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Final Fantasy has a long history of having some of the best liked music in all of video games. It started out in the beginning with catchy little 8-bit tunes, but then it evolved into something much grander. By the time Final Fantasy VII and VIII came out, the chance for bigger and better music was there, and the team at Square Enix capitalized on that. Now, fans expect amazingly epic music from every Final Fantasy game, and that includes its MMO Final Fantasy XIV.
And succeed they did, not only in bringing the music, but they kept bringing it, and fans loved it. So much so that they want to own it. And now, they can own the latest batch of music from the Dragonsong War via Patch 3.2 through 3.5 Part 2. The soundtrack is called “The Far Edge Of Fate” after the content, and you’ll get 50 tracks from the patches and content. The soundtrack will be released June 6th.
Songs that fans can expect from the soundtrack include Alexander: Midas and Creator, which the team apparently recommends you listen to while doing chores. There’s also the music of the Warring Triad that’ll get your blood pumping. Or, if you’re looking for something a little creepier, the Mhach music might just be your thing.
The Blu-Ray version of the soundtrack has a lot of bonus footage for you to enjoy, including a special bonus orchestral track. If you are able to get the first edition of the soundtrack, you’ll get access to a special “Wind-Up Nidhogg” minion.
So as you can see, Square Enix is making sure you have your Final Fantasy music fix taken care of. And with this special Final Fantasy XIV soundtrack, you’ll have the latest tunes from the game stuck in your head for some time. What are your favorite songs from the game? 
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