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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Secret In The Box Guide

The fourth and most recent Final Fantasy XIV expansion, Endwalker, completes the story arc of Eorzea's struggle with Garlemald. Traveling to new locales like Old Sharlayan and Radz-at-Han will allow players to experience a variety of new dungeons and challenges. Here are the answers to the FFXIV Endwalker Secret in the Box puzzles.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Secret In The Box

Start of the quest and pre preps

You can begin the quest if you have completed the necessary conditions. First, go to Old Sharlayan and warp to The Aetheryte Plaza to do this. Once there, proceed to these coordinates (X:10.6, Y:11.1). A woman sitting on a seat and a gleaming breast will be visible.

Following your conversation with the woman, she will give you a note that details how to unlock the lockbox on the bench. The three phases, however, are all cryptic puzzles, so there is a catch. The good news is that you don't have to go very far because each puzzle can be solved in Old Sharlayan.

You must fulfill a few prerequisites before you can access the "Secret in the Box" quest. First, you will need to complete a large section of the Endwalker MSQ, which can take some time, even if it's not crazy. Complete Disciples of War or Magic at Level 80 "Outside Help" (MSQ).

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Secret In The Box Quest

Solutions to the riddles - Secret in the Box

There are plenty of brand-new side missions to complete in addition to the MSQ. Most missions are merely filler tasks that award experience points, but a select handful is worthwhile because of the unique rewards. One is a level 88 quest called Secret in the Box, which you can only access after doing the MSQ named Outside Help.

After completing this, proceed to Old Sharlayan and talk to the Mysterious Maiden NPC at X:10.6, Y:11. You'll then have to engage with three distinct NPCs after following the mission marks. Finally, you must answer the riddle and engage with them in the ways we've described to advance and finish the mission.

If there are stages wherein you are out of options to get any prerequisite items, you can always visit the market board to buy the missing stuff using Gils. 

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - Secret In The Box Solution

Solution for the 1st riddle

As soon as you have examined the letter as instructed, proceed to x7.9, y13.8, and the Sleepy Student NPC. To complete this step, use the /doze command in the chat box. You'll need to "doze" next to him.

Solution for the 2nd riddle

Go to x9.0, y7.3, and tell the squirrel Nutkin "golden acorn" to solve the second puzzle. In the chat box, use /s and then "golden acorn" to do that.

Solution for the 3rd riddle

The last puzzle directs you to x11.5, and y8.5, where speaking with Izumi is all required. Return to the Maiden, and you will receive:

Experience points between 169,000 and 190,000

735 Gil Chondrite Ring Coffer

The quest may be finished, and you can receive the Chondite Ring Coffer as a prize if you have figured out all three puzzles. When you open the Coffer, you'll receive a level 88 and item level 545 ring appropriate for the job you're using as compensation. That is all there is to know about FFXIV Endwalker's Secret in the Box puzzles. 

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