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Final Fantasy XIV Fishing Guide

These days, every RPG allegedly includes fishing. Perhaps they're correct. But Final Fantasy 14 is an MMO, not simply another role-playing game that has also included fishing. 

Fortunately, FF14's fishing has garnered favorable reviews. Because it has recently received upgrades, it has become several players' preferred Disciple of the Land employment. It is a little more active than Botany and Mining. When we break down the best approach to level this class from landlubber beginnings to seasoned and seaworthy 90, we'll explain all that implies and how to maximize your fishing experience.

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Final Fantasy XIV Fishing

Prerequisite to Fishing


Before taking on the Fishing Log, try to level up your Fisher class to its current maximum of 80. This is for the straightforward reason that you'll be able to benefit from better equipment and newer talents.

Only particular times or weather conditions will cause certain fish to bite. Therefore, you might occasionally have to check up on where you can locate them.

The price of exclusive scrip vendor-only bait is always high on the marketboard. So to avoid having to farm Gatherers' Scrips, be sure you have enough of Gil on hand.

Time Zones and Weather conditions

The time zones and weather conditions greatly influence fishing in this game. A window is a time frame within which the necessary circumstances are present, and a fish may bite. Eorzean Time and in-game weather have an impact on this. You won't be able to catch the fish if the time window has passed or the weather isn't right. Eight Eorzean hours pass throughout the weather. In our time, an Eorzean hour is equivalent to around three minutes.

Fishing statistics and bait selection

The Gathering Rate impacts how successfully you can reel in a fish. Perception makes a fish more likely to be HQ. If a fish is enormous, you might not always have the best chance of capturing it.

There is a minimum Gathering value for some fish. If you fall short of this requirement, your catch rate will be zero percent. Reusable lures may be used over and over to catch fish. But they could get disoriented.

Consumable and reusable bait are also available for fishing. However, consumable bait cannot be used again once you catch a fish, whereas reusable bait may.

Time limitations

You have a 50-minute time limit in the game for each fishing hole. A notice saying "The fish feel something odd" will appear. Until you reset the limit, you won't be allowed to fish in the same location. Simply cast your line in a different spot (you don't have to catch anything) and come back to reset it.

After making those observations, let's go on to the FFXIV Fishing Guide.

If you haven't already joined, you can talk to N'nmulika in the Fisherman's Guild on the Limsa Lower Decks (X7, Y14).

Quest priorities and how to become a fisher

Limsa Lominsa is where your adventure to the ocean begins. The Fisherman's Guild and its colorful array of characters may be found here. To join the guild, you must be level ten or above in at least one Disciple of War or Magic class. That's all there is to it; however, you will also need to go far enough into the main scenario to get to Limsa Lominsa unless you've picked Marauder, Rogue, or Arcanist.

While Final Fantasy 14 pays you for exploring every inch of Eorzea, it also lavishly compensates you for staying on the straight and narrow. Therefore, you should always put a new Fisher quest first after attaining the necessary level. The goal of this tutorial is to help you complete major quests since they are a fantastic way to get experience and because you'll get great, level-appropriate gear that will help you spend less gold.

Final Fantasy XIV Fishing Guide

Game Quests - Crystarium and Studium deliveries

The mentioned quests are handled in Heavensward, Stormblood, and A Realm Reborn. But after the introduction of Shadowbringers, Fisher tasks are combined with a brand-new dynamic known as Crystarium Deliveries.

Each Disciple of the Hand and Land receives many missions from Crystarium Deliveries, each requesting the return of six of a certain item or things at predetermined level intervals. Most non-combat classes at the Crystarium are distributed between just four NPCs, but Fishers have the ferocious youngster Frithrik all to themselves.

Experience points are plentiful for crystarium deliveries. So if you discover that you are almost flying through your seventies, don't be shocked. To reach level 80, speed up your leveling with ocean fishing or traditional grinding.

In Old Sharlayan, Studium Deliveries take the place of Crystarium Deliveries at age 80. The method is essentially the same, but a fresh plot involves a different NPC who, like the previous NPC, is entirely devoted to the fine art of fishing rather than spreading their knowledge over many vocations.

Best Levelling path - Ocean Fishing

As soon as a player becomes a Fisher, Ocean Fishing becomes available. No complexity, just wonderful journeys. Fhilsnoe of the Fishermen's Guild will settle problems if you speak with him. The NPC Dryskthota at the Limsa Lower Decks dock welcomes all physically fit Fishers (that's us) to join the Endeavor and embark on an epic fishing expedition every two hours.

The Endeavor will make several significant stops. Players have seven minutes to catch as many fish as possible at each site. On the boat, a seller sells lures, including unique varieties.

Because the experience increases in value as one level up, ocean fishing is fantastic for leveling. With the mechanism, there is never a dull time because the point gains are amusingly shown on your screen. Moreover, although Ocean Fishing trips at levels 1 through 50 are "only" for leveling, higher levels grant Gatherer's Scrips, which may be exchanged for better tools, materials, and other items.

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