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Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos Guide

Despite not being the game's newest material, Eureka is quite current. In actuality, Eureka still shines as a farming region and a great lot of fun thanks to glamor goods, relic swords, armors, and a large quantity of Gils. You can access Eureka's Forbidden Land after finishing the 60-quest challenge. This place can accommodate around 144 gamers at once. There are primarily four zones in Eureka:

    • Anmeos

    • Pagos

    • Pyros

    • Hydatos

To go on and unlock the next zone, you must first clear the current ones. It is also advised for your growth to finish the tale and get at least one Eureka Pagos relic weapon.

When you initially enter the instance, you will still have to weave through groups of enemies that could easily one-shot you, but now you also have sleeping dragons that will hunt you if you wake them up. Pagos is Eureka's second zone and is substantially harder than Anemos.

You may farm the infamous "Bunny FATEs" that appear in Pagos and reward players with treasure chests, with a gold chest delivering 100k Gils all at once. These FATEs spawn fairly frequently.

Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos

Some crucial tips for being in Eureka

When in Eureka, remember to follow this straightforward advice:

  1. Players in the /shout chat provide the majority of information on the instance's occurrences, so be sure to check it out.

  2. Depending on your target, alter your element.

  3. Open our map frequently

  4. You can avoid being seen by mobs by moving out of their line of sight or by moving so that some of them can only hear you.

Quest Locations - Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos

Here is a list of all the places you must go after accepting the quest. The quest will often begin near the instance's entry location and will be marked on the map, so you won't miss it. When you are accepted, though, you are unsure of where you must go, which is when this list is useful.

Quest level and location:

  • 21 - X: 16.5, Y: 28.8

  • 23 - X: 26.7, Y: 30.7

  • 25 - X: 30.9, Y: 20.7 & X: 30.7 Y: 21

  • 29 - X: 9.9, Y: 21.5

  • 35 - X: 21.8, Y: 12.4

Use the comment box below to ask questions about Eureka and how things are done there. We may decide to produce a guide based on your recommendations.

With Endwalker, many changes are anticipated for both the classes and the built-in features. In addition, with the expansion, the new "Pandemonium" eight-player raid tier is also unveiled.

Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos - The Forbidden Land

Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos - Weapons

Once you reach the required level, 25, you can unlock the weapons. Similar to animoes, the player's objective in pagos is to procure 500 pagos crystals from the infamous monster FATE. Gerolt will appoint the players with a Eurekan kettle and can gather aether from the vanquished opponents after reaching level 25. When you reach the top level in the jar, almost all adversaries provide a sizable amount of light that may be used to obtain aethers.

Depending on the experience, different amounts of aether are gathered. Aether may be increased to its full potential by using elemental boosts and potions of harmony. Nine lights are the most that can be used in a kettle. You may transform this light into frosted protean crystals, creating room for more light.

After visiting the Crystal Forge, you may transform the obtained aether into frosted protean crystals by placing the light into the eureka kettle. Chain farming is all that is necessary to obtain light.


It's easy to find light to harvest in FFXIV because there are many different ways to cultivate it.

You have to ride the fate train to get light. Although the procedure could take a little while, it is less dangerous and simpler for new gamers.

Fighting frozen void dragons is another method for obtaining light. It will provide a good deal of illumination, but use this strategy only if you have enough upgraded weapons to cover all your bases. If not, try another route.

Chains of farming 500 Pagos Crystals 365, Elemental Eureka Pagos Pagos 5 Frosted Protean Crystals 360, Pagos +110 Frosted Protean Crystals 5 Louhi's Ice 370 and 16 Frosted Protean Crystals.

Before devoting your time and effort to side activities like light farming, etc., level up your game. At higher levels, these activities will gradually become easier to accomplish.

Levelling up requires you to obtain different equipment from the store in exchange for Gils, the in-game currency. But there might be situation that you fall short of the Gils, in such case you can purchase them from our website for real money.

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Hidden rewards and treasures in Eureka Pagos

Bunnies will be scurrying away from destinies in pagos to save their life. You can protect them from this danger if you choose to. After that, they'll repay you by getting you well. Additionally, if you succeed in saving these bunnies, you'll see that they start to follow you. They can lead you to buried treasures as well. Mounts and minions in these lost riches can be of varied assistance to you.

31 Frosted Protean Crystals are required. Some of Louhi's crystals, which are obtained as a reward for winning the battle against Louhi, are required by Gerolt.

If you're unsure about who or what Louhi is. I'll tell you right now that it is the last monster in the Pagos zone and is terrifying enough to frighten anyone. You may also purchase it by offering the bird watcher 50 pagos crystals. Gerolt can provide further information about weapon updates and how to use them.

You can finally access the new realm of Eureka if you have completed all 70 levels of missions. In addition, you'll receive an outdated weapon if you've completed the necessary number of objectives.

Final Fantasy XIV Eureka Pagos Gameplay

New Updates in the Eureka Pagos

You may now effortlessly travel over many areas thanks to the mount rides introduced in Patch 5.1. However, you must be aware of your surroundings as you explore the new regions of Eureka. Try to stay away from any frozen void dragons or sleeping dragons if you come into touch with them. They may impact your player's health, which might lead to death. Don't startle them awake by sprinting.

Change your mode from sprinting to walking instead. You may effectively avoid them in this manner. However, your meeting with these animals may be ruined if you fall down a cliff since they could become awakened by the noise and disruption. As your health continues to decline after falling, you must battle them with everything you have left to avoid being murdered by them.

It is advised to review a map before entering the pagos. You must navigate several cliffs and obstacles to travel the full zone. This will enable you to prepare for the difficulties while avoiding any evident failure quickly. Additionally, you can defend yourself from the freezing vacuum and sleeping dragons by landing far from their position.

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