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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower Of Zot Dungeon Guide

Endwalker, the most recent addition for Final Fantasy XIV, is now available on PC and PlayStation. The Scions of the Seventh Dawn are traveling to Radz-at-Han, Thavnair, and Old Sharlayan as part of this expansion. Of course, there is also a tonne of brand-new dungeons and raids to participate in, and you can bet on them to be more difficult than any previous obstacles you've faced. Here is a walkthrough for the Tower of Zot dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV Endwalker.

The Tower of Zot is the first dungeon in Final Faantasy 14: Endwalker and is a level 81 dungeon. In addition, you can explore the Telophoroi tower in Thavnair, the jail where Nidhana and the other Arkasodara are being held, in the first dungeon of the expansion.

Bring down the Telophoroi tower by joining forces with your other adventurers or by venturing into the dungeon with Trusts. You'll need to be nimble on your feet to survive the boss battles in this dungeon. First, let's discuss how to defeat each boss and their attacks and mechanics.

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Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker - The Tower Of Zot Dungeon Quest

How to access the Tower of Zot Dungeon?

NPC Location: Krile - Old Sharlayan, Main Hall, with the exception of the Main Scenario Quest "In the Dark of the Tower" (x:6.0, y:6.1)

After finishing the split MSQ objectives in Thavnair and Old Sharlayan, you can accept this quest. Maintain your focus on the main plot until you return to the Baldesion Annex and reassemble with your companions.

You will have the option of performing this assignment with Trusts as an Endwalker dungeon. As a result, the NPCs will follow your lead and can navigate the dungeon's dynamics flawlessly, making your initial pass through the area more comfortable.

The design of this dungeon is rather simple. There will be garbage gangs in between each boss. As you explore the dungeon, keep an eye out for treasure chests that are scattered throughout.


Manusya Bio: Tankbuster that does poison damage. Eliminate Esuna from the poison and mitigate as necessary.

Manusya Blizzard III: is a Minduruva-radiating Conal AoE.

Finally, Manusya Fire III is a donut-shaped AoE that affects the whole arena with the exception of Minduruva's melee range. To avoid, get near to her.

Manusya Thunder III: Multiple AoEs that launch from Minduruva in four directions. To dodge it, you may either run out of one and then back in after it passes, or you can stand diagonally.

Manusya Bio III: is an AoE that hits Minduruva's side of the arena as a whole.

Transmute: Any of her level III spells may be used for this.

Manusya Fire: A single-target strike that will randomly fall on a party member. Anyhow, it's probably random. Typically, it appears to be the healer.

Dhrupad: Minduruva strikes each person individually, except the tank.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Minduruva


Tankbuster is Isitva Siddhi. Reduce as necessary. Sanduruva's Prapti Siddhi attacks every party member individually with a line AoE. Disappear from the way.

Sanduruva summons five orbs in Manusya Berserk, and they will detonate into enormous AoEs. Get up against the wall on the side that does not have an orb. Players that are struck by these will be forced to melee assault Sanduruva.

Sandy's next strike, Prakamya Siddhi, is a direct AoE after Berserk. If you're not berserk, get out of the way to avoid being hit.

At some points during the game, all players will be locked in place and powerless to move. So you should essentially heal through it and avoid standing in the AoEs if they aren't directed at you during those times because Sandy will be casting a Prapti Siddhi at them.

Sanduruva will produce berserk orbs that resemble Manusya Confuse around the space. Sandy, who is not acting upset at you, is the "genuine" Sandy. The actual one is also affected if you have any damage-over-time effects on her. Find the actual Sandy and then take a position against the wall closest to her, much like Manusya Berserk.

Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker Gameplay

The Magnus Sisters

Unavoidable AoE: Samsara. Cindy will summon the other two to battle beside her without a name after performing a brief Samsara.

Delta Attack/Manusya Reflect/Manusya Faith - A billion AoEs are exploding everywhere. 

The works - circles, lines, doughnuts, targets.

This is the assault that the Magus Sisters use when they shout, "Insatiable flame, consume our opponent." The arena begins with a donut-shaped AoE in the middle, followed by an enormous line AoEs that crisscross the space. After a few of those, there will be another doughnut AoE, and everyone will be attacked.

For this one, use the phrase "Glacial Ice, Entomb Our Foe." This begins with a distance damage AoE, followed by each Sister unleashing a cone of ice AoE, similar to Blizzard III's during the Mandy battle. There will also be thin-line AoEs tracking across the arena right before the first meteor strikes. Then it repeats, except you must rush across the arena while avoiding the line AoEs and conal hits.

Thunderous Tempest: The last kind is "Thunderous tempest, smite our opponent." This one has thick line AoEs and larger variations of the Manusya Thunder III effect, including massive circle AoEs and smaller circle AoEs that branch out of them in the four directions. The issue is that several of these events will occur simultaneously. Try to stay somewhat near one another because this ends with a stack AoE on a random party member.

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