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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower of Babil Dungeon Guide

The narrative of the Warrior of Light is told in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker via the apocalyptic event known as The Final Days, which marks the end of a story arc that started in A Realm Reborn.

We're here to assist you in navigating this risky location as you go into Garlemald and observe the effects of battle. You must sneak inside a dungeon known as "The Tower of Babil" throughout this process.

You will explore the Tower of Babil, the second Telophoroi tower, but don't anticipate a replay of your earlier exploration of these ominous passages. In the depths of this dungeon, you will encounter challenging foes; be prepared. First, discuss how to defeat each boss you'll encounter inside the Tower of Babil.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower of Babil Dungeon

How can we unlock the Tower of Babil full Dungeon? 

The major scenario quest "Gateway of the Gods'' at level 83 will unlock The Tower of Babil. It can be found in Garlemald and is the second dungeon Endwalker's players will encounter. The minimum item level requirement to enter is 505, and players over level 84 will have their levels synchronized to level 84 when they join.

There might be situations when you have to get some equipment to unlock the full dungeon. To buy equipment, you have to use Gils; if you fall short of Gils, you can easily purchase them using real money. 

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Tower of Babil Dungeon Walkthrough

You will journey from the ruins of Garlemald into the Tower of Babil as you proceed through it. In the dungeon, you must battle a variety of Telophoroi and tempered foes. As you go through the Tower of Babil, keep an eye out for treasure chests and stay close to your comrades.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower of Babil Walkthrough

Battle 1 - Anima

Anima will be waiting for you in its combat zone after you conclude the Iron Womb. He will employ the following movements in this battle.

Lunar Nail: Several Lunar Nails will fall on the arena's boundaries and in the middle, tethering to one another as they do so. You must shift any of the safe, incomplete quadrants to prevent an AoE that will fill any quadrant with tethers on all four edges.

The animal will use an attack called Phantom Pain to cause Lunar Nail to unleash its AoE.

Mega Graviton: A room-wide AoE that is impossible to dodge, but you can only moderate and heal through it.

Pater Patriae: This AoE strike travels along the middle of the space.

Aetherial Pull: You must go to the opposite side of the arena until the tether changes shape since each Mega-Graviton spawn will tether to a different team member. Players will be drawn toward their Mega-Graviton when Pater Patriae is activated. This attack sequence will deal significant damage and provide you a Vulnerability Up stack if you don't travel far enough.

Boundless Pain: After Anima completes performing this attack, the whole party will be drawn into the center of the arena, where an area of effect (AoE) that continually hits players and grows in size will spawn.

Imperatum: The group will be dragged to the ground and brought up against the Anima's bottom half. If the team fails to beat the bottom half of the boss before the Chaos gauge fills, Oblivion will eventually result in a party wipe.

Obliviating Claw: On the east and west corners of the arena, two sets of eerie claws will materialize and travel across the space, causing significant damage. The trick is to keep track of which side is spawning first, stand in the space between claws, and rapidly move aside before the second set of claws crosses the arena.

Two arbitrary party members will be tagged with Following AoEs in Erupting Pain. Those possessing these markers should set them on the east and west edges of the arena and immediately begin dashing across one another to the other side.

Oblivion: This attack will do little to no damage and return the party to the upper half of Anima, where it will repeat its assaults until it is defeated if the group manages to take down the lower half of the monster before the Chaos gauge fills. If you couldn't vanquish the lower half in time, the party would be wiped.

Battle 2 - Lugae

There is no way to avoid Thermal Suppression, a room-wide AoE that you can only moderate and heal through.

Magitek Missle: To effectively evade AoEs aimed at two party members, they must move out of the way.

Lugae fires a line AoE with his magitek ray in the general direction of a chosen party member. When the two plates are activated, and he returns to the center of the arena, he will randomly employ one of two abilities.

Magitek Explosion: After this attack is cast, three enormous-sized bombs will fall onto the battlefield and eventually explode in cross-line Areas of Effect that cover the whole arena. A safe area should be immediately moved to avoid landing by keeping a watch on where they go.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower of Babil Gameplay

Battle 3 - Barnabas

Ground Pound: A line AoE attack with a delayed marking, "Ground and Pound," chooses a random party member as its target.

Dynamic Pound: When Barnabas enters the arena from the north side, a line AoE spawns across it, indicating a polarity while also giving each party member a polarity. You must get as far away as possible from the AoE if your Polarity matches the one on it. If they resist, you must go as close to the AoE's edge as possible. Players will be stunned when the attack has finished casting, and they will also be dragged or pushed towards the direction of the AoE, which will begin shortly after.

Shocking Force: To lessen the damage from this stack marker given to a random player, the whole party must work together.

Dynamic Scrapline: Barnabas and the party members are linked together after receiving a Polarity. Players will be stunned once the attack has finished casting, and depending on their Polarity and Barnabas, they will be pushed or dragged towards the direction of the AoE. Failure to execute this technique will have disastrous effects since he will utilize a point-blank AoE that deals tremendous damage and pushes you back.

Thundercall: Barnabas summons a direct AoE and three electrified orbs around the arena. Before they detonate, you must go into one of the safe areas away from him and between the orbs; otherwise, you will sustain significant damage and be thrown back.

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