reaper class can be obtained from the Market board. But if you are out of Gils, you can exchange real money for in-game currency anytime. This might come in handy as there might be chances wherein there might be a rare item available for cheap, and you don't have any Gils on you! 

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