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Final Fantasy XIV Gathering Guide

Disciples of the Land, usually known as gathering classes, gather natural resources around Eorzea. Disciples of the Hand can use these raw materials to make tools, consumables, and other valuable goods. Gathering classes aren't good at fighting; they'd rather utilize stealth to avoid being discovered, albeit doing so slows down their movement. They cannot participate in any Duties because none of them include any resources, just like crafting classes. Additionally, gatherers can access a unique range of tasks to acquire particular materials.

As you might expect, 'gathering' is the ideal companion to crafting. You may save tons of money by collecting your materials for advanced crafts. This manual is the solution if you want to start gathering but don't know where to start. Let's look at the fundamentals of gathering, some pointers for getting started, and a few rapidly leveling strategies.

Botanist, miner, and fisher are the three gathering classes currently available in the game. Plant and tree care is performed by botanists, while ore is mined from rocks and harvested by miners, and fish is caught from the sea. Although you can acquire goods globally, you should usually stay in regions close to your level.

Benefits of Gathering

The gathering might be a tempting beginning point for the Disciple of Hand or Land classes because it is a much easier realm to enter than crafting. Or perhaps you're looking for something to do while you wait in the DPS queues. In either case, having even one gathering class at a higher level has several advantages.

Crafting classes go very well with gathering classes since you can collect your supplies without worrying about Market Board stock or spending any Gil. Additionally, accumulating in-demand products and selling them might earn you a substantial sum.

Final Fantasy XIV Gathering

Getting Started

To improve your skill level if you decide to become a gatherer, pay attention to the following stats:

  • Perception - Increases the likelihood that you will obtain higher-quality items during gathering sessions.

  • GP: A resource meter that depicts collection efforts.

  • Gathering – While you are out gathering things, the ability boosts your odds of acquiring items.

You are now prepared to shatter some rocks or chop some trees. The collection is a fairly straightforward operation. Each time you try to gather something, you must go through three "steps."

  • Increase the likelihood of gathering

  • Increased likelihood of activating Gatherer's Boon

  • To acquire the object, click on it.

Using skills like Sharp Vision and Field Mastery can increase your chances of finding a particular object. Likewise, with acts like Mountaineer's Gift and Pioneer's Gift, you can increase the likelihood that Gatherer's Boon will be activated. Although you'll learn many new skills as you advance in levels, these are the fundamental skills that will get you there.

How to Advance in the Gathering Jobs?


You can complete Levequests repeatedly in a variety of game zones. Each quest will need you to travel to a specific place, collect a predetermined quantity of objects, and then submit the quest.

Though time-gated, levequests are a highly effective method of leveling. However, the number of levels you can get each day is limited because you are only given six Levequest Allowances per day. Between levels 1 and 50, when you'll find better ways to level up, we advise using these.

Beast Tribe Quests

Daily quests from a specific Beast Tribe are known as Beast Tribe Quests. You need to level to 60 differently because these aren't available until higher levels. Before beginning to complete the Beast Tribe's daily missions, you must also unlock them. Beast Tribe Quests, however, offer a quick source of experience that you can repeat every day once you master them.

The following are examples of Beast Tribes that have gathering-related quests:

  • Levels 60-70 of Namazu

  • Levels 70-80 of Qitari


In essence, the Diadem is an ecosystem created exclusively for gathering. You can acquire supplies for the Ishgardian Restoration here, then craft items with those supplies.

For the quest to unlock the Diadem, your class must be at least level 60. However, once it's unlocked, a gatherer with a level as low as ten can enter. Although it's an excellent spot to level up while gathering materials necessary for constructing Ishgardian Restoration, spending a lot of time here can get boring.

Grand Company Turn-ins

Grand Company Turn-ins are time-gated contracts that your Grand Company can complete every day. You will be required to deliver 20 goods (between one and four for a fisher) that are on par with your current level daily. Experience points and Grand Company Seals will be awarded to you.

Given that you can only get experience once every day, this method of leveling is supposed to complement other techniques. But, on the other hand, you don't have to spend time gathering on days when you'd rather be doing something else because you may purchase the necessary products on the Market Board and submit them.


A collectible is a thing gathered using a particular procedure that involves making the thing highly collectible first. This is accomplished via unique collectible-specific actions like Brazen Prospector and Scour. As a result, collectibles are simple to assemble and go well with other leveling strategies.

At level 50, collectible gathering becomes available. You can gather and deliver collectibles for experience points and Gatherers' Scrips. Although the items available for submission vary daily, there are always items at or around your current level.


Simply gathering stuff at your level repeatedly is known as grinding gathering levels. Despite being tedious and repetitious, this system is easy to use and in no way time-gated. You'll gain experience at a pleasant and consistent rate when used in conjunction with experience-boosting tools like commercial survival manuals. To reduce repetition and increase efficiency, we advise employing a mix of this and other techniques.

Custom Deliveries

The subsequent development in collectible items is custom deliveries. You can take up this weekly task to deliver unique things to various NPCs in exchange for experience points and Gatherers' Scrips. You will gain access to a significant quantity of weekly experience and Scrips once you have finished the main plot objectives to unlock each NPCs.

Ocean Fishing

Only Fishers get access to Ocean Fishing, a unique piece of material. This activity is only available in real-time for 15 minutes every two hours. To ocean fish, you don't need any equipment. However, gear can be helpful when pursuing accomplishments and particular fish at level 80.

FFXIV Ocean Fishing

Players must sign up for a journey, which is essentially a fishing dungeon, to participate. To earn points, you sail a boat and capture as many fish as possible. In addition to these points, there are several extras, including catching a certain number of fish or points while a spectral current is present, among others. After the voyage, you receive experience points, scrips, and a final score.

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Recommended Techniques for Each Level

The best methods for leveling up your gathering classes at each level are suggested here. Be careful to consider the various ways to keep your gear up to date as you level up. 

FFXIV Gathering Details

Level 1-10

Just gather outside in the vast open space. To get some starter gear, make sure you complete your class tasks.

Level 10-60

You can begin using levequests at level 20 if you so choose. Aside from that, I advise simply leveling to 60 with the Diadem. The first item at level 10 scales the experience granted to you until the second item is ready to obtain at level 60, so you don't need to worry about gear.

Once you reach level 60, you should finish off any unfinished class tasks so that you can assist yourself in some gear. After that, finish turning in your weekly bespoke deliveries to Zhloe. You will receive enough scrips to buy the tools and gear needed to level 60. Any remaining scrips after that can be saved for later.

Level 60-70

If you want to continue supporting your crafts, you can return to the Diadem from here. However, now that you have more reliable sources of gear from scrips, collectibles become more valuable. Kugane is where the levesquests for this area are located.

Since there are frequently no ideal levequests, as was already noted, taking up all or as many levequests as necessary and moving forward usually saves more time.

Level 70-80

You can complete Facet missions for your class in addition to the first three methods. These are found in the Crystarium and resemble class quests somewhat. These provide some scrips and a substantial amount of crafting and gathering experience. There are two facets for gathering: one for Mining/Botany and one for fisher.

Players must speak with Katliss at the Crystarium and accept "The Crystalline Mean" to start the Facet questline. Collectables are unlocked by completing "Inscrutable Tastes," a blue quest by Morgayne in Foundation.

Level 80-90

Collectibles and Studium quests, equivalent to the Crystarium quests, are the best ways to level up in this area. Once you have advanced through some of the prominent tales, you can find these in Old Sharlayan.

Players must speak with Qih Aliapoh in Old Sharlayan and accept "The Faculty" to start the Studium questline. Collectables are unlocked by completing "Inscrutable Tastes," a blue quest by Morgayne in Foundation. As they did in the last expansion, these quests significantly increase your experience gain, so be sure to finish them.


Overall, there are so many ways to level the gathering classes that you are free to choose which ones and how much you want to level them. Make sure to mix in some Custom Deliveries and Grand Company turn-ins if you plan to keep grinding. Alternatively, take your time and focus solely on Beast Tribes. The time investment per day is minimal, which is helpful if you don't have enough time to grind out levels. It will take much longer to reach the maximum level.

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